Brad Holmes: Good to have fifth-year option on “game-changer” Jameson Williams

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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The Lions moved up 20 spots in the first round in order to select former Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams and General Manager Brad Holmes said this week that Williams “was the prime target” of any aggressive move that the team considered leading into the draft.

Holmes said on 97.1 The Ticket that their trade with the Vikings was contingent on Williams being available and he may have come off the board earlier if not for the torn ACL he suffered in January. That could impact Williams’ immediate availability, but Holmes said he’s taking the long view when it comes to how long Williams is going to be in Detroit.

Williams noted the contracts that have been signed by receivers this offseason are “swelling at an alarming amount” and said that having an option on Williams’ contract for a fifth year made the move all the more attractive.

“I would say it’s good to have that fifth-year option on a guy like that, when you look at the totality of it,” Holmes said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “With Jameson, specifically, he was a guy where there was total buy-in, total conviction. I was just in love with him. I said, ‘Look, this is a guy that we want to get and I think he can be a game-changer for us.'”

If Holmes’ assessment of Williams’ ability is on the mark, Williams may be in the market for a new contract before he hits his fifth season and Holmes’ chances of still being in place to make the decision about giving him one should look pretty good.

22 responses to “Brad Holmes: Good to have fifth-year option on “game-changer” Jameson Williams

  1. Judging from the photos, I don’t think Williams shares the same amount of enthusiasm joining the Lions.

  2. Jameson Williams appeared to be the least excited 1st round pick when he came away from the podium for his brief interview. It wasn’t a good look.

  3. Good to have a fifth year… until he wants out after the third year.

  4. This is pure greed talking. Time to abolish the 5th year option. It does not benefit players at all.

  5. I like the trade up to get him. Looking long term is the right thing to do for a rebuilding franchise. Never mind that they absolutely fleeced the Vikings going up 20 spots to get him, and still have great draft capital and cap space going into 2023.

  6. Only the Lions would be worried about the 5th year option of a WR coming off of injury and with Goff as your QB. This year is already a redshirt season.

  7. Lions love those 1st round WRs and TEs. I love that they love it too.

  8. People keep mentioning the fifth year on all these receivers but if the pattern holds all these WR will be scrubbing their social media accounts in a few years without a new deal.

  9. It’s a good thing he has raw talent…..because after listening to that interview he certainly doesn’t have any personality or enthusiasm.

  10. Williams will be doubly motivated to excel against the Vikings because they not only passed on him, they relegated him to Detroit.

  11. Based on Lions history, I don’t blame people for sleeping on what Holmes is doing. But over here, it really does feel different. Campbell is creating something that the Lions have long lacked, a culture. Holmes is supplying him with real football players that are buying into it.

  12. Jameson has a chip on his shoulder because he seen the two Ohio State Wr’s get drafted before him. And I agree, hahah Lions killed it just wait till we get Bryce Young next draft.

  13. Why did the Vikings make a trade to help the Lions and then turn around not too much later and do the same thing with the Packers? Their new GM isn’t impressing me at all and made things tougher on his defense for years.

  14. Saw a clip of his introductory press conference in Detroit . He made it clear he was happy to be in Detroit . It also showed the same low key personality we saw on draft night . Those that claimed he was unhappy being drafted are wrong , he’s just not an excitable guy.

  15. I mean, it’s not like the Lions have squandered amazing RBs and WRs in the past. Oh wait….

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