Ron Rivera: We feel very positive about the deal for Carson Wentz

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
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Though the Commanders brought in North Carolina’s Sam Howell during the draft and still have Taylor Heinicke on their roster, there’s no quarterback competition coming in Washington.

Carson Wentz is the team’s clear-cut QB1 entering 2022, despite faltering at his last two stops. Head coach Ron Rivera has expressed full confidence in Wentz since making the trade in March and continued that in a Tuesday interview on the Rich Eisen Show.

The first thing Rivera touted was positive public remarks from Wentz’s former teammates, T.Y. Hilton, Jonathan Taylor, and Darius Leonard.

“All those guys come out and say, man, this guy was a good teammate, this was a guy that pulled us tighter, this was a guy that helped us get where we are or headed toward — you feel positive about that, you really do,” Rivera said. “And it’s an exciting thing to hear that, that his teammates spoke of him in that fashion.”

Still, when Wentz was traded from the Colts, Zak Keefer of reported Indianapolis had concerns about Wentz’s lack of leadership, resistance to hard coaching, and a reckless style of play. Those were the same sort of concerns the Eagles had when they traded him.

Rivera said he had no concerns with Wentz in that area.

“The one thing I do look at [is] the fact that at one point he was 11-2,” Rivera said, referring to the 2017 season. “And, of course, he hurt his knee — a year where he was talked about in the MVP conversation. So there’s a lot of things that go into play, a lot of things happen. But to us, this was a positive. We were looking for a guy of his stature, with his kind of ability. So to be able to pick him up and make the deal for him, we feel very positive about that.”

Wentz completed 62.4 percent of his passes for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions for the Colts in 2021.

20 responses to “Ron Rivera: We feel very positive about the deal for Carson Wentz

  1. After a summer of every available QB refusing to even take their phone calls, they are pleased to have finally found a QB who had no choice but to play for them.

    That’s the reason they traded for a QB who was about to be released because given a choice even Carson Wentz wouldn’t have chosen to come to Washington over being a backup somewhere else.

  2. Carson Wentz? We’re very high on Carson Wentz. We think he has a bright future in this league and on our football team.

  3. Wentz may be the perfect QB for this spot, but if WFT were being honest, I would be surprised if they don’t wish they had waited just a few more weeks to see if they would have had a shot with some of the other qb’s that have moved around this offseason.

  4. The other three NFC East teams also feel very positive about the Commanders’ deal for Carson Wentz.

  5. Resistance to coaching is the biggest of the red flags. Two teams in a row have now noted that. If I’m a GM, I don’t touch Wentz with a 10 ft pole. But then, it’s Washington…

  6. If the Colts would have beaten Jacksonville in the last week, Wentz would be in Indy still. Irsay acted like a fantasy player and basically rage cut (demanded he be traded) Wentz.

  7. Rivera, I promise you will be eating those words at the end of the season!!

  8. If Rivera can coach an egotistical showboating blowhard like Cam into the league MVP, he has a fighting chance to make Wentz a better QB than he has shown. Besides, unless he’s a total idiot, Wentz should realize that this may be his last best chance to become one of the better QBs in the NFL.

  9. Wentz had a great 11-2 streak with a loaded Eagles roster in 2017, but if you go back and watch his highlights from that time, you will see that most of his big plays came when he held the ball a long time and the pocket broke down and he was able to escape with his legs and make something happen. He converted on a lot of 3rd and long plays. After the knee injury he lost the ability to escape and make plays with his legs, but he has continued to hold onto the ball too long. Not a good combo. I doubt that he will thrive with a sad sack organization like Washington.

  10. Frank Reich spent 1 year as OC in Philly and only 1 before that. Chris Ballard only had 1 year in a top role in KC before Irsay crowned both to lead his organization. Why has no one ever considered that neither has performed at this level before, ever in their careers and may be in a Peter Principle situation?! How can all of it be on Wentz?!

  11. Reich was Wentz’ OC in Philly. He recruited him to Colts. He didn’t want to trade him. So he’s resistant to hard coaching? Doesn’t add up. Jim Irsay planted the bad stories to justify his bad decision

  12. While I agree that there is currently no QB competition and CW is the designated starter, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. I’ll reserve my opinion on the competition thing until after week 4 or 5.

  13. Its not if, but only when for Howell being the full time QB for the WFT. I’d say the absolute latest will be end of week 9, factoring the injury / poor play percentages. Really surprised they took a chance on this guy. There’s a reason he has been traded by 2 different teams, plus look at the play of Hurts post Wentz era. Going to see a major uptick in Indy this year for sure.

  14. I’ll give Ron all the credit in the world if he can fix the Commanders and Wentz. But pardon me if I have serious doubts.

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