Logan Hall is younger than Tom Brady’s career

NFL Combine
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Tom Brady has played so long that one of his newest teammates was born six days after the quarterback was drafted.

Brady entered the NFL as a sixth-round selection of the Patriots on April 16, 2000. The Bucs drafted defensive tackle Logan Hall with the first choice of the second round Friday. Hall was born April 22, 2000.

Hall is so young that he doesn’t have memories of the early years of Brady’s career, but he grew up watching and admiring the GOAT.

“Man, I’m so fired up. You have no idea,” Hall said, via video from the team. “I’ve been watching that guy play my entire life.”

Almost all of Brady’s teammates now can say they grew up watching Brady. He turns 45 in August, so he’s as old or older than many of his teammates’ fathers.

“I got to go see his locker (during his top-30 visit), and I was (freaking out) so hard,” Hall said. “It was unreal. To be able to meet him in person and learn things from him — I’m really fired up.”

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