Patriots cut Devine Ozigbo

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The Patriots drafted two running backs, with Pierre Strong Jr. and Kevin Harris joining a crowded running backs room. It became less crowded Monday.

The team is waiving running back Devine Ozigbo, Aaron Wilson of reports.

Ozigbo signed a futures deal with New England on Jan. 17.

Ozigbo, 25, originally joined the Patriots’ practice squad player in November. He played two games with the Saints and one with the Jaguars last season.

In his three-year career, Ozigbo has 11 carries for 25 yards and 13 receptions for 72 yards.

The Patriots now have Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson, James White, Strong, J.J. Taylor and Harris at the position. Harris is entering the final year of his contract, while White still is rehabbing a hip injury that required surgery last season.

12 responses to “Patriots cut Devine Ozigbo

  1. Told you all : it is “finding gold among rocks”.

    But without Brady, there will be no gold. Funny that Belichick believers still insist giving credits to Belichick, and dream that Pats will find another Julian Edelman, or Wes Weller, or James White again.

  2. @William Lee

    Wes Welker was still very productive in Denver as the #4 receiver on the team. To suggest only Brady could use Welker is not true.

  3. Patsfan4lifedynasty,

    It doesn’t matter, Peyton couldn’t depend on such slot receivers to score enough, he needed other top BB play makers.

    As I said before : if Pats don’t find a WR who has good hand and is good at getting behind defenders, Pats offense is doomed.

    If you check how often Brady threw the balls, even before 2007, you will see that Pats offense was never built on running games.

  4. Boldmovecotton,

    It doesn’t matter. Belichick is trying to find next Wes welker, next James White.

    He won’t find a such a player, even he drafts another Wayne Chrebet, he still has to give his QB top play makers.

    Because to move the chains by throwing to receivers IN FRONT OF defenders, it is all about QB’s ability of identifying soft spots in advance. Even Peyton and Brees we’re not able to command, you can’t expect Mac Jones to be able to do it.

  5. Amazing that Brady was the only reason the Pats won anything but then last year on a loaded team he couldn’t even get a bye or make the Super Bowl, still strange

  6. Cancerman2020,

    Again,but doesn’t matter how much credit Brady deserves, 1% or 20% or 50%,it doesn’t matter.

    The point is that Belichick didn’t build a team that could win SB with ANY other QB, because to win SB, the QB must had the skills to turn cheap slot receivers into top playmakers. So far in NFL history, only Brady had the skills.

  7. Mac is his own player, he’s not a Brady clone & Bill will build the offense he always builds & try to put players on the field that best exemplifies what BOTH Mac & said players do best….. it’s really pretty simple actually, there will be some tweaks here & there of course as their has to be & same goes on the defensive side of the ball…..

  8. Kissbillsrings,

    Do you know why Wes welker and Julian Edelman were cheaper? Because other QB didn’t have the skills to fully utilize their abilities, just like Davante Adams won’t be as good as he was with Rodgers.

    Without QB’s skills, the talents of those cheap receivers won’t be good enough to build a good offense. IT IS NOT UNDER BELICHICK’S CONTROL.

  9. @William Lee,

    Welker had Randy Moss one of the best receivers of all time and later Gronk the best TE of all time. Same in Denver. Welker wasn’t the only option for Brady just like he wasn’t the only option for Manning. But he was productive with both QBs.

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