Jerry Jeudy: Russell Wilson is going to help me a lot this year

Day 2 of mini camp for the Denver Broncos
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When the Broncos traded for quarterback Russell Wilson, they figured he would have a positive effect on the club’s young receiving corps.

According to Jerry Jeudy, that’s already started to happen. The 15th overall pick of the 2020 draft said on Wednesday that he feels like Wilson can help him a lot.

“He’s a great quarterback, Hall of Fame quarterback that came into the offense as a leader and [is] getting me better as well,” Jeudy said in a press conference. “So he’s going to help me a lot this year.”

Jeudy added that it’s not just Wilson’s throwing ability, but also his leadership in the building that has made a positive impact during the offseason program.

“Just his energy — always uplifting guys, always motivating guys to go out there and just keep working hard,” Jeudy said. “Even on those off days, you don’t feel like working or doing anything, he’s the guy that comes up there and gets your mind right for it. So that’s a great guy to be around.”

Jeudy had a solid rookie year, catching 52 passes for 856 yards with three touchdowns. But he only played 10 games last year due to injury, catching 38 passes for 467 yards. He didn’t score a touchdown in 2021.

With Wilson now throwing him passes instead of Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater, Jeudy should be in a position to have a strong 2022.

2 responses to “Jerry Jeudy: Russell Wilson is going to help me a lot this year

  1. The hypes going so far beyond reality that I’m anticipating Wilson goes down for 8 weeks in the preseason.

  2. Russell Wilson only cares about himself and his image, good luck Jerry

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