Report: No Black Friday game this year

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The NFL has moved to make it possible for a game to be played on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but it appears that it will not happen during the 2022 season.

Peter King of NBC reports that the league will not be scheduling a game on Black Friday this year. King notes that there are “a lot of issues” with why scheduling a game this year is difficult, including how it would fit with a World Cup soccer match between the United States and England scheduled for the same afternoon.

The NFL cannot play on Friday nights as part of their antitrust exemption.

King adds that the league will revisit the possibility of a Black Friday game for 2023. Given Amazon’s desire to televise such a game and their willingness to spend big money to make it happen, it seems likely that Friday football will be in the NFL’s future.

The full NFL schedule will be announced on May 12.

12 responses to “Report: No Black Friday game this year

  1. That USA v. England World Cup game will be the most watched ever (in the USA). This would be the only thing that would keep me from watching a black Friday NFL game.

  2. It would be an interesting experiment to see if the NFL Game was 10x soccer ratings, 50x soccer ratings, or 100x soccer ratings.

  3. Don’t even THINK about putting games on any Friday night. That is high school football time.

  4. Soccer will eventually overtake the NFL. It’s only a matter of time. It’s why owners like the Vikings’ Wilfs used their stadium savings from Minnesota taxpayers to buy two soccer teams and a stadium in much more business-friendly Florida. The writing is on the wall. The science is settled.

  5. The NFL will make it certain not to offend it’s English fans.

  6. Of course Amazon wants a Black Friday game! Anything that keeps shoppers away from the malls benefits Amazon.

  7. Not enough soccer fans in the US to really matter when it comes to the shield.

    Sure you can fill up stadiums when the Mexican national team is in town. But England? On black Friday? Nah.

  8. Amazon will just buy every high school in the country, and change the name of the day to Amazony, and be done with it

  9. I’d rather watch a Jaguars vs Jets game than the World Cup final.

  10. My liver needs the NFL to take a few days off….Monday, Thursday, Sunday (And of course college football on Saturday)

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