Rob Gronkowski says he would need only two weeks to get in football shape

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No one, not even Rob Gronkowski, seems certain whether Gronk will return for a 12th NFL season. The uncertainty prompted the Buccaneers to draft tight end Cade Otton at the top of the fourth round to join Cameron Brate on the depth chart, while still leaving the light on for Gronkowski.

Gronkowski reiterated to TMZ Sports last week that it’s the Bucs or retirement.

It’s just the Bucs,” Gronkowski said. “Love that organization, man. Love the guys there. It’s family over there.”

Gronkowski, who turns 33 this month, seemingly had a lot of fun during draft weekend. He was everywhere. But he has worked out at the team facility this offseason despite being unsigned.

While promoting the “Kids Choice Awards” on Nickelodeon, which he will co-host, Gronkowski told Jaclyn Hendricks of the New York Post that it wouldn’t take him long to be NFL-ready.

“I feel like I can get ready at any time for football, like it’ll take me two weeks only, so, I’m not really worried about it,” Gronkowski said. “It’s just cool just to be doing other things and enjoying them.”

Tom Brady usually gets what Tom Brady wants, and the quarterback surely wants Gronkowski on his team for what could be a last run.

Gronkowski caught 55 passes for 802 yards with six touchdowns in 2021, playing in 12 games.

9 responses to “Rob Gronkowski says he would need only two weeks to get in football shape

  1. 2 weeks to be in football shape? Makes that whole “TB 12” thing seem a bit overhyped right?

  2. Meh, he’s young, active, probably not eating a bunch of cheetos and watching Sponge Bob, so yeah, I’m sure a few weeks and he’s back in business.

    What kind of business that is we’ll never really know since he’s hurt every other game.

  3. See Kenny Stabler. Always fishing somewhere in Alabama during training camp. Unreachable. Shows up 2 weeks before the season. Ready to roll by week one. Much easier for long time veterans to pull off.

  4. As if it were even a question all along that he would return because 12 unretired.

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