Urban Meyer “deep in negotiations” to return to Fox

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A year ago, Urban Meyer was making plans for getting his first-ever class of NFL draft picks up to speed, while also publicly declaring disappointment for not getting Kadarius Toney in round one. Now, Meyer is getting ready to go back to a prior place of employment.

Richard Deitsch of TheAthletic.com reported on Saturday night that Meyer and Fox are “deep in negotiations” regarding a potential return by Meyer to Fox’s college football coverage. As Deitsch explains it, Fox doesn’t regarding Meyer’s spectacular failure in Jacksonville as an impediment, even though they know they’ll be dragged on social media.

Some would say it wasn’t just the failure that’s a problem but the way it unfolded. For Meyer, it wasn’t just an inability to win by a non-stop three-ring circus of embarrassments that ultimately raised real questions as to whether he was fit to be a football coach in the first place, given the manner in which he interacted with assistant coaches and players in Jacksonville. Not to mention his much-publicized abandonment of his post after a Thursday night game in Cincinnati, followed by the emergence of videos that nearly ended his tenure before it even hit the bye week.

Meyer recently told Tim May that Meyer plans to return to Fox. His spot on the network’s Saturday pregame show was filled by Bob Stoops, who has since taken a job with the XFL. So there’s an opening on the Big Noon Kickoff program — a title that has new meaning given the kicking-the-kicker allegations that ultimately got Meyer fired by the Jaguars during his one and only NFL season.

27 responses to “Urban Meyer “deep in negotiations” to return to Fox

  1. Why would anyone care what Urban Meyer’s has to say.

  2. Good for him. I guess winning too much was his crime. Disgraceful how he was treated in Jacksonville, urban meyer track record versus the jacksonville jags?

  3. He’s the greatest coach of all time just ask him he’ll tell you it’s true, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with kicking players, or getting lap dances from college aged females. This is all just noise don’t pay any attention to any of it

  4. Remember, folks, in the NFL you can be rehabilitated from any abuse or violence — murder, rape, domestic violence — as long as you don’t speak out for civil rights. That will get you banned for life.

  5. Just wait for Baalke to start running Pederson out of town when Pederson gets some praise or shows up Baake, will be another circus.

  6. I guess I won’t be watching Fox for their pregame or any other football show this clown will be on. SMH

  7. Fox and Meyer. A match made in heaven. What could possibly go wrong?

  8. He will disappear through a broadcast for no reason and won’t know half the players.

  9. No one respects this guy. He should get the Kaepernick treatment for how he disrespected the game.

  10. The only thing I’d tune in to watch is urban coaching Johnny Manziel in the usfl

  11. Fox thinks that’s a good idea, huh? Surprised any broadcast exec would sign-off on that. What value does he really add to offset the negative reaction that hire would certainly come with?

  12. Why would they even talk to this guy, considering his image and his performance in Jacksonville? There were reports that he didn’t even know who Aaron Donald was plus he was like a deer in the headlights on the sidelines…he had no idea how to run the game. Throw in his personal conduct- the bar episode in Ohio and the assault on a player and wow, you expect people to watch this bum?

  13. cruzcowboy says:
    May 1, 2022 at 5:11 pm
    No one respects this guy. He should get the Kaepernick treatment for how he disrespected the game.

    Do you mean Fox should set up a broadcasting showcase for Meyer where he’ll be surrounded by talent and he’ll change the studio location 2 hours before the event is supposed to take place?

  14. What a low class operation if they are even talking to this scum bag Liar

  15. it’s pitiful that society continues to reward people for horrid behavior. just listening to the announcers on the nba games blatantly covering up for the refs horrible calls reminded me of chris collinsworth… are we teaching our kids that lying is okay as long as you get paid? I dunno, crazy to me

  16. Why do American institutions continue to enable people like Meyer? He does not deserve a high profile job and brings nothing remotely critical to any broadcast. His bad behavior is being rewarded.

  17. Haters. All he does is win, i guess id hate him too if i were you guys.

  18. Advertisers will be lining up for their ads on shows with Urban Meyer, the money will just roll in.

  19. The guy who didn’t know who Aaron Donald was is going to provide “expert analysis?” 🤣🤣🤣

  20. REALLY, who will EVER take this clown (that CANT COACH) seriously EVER AGAIN hahahahaha – he’s a recruiter NOT a coach hahahahahahaha

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