Troy Hill “definitely motivated” after being traded back to Rams

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Troy Hill originally joined the Rams in Week 17 of the 2015 season, with the team claiming him off waivers when he was cut by the Bengals.

After playing 70 games for Los Angeles over five seasons, he signed a free-agent deal with Cleveland last March. Now after just a year away, Hill’s back with the Rams. L.A. sent the Browns a 2023 fifth-round pick for the defensive back during the draft.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Hill was glad to be back not only for the Southern California sunshine, but also for his familiarity with the Rams’ organization.

“When I was in Cleveland, I always found myself trying to compare things to how it was done over here in L.A.,” Hill said, via Gary Klein of the L.A. Times. “I don’t know if it was me just trying to compare as far as this is what a winning program [does], or if was just missing everything that was happening over here.”

Hill said he was happy for his former teammates who won Super Bowl LVI, but also said it was tough in some ways, “because it was like it’s always that could’ve, should’ve, would’ve type of thing.”

Heading into 2022, Hill said he’s going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder after being traded for just a fifth-round pick.

“I feel disrespected,” he said. “Definitely motivated to come out and show what I can do.”

6 responses to “Troy Hill “definitely motivated” after being traded back to Rams

  1. “Disrespected.” Your old team traded for you to bring you back and wanted to maximize value to help put themselves in the best position to win. What are they going to do, be like “Eh, I know you guys only wanted a 5th, but he’s actually worth a 3rd rounder. Here you go!” Come on man.

  2. Football players must be the most sensitive people in the world. No matter what happens they feel disrespected. Who is he upset at, the Rams for only offering a fifth round pick or the Browns for accepting their offer?

  3. Look at this way my bro. Rams loaned you out for a year so they could finally win the SB, now they’re ready for you to come back and watch everyone else get rings.

  4. The Rams traded one of the better receivers, Robert Woods, for a 6th round pick which really upset us ram fans. Then traded a 5th for a marginal cornerback. Hill should count his blessings and not worry about what the compensation was. As a Rams fan I find it troubling this pattern of seemingly overpaying for players they want and getting little for good players that they trade away. I know it’s worked out so far but how long can it last with kinds of trades

  5. Troy – use whatever you need to give you that chip on your shoulder and motivate you to elevate your game! Welcome back to LA! Very happy to see you in our backfield again!

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