John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo’s surgery brought trade talks “to a screeching halt”

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The 49ers want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, dumping his $25 million salary, but his surgically repaired right shoulder won’t allow him to throw until sometime this summer. No team is trading for Garoppolo with that salary and with the quarterback still rehabbing his throwing shoulder.

The 49ers, though, were “close” to moving Garoppolo before his March 8 surgery that took the team by surprise.

“I felt we were close in some discussions and then the decision was made to have surgery and it brought things to a screeching halt,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch said on KNBR on Monday, via Jake Hutchinson of KNBR. “We either want to have Jimmy playing for us, which we’re all right with, or we want him to get the value.”

The 49ers traded up to draft Trey Lance with the third overall selection in 2021. Lance is expected to take over the starting job this season after Garoppolo started 15 of 17 games last season. So, $25 million for a backup quarterback is not ideal, and neither is having Lance looking over his shoulder at Garoppolo.

But for now, no one wants Garoppolo, and the 49ers don’t plan to cut him.

25 responses to “John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo’s surgery brought trade talks “to a screeching halt”

  1. He’s hurt way too much to count on him to be your franchise quarterback

  2. Jimmy has 7million dollar cap hit if he’s released before training camp.

    Their is no need for him to be released at this point and losing 7million in cap space or getting return in a trade.

    Lance will start and Jimmy will either be traded, backing up (not likely) or cut after his cap hit deadline

  3. Should have dealt him right after the super bowl.
    He’s damaged goods again.

  4. I’ve always been of the opinion that they should have kept Jimmy G to the end of his contract, so Lance can get two full years to ease in to the NFL that he is so not ready for anyway. Then he gets two full seasons as a starter and bounce him before paying him anything beyond his rookie contract if he seems like a bust. It’s a real shame they didn’t have a better QB than Jimmy G in the superbowl – they would have fended off the Chief’s late game comeback and won the SB.

  5. 9ers should have kept the picks…let G-string play last year and this year, let his contract burn out and then go after their QB in the ’23 draft…going to be loaded with QBs…Lance is high risk, minimal games at smaller school; likely going to take time to develop….and 9ers have a window right now especially with NFC a bit wide open. Quite likely that by the time Lance ready, if at all, Kittle, Bosa, and Samuel past their primes.

  6. The delusional 9er fans, you are not going to get high draft picks for Jimmy G and news flash he is better than I played one year for North Dakota Trey Lance. The impending implosion will be delicious…get your popcorn.

  7. The perennially injured JG is not tradable right now because of injury? Shocking!

  8. Well even before the surgery, the picks Int. Jimmy G threw in Clara had already brought trade talks “to a screeching halt!”

  9. It’s no wonder Sean McVay feels rejuvenated. Trey Lance can’t hit the side of a barn and the 49ers are going to have to eat a Jimmy Glass’s contract

  10. Jimmy G is trying to screw the niners by surprising them with the late surgery. So, naturally, 49ers are playing hardball and saying we’ll just keep you and then release you one day before regular season when no one will pick you up.
    He should not have messed with them.
    For all the guys trashing Lance, none of us know what he’ll turn out to be (same for rest of the 2021 QB). So, give him a chance before trashing him.

  11. Mr. Lynch has now devolved into the blame game. All this talk about Jimmy and Deebo and the reality is that he just wants to make deals and not deal with the consequences.

    This is the fallout, man. A glass QB and a disgruntled Wide Tailback. Good job.

  12. He had an injury, it needed surgery.

    What’s the guy gonna do? Sit around, let the 49ers trade him, then do the surgery and potentially eat into his playing time with a new team for the coming season?

    I have a new motto for 2022/23 season, wanna hear it?

    “JimmyG, he’s ever-so-slightly better than you think”

    Catchy, put it on a T-Shirt.

  13. Lance shouldn’t have to look over his shoulder? Why not? The kid has literally proven nothing. Hopefully he improves over the absolutely embarrassing spot duty he showed. Everyone should be in fear for their job until they become a proven commodity.

  14. Brilliant move by Jimmy. He made the decision to have surgery without consulting the team, and apparently, he can do that. Jimmy found a way to get surgery, and get paid to rehab on the 9ers dime, so he is 100% ready to go with his new team. A fresh slate. Jimmy likes a fresh slate.

  15. No one is going to give SF a 1st, 2nd or even a 3rd round pick for Jimmy G especially with a $25M salary on the books. 49ers will be Lucky to get a 5th or 6th round pick for Jimmy G. I think Carolina will end up trading for him but on that offense I don’t expect him to last long with that OL.

  16. burchmt1 says:
    May 2, 2022 at 8:23 pm
    The delusional 9er fans, you are not going to get high draft picks for Jimmy G and news flash he is better than I played one year for North Dakota Trey Lance. The impending implosion will be delicious…get your popcorn.

    You’re spot on correct. SF wouldn’t play him last year because he was so raw he wasn’t any good. When Lance did play he couldn’t read defenses, which is why like 99% of his throws were sideline throws to the outside. The one time he did try throw over the middle he was INT’d by Budda Baker. He was taking way to many hits using his body as a bettering ram and ended up hurt in that game as he tried to run past Isaiah Simmons who destroyed him on the goal line turning it over downs and Lance was hurt for almost 2 months after the hit.
    Lance starting this season is going to be glorious as the man is going to take a lot of hits and turn the ball a lot. I’d bet he ends up being a bust and sets SF back multiple years given the crazy amount of 1st round picks they gave up to move up for an extremely RAW QB who’s nowhere near ready to start. Lance is going to struggle in a major way in 2022. The NFCW is going to come down to being an absolute street right between the LA Rams and AZ Cardinals for divisional supremacy & the NFCW Crown though both teams will make the playoffs w/7 spots available.

  17. they treated jimmy like a piece of meat. the meat bit back. they hung him out to dry and now he has returned the favor. they should cut him and let him get on with his career, esp. since he was a good soldier last year. most players wouldn’t have been (see the egomaniac in green bay).

    can’t find any indication that the cap hit changes at training camp. my info says 1.M remaining signing bonus. correct me if i’m wrong.

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