Kevin Stefanski: Browns are in a “holding pattern” at QB

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
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Since acquiring Deshaun Watson in mid-March, Browns General Manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski have consistently said that Cleveland has a unique situation at quarterback.

Watson, Jacoby Brissett, and Josh Dobbs have all been in the building for the Browns’ voluntary offseason program. Baker Mayfield has been rehabbing his surgically-repaired left shoulder away from the team as he awaits a trade to depart the organization that replaced him — though there’s no guarantee Cleveland will find him a landing spot anytime soon.

Plus, the Browns don’t know exactly if, when, or how long Watson will be suspended as a result of the 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.

So for now, things remain as they are for Cleveland’s quarterbacks.

“I just think it’s kind of the nature of it. We don’t know and that’s OK,” Stefanski said in a Tuesday interview with 92.3 The Fan. “So we’re going to work through that as more information becomes available. But ultimately, we’re getting three new quarterbacks ready with Deshaun in there, Jacoby in there, and Josh Dobbs. We’ve got three new guys calling plays in the huddle. They’re different cadences, so we’ve got guys hearing those voices. So that room, there’s a lot of learning going on, there’s a ton of teaching going on.

“And then as more information becomes available, we can determine how we rotate guys in training camp and those types of things. But until we have that information, we’re really just in a holding pattern.”

Stefanski was also asked if there’s any chance Mayfield would touch the field this year for the Browns and went back to the team’s standard answer.

“You know, I think the term we’ve said all along is, ‘fluid.’ And that’s where — I can only speak to May 3rd, and we’re going to continue to try to work this every single day,” Stefanski said. “And just understand that, like we’ve talked about before, you’d love to have an answer for it three months ago, last week. It’s just, that’s not the reality of where we are. So for me and for us, I’m just going to deal with it day-to-day.”

So at least for now, Cleveland remains in a holding pattern at quarterback on multiple fronts.

21 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Browns are in a “holding pattern” at QB

  1. They absolutely trashed Baker to the media then turned around thinking teams would want him for good draft capital after trashing him.

  2. The Browns brought this uncertainty on themselves, and the fact that they brought in a guy with this massive mess hanging over his head is proof positive that they have an owner that just doesn’t get it. There are tons of football fans that will never get behind your franchise regardless of how well they do just because Watson is your quarterback. To top it off you massively overpaid for a guy who hasn’t won anything to speak of, and obviously has massive character issues

  3. Looks like Baker over-played his hand. He had deuces and was betting like he had aces…and everybody called him…He thought he could pick his team, like the Colts, and they said, “Really?”

  4. How/why are they in a holding pattern? They are paying a guy 1/4 of a Billion(!) to throw a football. Sounds like they have their Quaterback.

  5. Joke of a organization. Trade your future for a guy who may not see the field this year after missing last year. Alienate Baker, bring in two scrubs ,wow . Embarrassing.

  6. Browns should just keep Baker. He can be their starter when Deshaun is suspended. He will have something to prove and a good team to prove it with. If he wants to pout about this and sit out, let him sit out. He won’t be owed is salary if he refuses to. Honestly, at this point, this is the best spot to prove his worth for a future contract from another team. He just needs to set aside his ego and be a good teammate.

  7. Baker trashed himself with his behavior attacking fans, media, players, and the team. Stop with the fake outrage that the Browns are to
    Blame. If he was any good teams would be drooling over him. The fact of the matter iż that a mediocre QB is not worth all the headaches that Mayfield comes with

  8. Baker is awful. Throwing 4 INT on Christmas Day against GB in a national game? He ruined Christmas for millions of browns fans

  9. Looks like Baker over-played his hand. He had deuces and was betting like he had aces…and everybody called him…He thought he could pick his team, like the Colts, and they said, “Really?”
    The Colts aren’t much better than the Browns. Especially when you look at last season and how they tanked down the stretch. The Cots is the Colts.

  10. The Brown’s are still the Brown’s….. they’ll find a way to lose no matter who is there and within 2 years Watson will be whining about that and demanding a trade but by then no one will care anymore.

  11. Berry and Stefanski were the architects of Mayfield’s downfall. Just look at the play-calling over the last 5 games of 2021. Stefanski is a snake; I just wonder if his near-comedic play-calling was of his own doing, or was he prompted by Berry. Either way, both should be gone in the next 2 years; they have put the Browns in a bad financial position – probably as dire as the last years of Modell’s ownership. The Cleveland Browns has become the landing strip for women-beaters, women abusers, and poor front office personnel, all of which has alienated so many Browns fans. The front office treatment of Mayfield is the worm that rotted the ripe apple.

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