Report: Browns pursuing Catherine Raîche for high-ranking position

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As the Eagles’ vice president of football operations, Catherine Raîche already is the highest-ranking female in a football executive position in the NFL. She soon could get a promotion.

Browns General Manager Andrew Berry, who worked with Raîche with the Eagles, is pursuing her “for an undisclosed high-ranking position” where she “essentially would serve as Browns’ assistant General Manager,” Tony Grossi of reports.

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah was the team’s assistant General Manager before becoming the Vikings’ General Manager this offseason, a job Raîche also interviewed for.

Raiche, 33, is a native of Montreal, Quebec, who has a background in law. She cut her teeth in the Canadian Football League, rising to director of football administration with the Toronto Argonauts. She also worked in the XFL.

Raiche replaced Berry in Philadelphia a year ago after Berry departed for the Browns.

The Eagles’ website describes Raiche’s job as being “involved in all areas of football operations and player personnel, including pro and college scouting, contract management, player/staff development, and football research.”

Susan Tose Spencer is the only female G.M. in NFL history, getting named to the position in 1983 by team owner Leonard Tose, her father.

The Browns named Callie Brownson as chief of staff in 2020 and added assistant receivers coach duties this year.

29 responses to “Report: Browns pursuing Catherine Raîche for high-ranking position

  1. Alternate headline for job offer: Browns plan PR move as cover for giving serial abuser the most guaranteed money in NFL history

    Alternate headline after offer is accepted: Job candidate sells soul for self-advancement, complicit with PR effort to distract from abuse

  2. Cleveland Browns think this will help massage their image with the public after their recent talent acquisition.

  3. Cute. It’s almost like when a racist claims that they have a minority friend.

  4. Eagles are not going to give her up easy. Watch for an internal promotion to keep her in house.

  5. Katie Blackburn in Cincinnati is at this level or higher, is she not? She does pretty much everything, with Mike Brown having final decision capacity.

  6. would make a great statement if she publicly turned down the position due to the browns signing deshaun watson and made it known that was the reason..would go a long way

  7. Fast tracking candidates to fit an agenda isn’t good for anyone.

    I believe a woman is just as qualified as a man to evaluate the game of football, race or gender shouldn’t factor into the equation one bit.

    But it seems she’s getting promotion after promotion here and she’s only 33 years old. Clearly she’s got to be incredibly intelligent to be getting all these jobs.

    All the best to her, we’ll now see if she gets the big office (In the NFC) in the next few years and we can evaluate her just as harshly as we evaluate make GMs.

  8. Could it be they’re pursuing her, I don’t know, call me crazy, because she might be really good at her job?

  9. Berry knows her qualifications from their time working together and she is no doubt qualified to work in a front office given her work history but given this is the Browns and the obscene amount of money paid for Watson this is nothing more than a PR move to smooth over the media and fans.

  10. Katie Blackburn is mid 50’s my guess. She employs her two daughters. All lawyers. Katie started as all family members in this organization does. Selling tickets. She has earned her right to lead a family business. She was probably not ready at age 33. So, good luck to this young lady, Catherine on the rise.

  11. At 33 she must really have the chops to reach such a high level position in an NFL dominanted by old white dudes…..

  12. dino2997 says:
    May 3, 2022 at 6:28 pm

    Berry knows her qualifications from their time working together and she is no doubt qualified to work in a front office given her work history but given this is the Browns and the obscene amount of money paid for Watson this is nothing more than a PR move to smooth over the media and fans.


    Seeing how Berry handled the Watson signing and bungled the Baker Mayfield situation, not sure exactly what he knows and doesn’t know.

  13. The Eagles were long rumored to be in hot pursuit of Watson themselves, with Raiche in a high ranking position in football operations. I could never tell if those rumors were true or just the NFL pundit community constantly putting disrespect on Jalen Hurts’s name, and assuming the Eagles would rather replace him.

  14. When you sit and objectively think about this Right now the Cleveland Browns is NOT in the best space in terms of IMAGE. But guess what, if DeShaun Watson goes out and wins them a Super Bowl Ring NO one will have anything negative to say decades from now when we are long EXPIRE. All the Record books will show Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Champions and NOT Cleveland Browns 22 Civil lawsuit of sexual assault against the Quarterback.

  15. Browns seem to like to hire under qualified front office types on the younger side of 30. I mean, look how they messed up their front office with the Andrew Berry hiring and the mess that resulted from the Watson-Mayfield saga. Seems consistent that they would hire an under qualified person simply because she’s a young woman. Experience definitely is low on the totem pole of requirements for a job in the Cleveland front office.

  16. I believe Ms Raiche is very competent based on her accomplishments at a young age in a male dominated industry. There will be better opportunities than covering for the questionable decisions of other. Cleveland’s baggage is not worth it.

  17. She can’t do any worse then the men we have had in that position over the years. It doesn’t matter as Haslam keeps meddling anyways making moves anyone with “real football knowledge” would never make.

  18. Doesn’t matter what the Browns are trying to appear to be, Watson is still going to pay a very steep, long price.

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