NFL says Hue Jackson tanking allegations could not be substantiated

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
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The NFL says the allegations from former Browns head coach Hue Jackson that he was paid to lose games could not be verified.

A statement released by the league today said an independent investigation found no substance to the claims. It also said Jackson initially said he would cooperate with the investigation but then chose not to do so.

“Following a 60-day independent review into comments made by former Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson that the Browns paid or otherwise provided incentives to lose games during the 2016-17 seasons, former U.S. Attorney and SEC Chair Mary Jo White and a team of lawyers from the Debevoise firm determined that none of the allegations could be substantiated,” the NFL said in the statement.

“The investigation found no evidence to suggest that the Browns’ Four-Year Plan or the club’s ownership or football personnel sought to lose or incentivized losses and made no decisions deliberately to weaken the team to secure a more favorable draft position.

“The comprehensive review included the full cooperation of the Browns and interviews with Jimmy Haslam and current and former members of the organization. While Coach Jackson initially agreed to meet with the investigators, he ultimately did not do so.

“Although unable to speak directly to Coach Jackson, the Debevoise team had access to his public statements and to his filings and testimony in a prior arbitration proceeding. The club also produced thousands of pages of documents, including emails, texts, internal memos and presentation decks as well as other material relating to club operations and the filings and testimony in the arbitration proceeding between the club and Coach Jackson.”

Similar allegations brought by former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores are still being investigated.

33 responses to “NFL says Hue Jackson tanking allegations could not be substantiated

  1. Hue was a terrible coach but I still don’t believe any investigation where the NFL is involved.

  2. Before Hue joined the Browns he had a decent reputation. Now his reputation is ruined. He lost a lot of games in Cleveland and then lied about the reason why.

  3. The Browns seem to be a knucklehead type of organization sometimes but I’m siding with the Browns on this one. Hue is just looking for someone to blame when it’s actually the guy in the mirror who fell short.

  4. the best evidence that they were trying to tank is that they hired Hue Jackson…

  5. If he was paid to lose then you follow the money trail. Not the email trail. As many losses as he had it would be hard to hide all that cash.

  6. It’s hardly surprising that an NFL investigation concludes that an NFL team did nothing wrong. BAU

  7. The NFL has proven they will do whatever to protect the shield. So, the NFL said they had an independent entity investigate without sharing all the information with the public, but instead, a snip-it that makes them look good is not proof. Whether you like Hue or not, as a Steelers fan, I liked Hue a lot because I knew facing his Brown guaranteed us a Win. But that shouldn’t make us forget the poor history of the NFL running investigations.

  8. It seems to me that the situation was one where management said something like “We’re trying to rebuild here and we know we’re not going to win many games. Don’t worry, we won’t fire you for that. In fact, if you stick with us we’re willing pay you extra to make up for the embarrassment.” and Hue twisted that around once the Flores allegations came out.

  9. When i heard Doc Rivers explain his record when up 3-0 in the playoffs I immediately thought of Hue. Hue lacks self awareness.

  10. Did anybody really think they were just going to hold their hands up and say, “Okay, you got me.”

  11. So what is going to happen now to Hu Jackson? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is the society we live in where bold face lies and slander against organizations can be told with zero accountability and repercussions.

  12. Anyone else think Hue might have been asked to do this as a way of discrediting Flores? “Well, the Browns were way worse than the Dolphins, so what is Flores on about? He was clearly lying, and Flores probably is too.” Guilt by association.

  13. The dude with one of the worst coaching records of all time, tried to deflect his performance to “losing on purpose”, and it couldnt be substantiated? Shocking I tell ya, just shocking.

  14. Hue probably dodged a countersuit by the Browns by not talking to The NFL investigators

  15. Hue Always-the-Victim Jackson was the biggest fraud in the NFL and the outcome of this investigation only validates what everyone already knew. He played his cards well to snooker enough organizations until they all caught on. Hopefully Cleveland’s owner files suit against Jackson’s baseless claims.

  16. I am surprised that Baby Huey could find his way to the stadium on game day.

  17. Reading between the lines the verdict is “The Browns didn’t tank Jimmy Haslam and Sash Brown were just really bad at their jobs and maybe kind of stupid”.

    Hue had a valid argument and several players backing his allegations not to mention the whole “Browns don’t know how to properly do a trade” incident so not sure if the Browns should be celebrating this. This could definitely be used as yet another reason to bounce the Haslams out of the NFL if the other owners get sick of having to bail him out all the time. An investigator telling the world you as an owner were not smart enough to know hiring a GM with 0 previous experience in a player personnel department and letting him cut all your good players = losing is not a good look.

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