Cowboys “thoroughly investigated” allegations against Sam Williams before drafting him

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In a pre-draft press conference, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he is “probably a little more conservative” than he was in the past when it came to draftig players with red flags for off-field issues.

That didn’t stop Jones and the Cowboys from taking edge rusher Sam Williams, however. Williams was charged with sexual battery while at Ole Miss in 2020 and was suspended from the team, but was reinstated when the charges were dropped a few months later.

Jones said the team felt comfortable taking Williams after looking into those allegations.

“A pass rusher is a premium. A pressure player is a premium,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “First and foremost, he’s a terrific player and a potential terrific pro as a player. He has a lot of energy, a lot of personality. We think that is a real positive for his play as well as the people around him. He brings a lot to the table. We thoroughly investigated those allegations and are completely satisfied that those are well within our comfort level.”

Williams will step into a role formerly occupied by Randy Gregory, who had plenty of character questions when he was drafted by the Cowboys in 2015. Gregory was suspended multiple times during his tenure with the Cowboys, but developed into a capable enough player that the Broncos signed him to a five-year, $70 million contract this offseason.

8 responses to “Cowboys “thoroughly investigated” allegations against Sam Williams before drafting him

  1. Did the same people investigate him who investigated Greg Hardy, and Randy Gregory?

  2. Cowboys “thoroughly investigated” allegations against Sam Williams.

    Jerruh: “Did you do it Sam?”

    Williams: “Oh no Mr. Jerruh. I’d never do nothin like that.”

    Jerruh: “Congratulations, Sam. You’re just the kinda leader we like here. Welcome to the family!”

  3. So, first and foremost is he’s a terrific player not that you investigated him and he turned out clean?

  4. Cowboys just being The Cowboys. Kid will keep his nose clean for a year or two but watch out after that! Once person has a red flag on them and they start getting the big money,old habits come back. With that being said, I hope he proves us wrong

  5. Seems to be the trend in the league where ones with character issues get the front seat and good characters get the back seat

  6. Other teams obviously stayed away from him for good reason so Dallas picked him up cheap. Time always tells.

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