With draft over, there’s no better time to buy Playmakers


We introduced Playmakers during a high-traffic week in the NFL calendar. The highest-traffic time period of the league’s offseason has concluded, which means that many of you will be reading a little less about the day-to-day news generated by the NFL. (Fortunately, plenty of you will still be here every single day.)

It’s a perfect time to get around to things you’ve been waiting to do. Like order Playmakers, the definitive and comprehensive look at the past 20 years in the NFL, along with a careful look at where the game is heading.

The summer reading season is coming. So is Mother’s Day, and plenty of moms are football fans. You also can get a jump on buying a gift for dad for Father’s Day. Plus, there are graduations, birthdays, and various other occasions for getting a quick and easy gift for that pro football fan in your life.

Whatever the occasion, now is the occasion to do what you should have done in March. Buy Playmakers. It looks great, with Patrick Mahomes and Bill Belichick on the cover. It reads like everything you see here, and since you keep coming back, there’s a mildly decent chance you’ll like it.

I know, I know. The content here is free, so you always get your money’s worth. But at a reduced rate of $18.76, Playmakers is currently a steal.

3 responses to “With draft over, there’s no better time to buy Playmakers

  1. Just finished Playmakers, it’s an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the league as an organizational/business entity. Florio and Simms are my favorite commentators so I’m biased, but I would definitely recommend the book.

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