John Lynch: Jason Verrett is a guy you don’t give up on

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp
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Jason Verrett has had nothing but bad luck since arriving in the NFL as a first-round draft choice. He’s missed more games (89) than he has played (40) in eight seasons because of injuries.

49ers General Manager John Lynch admits he wasn’t certain that Verrett would want to return after tearing an ACL — again — in the season opener of the 2021 season. It marked the third season Verrett has played only one game, and he missed the entire 2018 season.

But when Verrett made up his mind to go through another rehab, the 49ers were all for giving the cornerback another opportunity. Verrett signed his fourth consecutive one-year deal with the team.

“We all know what Jason’s been through, and it’s been a lot,” Lynch said on KNBR, via David Bonilla of “This guy’s ability and passion for the game, his makeup, his toughness, it’s all to be admired. It hurt our heart. It hurt Jason. He’s a No. 1 corner for us. For it to happen to him yet again was crushing. But he’s a guy you don’t give up on. We’re certainly not going to. It’s a lot to ask for his body to recover again, but if there’s someone that we believe can do it, it’s Jason.

“We felt like, number one, he’s earned that opportunity with us. And number two, I think he’s worth giving it to because he’s done this before. You do have to ask yourself at some point if it keeps happening. But we have a 90-man roster, and during the offseason, when you talk about is he worthy of that? Certainly, he is. So we’re going to give it another attempt.”

The 49ers used two of their nine draft choices on cornerbacks, adding Samuel Womack and Tariq Castro-Fields to an already crowded room that includes Emmanuel Moseley, Ambry Thomas, Deommodore Lenoir and free agent signee Charvarius Ward. So, Verrett is not guaranteed even of making the roster, but the 49ers are giving him another opportunity.

6 responses to “John Lynch: Jason Verrett is a guy you don’t give up on

  1. I agree with Lynch. As long as you can make the numbers work for both parties, glue cover guys don’t grow on trees. Football is a rough game. A lot of the biggest and strongest get hurt.

  2. Verrett was drafted by the Chargers and although repeated injuries derailed his career, he was a stud when healthy and generally well-liked by Chargers fans. I wish him nothing but the best.

  3. Verrett has made more than $24 million in the NFL. He’s set for life. He signed a vet minimum deal. He must love the game. Gotta be rooting for him.

  4. There comes a point when you have to cut the injury prone player.
    It’s long past time for verrett.

  5. As long as he’s willing and the price is right, there’s nothing to lose. I like that Verrett keeps trying. That means a lot more than words. Hopefully he can enjoy a full season this year, I know I’ll be cheering this dude on and I don’t really like SF.

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