John Lynch: Issues with Deebo Samuel are not insurmountable

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The 49ers didn’t trade wide receiver Deebo Samuel before or during the draft, but they also haven’t come up with a solution that gets him back in the building and working with the team ahead of his fourth NFL season.

General Manager John Lynch believes that such a solution remains within reach, however. The specific issues that have come between the wideout and the team haven’t been specifically laid out, but Samuel is heading into the final year of his contract and there has been chatter that he’d like to be used as a running back less often.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes, Lynch said on KNBR Monday that he remains confident that the relationship can be mended.

“We’re trying really hard with Deebo to work through whatever the issues might be,” Lynch said, via “I always have really believed that there is a sacredness to those conversations and that they remain private, especially with things like this. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest we don’t get into that. I don’t think [the obstacles] are insurmountable. I think we can find a way to resolution, and we’re hopeful for that because we know what he’s been to this organization. Thirty-sixth pick in 2019, and he’s been so good on and off the field. Obviously, a tremendous player. . . . He makes us better. I think we make him better. And we’re hopeful that we get everything right and that we’re rolling forward.”

Lynch said he believes that Samuel will be on the roster this season and that both sides have “too good of a thing going” to part ways at this point. As long as the impasse remains in place, however, there will remain a chance of things playing out differently than Lynch believes they will.

8 responses to “John Lynch: Issues with Deebo Samuel are not insurmountable

  1. $25 million a year and stop using him as a RB will go a long way in solving that issue. Once a player doesn’t want to play for a certain coach/team/owner/GM it is pointless to force that player to play almost guaranteed they will not put out the effort as before.

  2. First, Money talks! If you want to ease tensions then pony up some jack! Second clarify his roll going forward! Gonna get the guy killed using him the way he’s being utilized now! Just rambling on about nothing at this point! What’s Lynch waiting for?

  3. Deebo’s statements on the special nature and frequency of private man-to-man conversations between he and his coach speaks volumes. Sitting and talking together eye to eye on a consistent basis creates a level of trust and understanding. Deebo and Kyle have a rapport that can handle this. Everything will be alright.

  4. Deebo is only valuable as a combo WR/RB. If he only plays WR, he’s not a top 10 player anymore.

  5. I thought Deebo was a football player and a team player. Guess not. He has an opportunity to define a new position in the NFL (Wide-Back) and he’s letting that opportunity slip through his fingers. That positon made him and all-pro. He will regret leaving Kyle Shannahan’s offense for a just a little bit more money and being closer to home.

  6. Funny at the point at which Shanny started using Deebo as a running back/WR combo, Deebo was leading the league as a wide receiver in terms of yards and yards per catch. So your comment about him not being a top flight receiver is nonsense, really.

  7. Either Deebo’s getting bad advice or no valuable guidance from his agent. Kyle called his actions “disappointing” and so far he’s been engaging in behavior that is hurting his career instead of furthering it. Wake up Deebo.

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