New Patriot Mack Wilson says Mac Jones showed he was special early on at Alabama

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When Mac Jones arrived at Alabama, he was a third-string quarterback behind the more heralded Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, and few people thought he was destined for greatness. But Mack Wilson saw something special.

Wilson, a linebacker who arrived at Alabama the year before Jones, is now Jones’ teammate in New England. And Wilson says he always knew Jones was going to be a special player.

“I remember Mac when he was a pup,” Wilson said, via “Just seeing how much he grew as a person and a player, it amazed me. I was telling everybody back home, friends and family, ‘Mac Jones is going to be special.’ A lot of guys didn’t believe me. Even some of the guys that were on our team didn’t believe me. I just saw something in him that just made me like: ‘Hey, this kid is going to be special.’ I used to always tell him, ‘Just stay working, man. Stay patient. Your time will come.’ And that’s what he did and obviously the rest was history.”

Wilson said Jones has always been the kind of leader teammates can get behind.

“You know a lot of guys come in as freshmen all uptight. Mac, he just had swagger,” Wilson said. “That’s something that caught my eye. He made some big plays. He made some great throws. Even when he scrambled he had a little juice in him. It was just different little small things that I’ve seen that made me like, hey, I like Mac. He’s going to be good. I believed in it and obviously it’s coming true.”

Wilson arrived in New England from Cleveland in a trade this offseason, and now he’ll get to see Jones up close again.

11 responses to “New Patriot Mack Wilson says Mac Jones showed he was special early on at Alabama

  1. Did Mac Jones look special down the stretch last year when D coordinators took away the 10 yard incut? No he didn’t. In fact, he looked below average

  2. Outside of this about the emergence of Mac Jones in year two, this Mack from Cleveland is an intriguing addition.

    Between McMillan, this guy, McGrone (redshirted Michigan) and mainstays Phillips and the emerging Dugger, this is why BB likes his MLB/S/Hybrid speed/space group in the middle.

    I expect Dugger to take that star player step this year after working with Rodney Harrison and having his 2nd full camp.

    On the flip side, Jennings is in a make or break camp/season with NE this year as another OLB, as he was the weakest of the 2020 class in 2020, IMO.

    Throw in Perkins at OLB (also redshirted Oklahoma) one the strong side I would imagine and Uche, weakside, they’re not going to be running as many traditional 3-4 looks as much, not that they’d had been in recent years anyway, just in spots.

    They just need reps as a group to get their zones down and that’s where the “speed” is coming from with Hightower now gone and Collins also likely cooked.

    Targeting Wilson, who likely was under-used and poorly coached in Cleveland and McMillan, the latter BB signed and then signed again as he blew out an ACL in camp last year, my guess is these guys add a layer of positional awareness in the middle with the IQ he’s looking for, that he’s not guaranteed to get via the draft with a rookie.

    If one of the rookies they liked interviewed well, it may have happened past Rd 1, but clearly they didn’t like any.

    Mack Wilson actually was a stud at Bama and people just forget him since he was one of many good players.

    Many unknowns for sure, but a lot of talent to mold. If they all buy in, watch out.

  3. Down the stretch it was the D that failed the Patriots, not the current leader of the team….

  4. With the keen insight Mack apparently has as to who is going to be special, maybe BB should put him in the personnel dept instead of play LB. While every GM has had 1st round whiffs, BB has had more than his share.

  5. touchback6 says:
    May 4, 2022 at 12:53 pm
    If they all buy in, watch out.
    So they’ll only get thrashed by 29 points the next time they play the Bills?

  6. I haven’t seen much evidence of talent, just a lot of bodies. Hopefully a few of them can actually stay on the field and play, and not go the way of Winovich.

  7. The best highlight reel ball he ever threw was caught by Micah Hyde

  8. Mac showed the same in the nfl as a rookie hes the Pat’s franchise.

  9. Mac Jones has had more above average PASSING games than Tua or that fraud in Philthy. He’ll be just fine. That fraud in Philthy had to flee Alabama because he was awful. He was replaced by Tua which speaks volumes.

  10. Hey Bills Mafia, how much do you love coin flips?
    We love them just as much as Mac Jones
    Sincerely Patriots Nation

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