Dan Campbell on quickly making No. 2 choice: We’re not going to do the dog-and-pony show

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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Peter King revealed in this week’s Football Morning in America that the NFL was mad the team turned in its selection of Aidan Hutchinson so quickly. Lions coach Dan Campbell confirmed the league wanted the Lions to use more of their 10 minutes on the clock.

Campbell said the Lions had no reason to wait: They knew Hutchinson was the choice at No. 2 if the Jaguars didn’t take him. The Jaguars selected Georgia defensive lineman Travon Walker.

“I don’t think we overthought it,” Campbell told Albert Breer of SI.com. “Brad said, ‘Turn it in; let’s go.’ Because we knew we were good. ‘Let’s go; he’s our guy.’ We weren’t going to wait around, and we’re not going to do the whole dog-and-pony show. We got our guy, and we turned the card in. . . . We said from Day 1 — you ask A.G. (defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn) — what do we want our defense to be known as and built off of? What type of layers. Relentless, rugged, smart, explosive and nasty in the run game and pass game. This guy fits that bill. He’s everything we’re about.”

42 responses to “Dan Campbell on quickly making No. 2 choice: We’re not going to do the dog-and-pony show

  1. I don’t know if they’ll win, but at least they have a plan and are executing against it.

  2. Those of us that are Lions fans have found Campbell very refreshing in large amount due to the lack of BS that is so often peddled. The whole league can’t be his tone, but we are happy to have the no nonsense very likely to start a bar brawl and win it Coach we have. In the end if the positive start and momentum doesn’t yield success as with any of our teams he will be gone. But we aren’t used to being optimistic about the Lions here in Detroit but he and Holmes are making us consider giving it a try.

  3. Put one in the win column for Dan Campbell and the Lions. No one wants to see 3 hours of that nonsense

  4. Lions knew who they wanted and didn’t mess around. But it would have been fun to see that dog nipping at the pony’s knee caps.

  5. Good! I personally think it would be fun to have rapid-fire selections once in a while. The 15-minute wait between picks being announced gets old. Just cut off the talking heads and show me the pick.

  6. Dan Campbell is a poor man’s Mike Vrabel.

    He is on par with Ron Rivera. All talk, no wins to back it up.

  7. The NFL could have sat on the card after the Lions turned it in.. the NFL is getting too gimmicky .. very WWE-esque

  8. It also doesn’t restrict them from still trading the pick, so this is just another type of a football play, and one that develops the brand and style of the new management. Very bold message!

  9. So Ed Marinero took too much time and the Lions took too little. The NFL has some of the most petty people running things.

  10. I’ve not been a fan of Campbell thus far and I will be shocked if he proves to be a successful head coach, but he’s right on this. This year’s draft event was a good deal less interesting than dogs and ponies. Do we really need another ten minutes of some has-been player, influencer or Vegas lounge act bellowing “Y’all ready for two teams swapped sixth round picks!” Or yet another look at drunk and unattractive people dancing? Save for the sparse announcing of actual picks, this year’s draft was nearly unwatchable.

  11. But you ruined prime time for all the fans that would have sat chewing their finger nails waiting for the pick another 8 minutes! Lord knows the NFL is all about them TV ratings.

  12. Yes, but the SPECTACLE! Roger loves the SPECTACLE! (great job Lions for caring more about integrity than appearances).

  13. Campbell’s comments are for the benefit of Lions fans. When he said, “we’re not going to do the whole dog-and-pony show,” he was feeding them red meat. He probably sold some tickets. But Lions fans are also used to being given hopes of wonderful Christmas, and then getting lumps of coal.

  14. Great draft. Holmes is assembling a solid roster. Lions fans are not expecting a Super Bowl but this team is getting closer and will be competitive.

  15. What is the problem? Your turn to choose,so you choose. Nfl can do whatever to stall and make an annoying show of it.

  16. This guy is real. That’s refreshing in today’s NFL and I like it. Don’t be surprised if some questionable calls go against the Lions this season, though.

  17. Gosh I love Dan Campbell…..I’ve had zero interest in watching the Lions since Barry Sanders retired but for some reason this guy peaks my interest.

  18. The draft could have been over by 11 if they hadn’t kept stalling between picks

  19. The fact that the league is unhappy about this just shows the level of pettiness that comes with the shield. If a team knows who they’re picking and they’re not considering trades at that spot, turn the card in and keep it moving.

  20. I want to read more stories about how all the “experts” who had Willis going 2 got duped into writing that. It’s pretty obvious that NFL scouts use the media as pawns in their pre-draft process. Some of these experts fall for it hook, line and sinker

  21. Yet you picked A guy my size to set the edge 17 games a year who doesn’t want to set the edge and is a subrusher.

  22. I wonder how many years Hutchinson will stay with the Lions before yearning to go to a winning team/culture.

  23. They got the best player in the draft. If we must criticize, it’s probably better to criticize those who didn’t have as much success.

  24. Literally everyone knew the Lions would be taking Hutchinson, so I’m not sure what all the hubbub is with the NFL wanting to create “suspense” with the pick. I, for one, was happy that the Lions moved things along rather than sit on a pick to make the “show” longer. The worst part of the entire round one was the hype and “show,” like Ed Marinaro’s long-winded, “look at me” pick announcement.

  25. As a Lions fan for the last 40+ years I must disagree with him. It’s been one big dog and pony show for my entire life

  26. I like that Dan doesn’t make excuses! He could have been late with the pick and had to say why…..” I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!”

  27. Unless teams need the total time, they should be able to hand in their request as soon as they want. The NFL is becoming a joke – all packaging and wasting the viewer’s time.

  28. This is why I quit watching the draft. It takes 4 freaking hours to do one round, no thanks. Maybe more people would watch if it moved faster!

  29. Watch now the NFL is going to make a rule that when you’re on the clock you can’t pick until the 8 minute mark…they will say something like…it doesn’t give teams enough time to make trades and pick.

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