Brett Veach addresses the decision to move Tyreek Hill, and what the Chiefs’ offense will be without him

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The receiver position is currently undergoing a revolution in the NFL. Teams are finding them anywhere and everywhere. They’re plentiful in the draft, but veterans are getting huge money. For some teams, the right call has become to trade a receiver who wants huge money to another team that will give it to him.

The Chiefs have landed right in the middle of this narrative, with Tyreek Hill traded to the Dolphins for five draft picks.

Chiefs G.M. Brett Veach recently visited with #PFTPM to discuss these various different approaches to finding, and keeping (or not keeping) receivers.

“It’s certainly a crazy dynamic,” Veach said. “I think we got certainly tipped off early on in free agency. When you start to see the receiver deals come in, I think it’s one of those situations where it’s probably a case-by-case basis. I’m sure it has a lot to do with where teams are and the stress to win right now and do you have a rookie under contract, or do you have a veteran?

“Someone asked me earlier about where we stand on that and I think it’s truly just the year-by-year basis. If your cap is in a situation where you’re good now and you have some years that fall where you’re in a position to be aggressive, I think teams will be aggressive. This year was just a different year for us in regards to where we were with our quarterback and some other players on the team. Now, this may come full circle where in a couple years from now we’re going out there and we’re one of those teams signing that big free-agent wide receiver. We like where the draft was and we thought this was a point in time during this run here with Pat [Mahomes] that we can take a step back and get the resources and add receivers, and we did that with [JuJu Smith-Schuster] and [Marquez Valdes-Scantling] and certainly Skyy Moore there in the draft, but also use some of those resources to add to the defense. We certainly wanted to get younger and deeper there, too. This was a scenario we took a step back and we thought it’d be best for the team and we went ahead and made that trade and I think both teams will benefit from it.”

Was it easier to move on from Hill because he had been with the team for a first contract and most of a second contract?

“Yes and no,” Veach said. “I think on one end . . . it was a third contract not a second contract. Father Time is undefeated in this league, unless you’re Tom Brady. . . . To that degree that was a part of our in-depth conversations about the landscape of the NFL, and then more specifically where we were as an organization. Yes in that regard, but also it is tough [when] on the flipside you have accomplished so much. He’s still playing at a high level. The rapport that he has with Travis [Kelce] and with Pat is special and is unique. I think it goes both ways. I think it probably helped push the ball over the goal line, so to speak, to do this. Trades like that are never easy, and they’re always emotional. I know it’s a business and everyone knows this from people that are GMs and coaches and certainly players. I mean, at the end of the day it’s a business, but it doesn’t mean that you are totally void of emotional attachments and he was certainly a player we had one with. It was tough, but I think it was certainly the best thing for our organization.”

With Hill on the team (and Mahomes throwing the ball), defenses had to defend every blade of grass on the field. Will that still be the case post-Hill?

“I think that the cool thing about what we have here is when you have a coach like Andy Reid and an offensive coordinator like Eric Bieniemy and Pat Mahomes,” Veach said. “I think there’s many ways to score points and many ways to move the football. I think you’ve seen Coach [Reid] do it over the years with different types of skillsets and different types of quarterbacks. He’s had an advantage because no quarterback he’s ever had is quite as gifted as Pat. But sporadically throughout the last four, five, six years, we’ve had many games without Tyreek and many games without Travis. Now you could easily argue that it’s a small sample size and it’s only a few games and what have you. We still love the talent on this team. We have guys that can run in Mecole Hardman and MVS. We’re going to add a rookie here in Skyy Moore. We have some size with Travis and with JuJu. I think on top of that, we also have a great offensive line. I think there’ll be many ways to score points and I think Coach will never be short of creativity. I think our game plan will be much like it was and has been every year. That’s just find ways to get these guys in positions to win. Now listen, with Tyreek it was a little easier because we’d just tell him to run. That’s the way of winning. With these guys we have here, they may not be as fast, but we have a ton of talent.”

Indeed they do. But that have consciously parted ways with a guy who has a ton of talent. He will not be easy to replace.

6 responses to “Brett Veach addresses the decision to move Tyreek Hill, and what the Chiefs’ offense will be without him

  1. Mickey Loomis, Ted Thompson and Ozzie Newsome Part 2. 1 ring as GM and you’d think they’d have more by how the media ignores their poor teambuilding work through the years.

    Veach is headed in that direction with Mahomes and Co.

    You can ignore the Cap Gods all you want, but they always come calling.

  2. The guy wanted out and they moved him, simple as that. the GM is doing a great job.

  3. while tyreek hill makes any team he is in better, let’s not forget that the last 2 SB winners did not have tyreek on their team.
    so let’s get over tyreek and focus on another ring

  4. I think the Chiefs are gonna be fine this season. They saw an opportunity to unload an asset at a premium price as most successful businesses do….and the NFL is a business.

  5. Hate to tell everyone but mahomes will win the afcw again and win league mvp and sbmvp. Sorry to burst your bubble

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