Bart Scott: NFL teams need tough guys, Ravens always had a couple players with felonies

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Former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott says that NFL teams need players with off-field character issues if they want to be tough, and he used his own former team as a prime example.

Scott, working the NFL draft on ESPN Radio, applauded the Packers for drafting Devonte Wyatt even though he was charged in 2020 with misdemeanor criminal trespass for allegedly kicking the door of a woman he had lived with.

They need to get tough up the middle,” Scott said, via Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post. “I know Wyatt may have some off-the-field issues, but you have to get some tough guys. Everybody can’t be choir boys. When I was with the Ravens, we had to make sure that we had at least two people on the team with a couple felonies, just to make sure our street cred was right, when we had to go into these back alleys and have some of these dog fights.”

Scott said he loved the Ravens’ bad reputation, noting that his Baltimore teammates Ray Lewis (who wore No. 52) and Jamal Lewis (who wore No. 31) both pleaded guilty to crimes during their Ravens careers, while Terrell Suggs was charged with felony aggravated assault, although he was later acquitted.

“Listen: The funniest sign I’ve ever seen in my life was ’52 + 31 = 10 to 20.’ It was Ray Lewis plus Jamal Lewis equals 10 to 20 in prison,” Scott said. “Terrell Suggs beat a dude with a stop sign coming out of Arizona State.”

Scott provided an interesting perspective, although one the Ravens and the NFL probably would have preferred to keep off the draft broadcast.

33 responses to “Bart Scott: NFL teams need tough guys, Ravens always had a couple players with felonies

  1. Haha I still remember they had the pats beat the year they went 16-0 but the felonies had 200 yards in penaltys and totally blew the game because of unsportsmanlike flags

  2. I mean this is the same clown who suggested that next year Ravens Defenders should purposely hurt Joey B just because they put up big points on a I mean is anyone really surprised

  3. This is a perfect example of the problem with some elements of American society:

    Criminal behavior = “street cred” = a good thing.

  4. Yeah, that’s what the NFL needs, more felons. This guy is so out of touch, hopefully out of a job!!

  5. I think Bart Scott has had too many concussions.
    I’ll tell you straight,… GB doesn’t put up with players who assault women,…. much less anyone. If he steps out of line he’ll be gone lickety split.

  6. Didn’t Suggs pour bleach on his baby mama while she was pregnant? Signs of a quality DE.

  7. Filter fading. Sad but true. During the 2011 lockout, coaches were concerned that some of these players who are trained to be aggressive for a living might run afoul of the law during the extra free time.

  8. Being a felon doesn’t make you a tough guy it makes you a stupid guy!

  9. And as we saw with the Ravens, it’s also very important to make sure they don’t actually get convicted of felonies.

  10. I’ll take a guy without character issues over a punk any day. I’d like to believe most people would. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when intelligence is being silenced so stupid people won’t be offended.

  11. I’m sorry, the man is a veteran of the sport, he’s paid for his opinion I am not I just post here like so many of us do. You need tough SObs, you need guys will just drop an MF to a persons face if they dont get it done. You need work ethic and skill and a plan and a team.
    You do not need felons, or any level of criminal as the required make up of ANY sports team that isn’t based out of a prison. Violence in general society has no bearing on the skill of a football player. IMO

  12. Soon he’ll be putting out a statement saying his comments were misconstrued and taken out of context, etc. etc.

  13. Bart: Do you wish Baltimore drafted Rae Carruth or Aaron Hernandez? How many more wins would they have brought you? Guess your not a team player if your not a felon.

  14. And that’s the last time we hear about Bart Scott. Oh and he’s wrong. You can have dawgs, they don’t have to be felons.

  15. Every team needs a stabby fella like Ray Lewis….keeps up moral. And street cred apparently.

  16. I was living in Atlanta when Ray Lewis helped a murderer escape. I played basketball in a league with police officers working Buckhead and who had been called to Cobalt Nightclub many times. The murderer(s) escaped in Lewis’s limousine and he got blood on his cream colored suit, which has never been found. He was convicted of obstruction because that’s all the evidence they had. He knows.

    We need “tough guys” like that, because they’re good athletes? Good save us all.

  17. And one that should have been charged with murder… yeah great bunch of guys…felons… yeah what everyone needs.

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