USFL televised two games on the third day of the draft, and they both performed well in the ratings

USFL Week Three - Birmingham Stallions v New Orleans Breakers
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The USFL played a pair of games on Saturday, the third day of the NFL draft. Both were broadcast on the main Fox network. And both did pretty well in the ratings.

The late-afternoon Bandits-Gamblers game, which went up against the draft directly, generated an average audience of 825,000 viewers, via the Sports TV Ratings Twitter account. The night game, between the Stallions and Breakers, drew an average crowd of 1.114 million.

That’s a slight increase over the Week Two three-letter-network games, which had audiences of 1.056 million and 812,000 on Fox and NBC, respectively.

It’s good news for the USFL, which has a simple goal for Year One. Get to Year Two.

7 responses to “USFL televised two games on the third day of the draft, and they both performed well in the ratings

  1. It’s well BELOW the XFL 1.0 ratings… And those games at also brought in 15,000 to 25,000 fans to the stadiums (Seattle & St. Louis).

  2. It does not surprise me, I watch every game and like the product they putting on the field. I do think it will be better when the teams can actually play in their state, instead of all the games in Alabama. But that goes to show you home field does have its advantage, look at the only team undefeated which is from Alabama. I do believe it will only grow and grow.

  3. I love having football in the NFL’s offseason. I hope USFL and XFL both have enough success to keep going. March through July is ususally a terrible time. These leagues ease the blow. Happy the USFL is here.

  4. Hopefully it sticks around. I have watched every game every week, but I have watched every week. The games are fun to watch. The product is good enough. Looking forward to a game or 2 this weekend.

  5. So the IUSFL has been around for only a few weeks and it’s already beating AEW numbers?

  6. USFL has been great. Don’t miss out. Keep tuning in America! Hopefully each team can play in its actual HOME city next season. Support you home team!!

  7. The USFL play has been very good, just a tad below XFL 2020. And its getting better. The Fox broadcast have been excellent with Klatt especially. I like Garrett on NBC too, they are improving. The Production values are first rate.
    FS1 has been replaying the games at night. Good stuff.

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