Giants “working through some things” on James Bradberry

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Chatter about the Giants parting ways with cornerback James Bradberry has been frequent this offseason, but Bradberry remains on the roster and General Manager Joe Schoen offered no hints this weekend about when that might change.

Bradberry’s departure would free up more than $10 million in cap space that the Giants need to sign their draft picks and make other moves, but Schoen said only that the team is still working on how to sort things out with the veteran corner.

“We are going to work on that,” Schoen said in a press conference. “We have had some conversations. I’ve talked to his representative. We’ll see where that goes. I don’t have a definitive answer on that right now, but we are working towards some contingency plans. . . . I’m not going to put a timeline on it as we are working through this. So I don’t know how long it will take, but we are working through some things.”

The Giants picked up former LSU cornerback Cordale Flott in the third round of the draft and he’ll likely be part of any post-Bradberry plans in the Giants secondary this season.

3 responses to “Giants “working through some things” on James Bradberry

  1. There’s a chance they keep him. The hope is they extend him and allow Flott a chance to develop. Flott was not a polished 1st rd like Gardner. Flott had 5th rd grades even though the Giants took him day 2.

    The reality is Bradberry’s cap # alone won’t be enough to sign picks and make in season moves. Bradberry and Slayton and Xmines off the roster wouldn’t be enough cap space. They’ll likely have to do something with Leonard Williams deal to make necessary space unfortunately.

  2. Bradberry is almost certainly getting extended at this point. Having Adoree Jackson and Aaron Robinson (last years 3rd rounder) as your top 2 corners isnt going to work.

    There are ways that the Giants will have the 12.6 mill to sign their rookies and to have another 10 mill or so for in-season moves. Guys are simply going to have their contracts re-worked. Basically, it means that the tons of cap room we were looking forward to in 2023 and 2024 will be diminished a fair amount.

  3. We need to look at free agent corner if we let Bradberry go . I think we can extend him but will put Giants in a bad place on De.

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