Beane: “Honest, open conversations” will help Bills get past playoff loss to Chiefs

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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In recent years, multiple teams have experienced heartbreaking postseason losses that left real scars on the franchise. The Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX and the Falcons in Super Bowl LI are prime examples of franchises that had a hard time getting beyond the agony of one specific defeat.

Earlier this week, in a special edition of #PFTPM, Bills G.M. Brandon Beane addressed the things his team has done and will do to get past an overtime loss to the Chiefs, which followed a lead that was squandered in a drive with only 13 seconds on the clock.

“I think you have to have honest, open conversations,” Beane said. “Just like we dissect the draft . . . go back and dissect the finish of that game in regulation and overtime. You have to be honest. If you made a mistake in that process whether it was a play call, whether it was a player, whatever your role in it was, you got to own up to it. I think that’s been the process. It’s hard because it’s an abrupt end and you go through that. Open, honest dialogue and what are we taking from this? You got to learn from it or you’re going to repeat it.

“I think our culture is strong here. Those things can cause issues. There’s no doubt, you pointed out some places that may have not recovered. We feel with Josh Allen, Josh is just one of those guys – obviously he played really well in that game, but he’s got the mindset that we’re not going to let that bother us. You bring in a guy like Von Miller who just won the Super Bowl, who’s won two Super Bowls. Beat us when I was in Carolina in the Denver one. You try and add some pieces of guys that can instill confidence, different viewpoints. Last year was last year. Only one team is going to be happy at the end of the year in my mind. You either win it or you don’t. We had our opportunities. We had our opportunities the year before and we didn’t do it and we came back. New year, new team, new season, and we’re excited about where we’re at.”

It won’t be easy. It helps that the Bills have significant talent. Adding someone like Von Miller helps as well.

Regardless, the Super Bowl window remains open for the Bills. They can’t let what happened last year impact what could happen this year.

14 responses to “Beane: “Honest, open conversations” will help Bills get past playoff loss to Chiefs

  1. Talk is cheap. I like their mindset. Bills are due.

  2. started watching the NFL IN 1969 . I would love to see the Bills and Vikings WIN a Super Bowl. So much heartache for their fans.

  3. The Bills have solid leadership. They have arguably the best QB in the NFL. They aren’t going anywhere for a long time. Another solid draft only galvanized their 53.

  4. The Chiefs win with 13 seconds left was one of those miracle games. But it wasn’t a fluke.

  5. RogerThat! says:
    May 4, 2022 at 7:41 pm
    Is that how they got over the 0 for 4 in the Super Bowls
    Also 4 time AFC Champions

  6. I BElIEVE KC trading Tyreek gives the Bills an opportunity to host the Conf Championship in Buffalo. Reid is not a good clock manager. I do not believe he will get the final 13 seconds right next year. Was in Tampa for the Bills Tampa game. Bills blew it. Mcdermott needs to close the deal. Not a Bills fan but I think they can do it.

  7. JFC. Get over it. You’re better than the Chiefs. It happened. This year you’ll mash them and probably roll the whole conference. It’s not like you lost to a bad team at the time. Mahomes is a future HOF (as is Allen, likely) and when it comes down to coin tosses it means the game was well-matched.

    Now, if you lost 40 – 3 that’d be a different story, it’s just a tough loss as it stands.

  8. MISTAKE. There’s a reason so many conference championship game losers fail even worse the following year over the past two decades+. The common thread is they focus on the loss, talk about it ad nauseum and have “open conversations” about the loss, constantly trying to figure out what went wrong.

    The proven method is to completely ignore it (like every other L) and simply MOVE ON and look straight ahead or that monkey on your back will never leave.

  9. Every time I listen to this GM, Beane provides a look at what the smartest GMs do to better their team and prepare for all circumstances. Bills haven’t had this since Bill Polian, last time the Bills were Super Bowl bound.

  10. The Bills are a long way from AFC championship game. This is a different conference than it has been the last 2 years. There are more good teams, good QBs in the AFC now.

  11. Honest conversation? Like crying about the overtime rules because you couldnt keep the Chiefs from pushing the game to OT when all you had to do was make one play. “13 seconds” is the worst collapse in NFL history.

  12. Reid is a horrible clock manager…. Okay, but apparently he’s better than Beane’s guy… Cause, well, 13 seconds…. 3 plays in 13 seconds, to go 50 yards, kick a FG then bury Buffalo. Even their players thought they couldn’t screw up 13 seconds…. Their joy, as if they had won, was quite entertaining.

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