Cowboys want to “get ahead of” re-signing players to avoid this year’s free agency risk

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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When the Cowboys offseason was getting underway, they had wide receiver Michael Gallup, defensive end Randy Gregory and tight end Dalton Schultz on the road to free agency.

They were able to re-sign Gallup and they used the franchise tag on Schultz, but Gregory left for the Broncos and wide receiver Amari Cooper was traded to the Browns in a move driven by cap concerns. They didn’t make any significant additions in free agency, but executive vice president Stephen Jones said on PFT Live that wasn’t a problem because the Cowboys see free agency as “an inflated situation.”

Where Jones would like to see the Cowboys do things differently is in re-signing players well before they can hit the open market. Jones said the salary cap situation of the last two years made that difficult and left the team with “more free agents” than they’d like in one offseason.

“Certainly we feel like we’re going to get back in the mix of getting some of these players, these young players that we want to keep around here, get ahead of it, get ‘em signed, so you don’t have that type of free agency risk that we had this year,” Jones said.

Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb won’t be getting an extension this offseason, but he’ll be eligible for one in 2023 and Jones said the team is “always in that planning mode” when asked about ensuring there’s room for him once it comes time to hammer out another contract with the 2020 first-rounder.

6 responses to “Cowboys want to “get ahead of” re-signing players to avoid this year’s free agency risk

  1. Need to plan on moving on from Lamb. He doesn’t impress me much and drops way more than he should.

  2. This team is absolutely clueless about how to run a cap as they are moving in on 30 years of ineptness and currently look like they are a long ways off from just winning a playoff game.

    The precedent for CeeDee has been set with contracts to Zeke, DLaw, Cooper and Dak he should expect to become the highest paid receiver with a lot of guaranteed money because Jerry will get involved and that is usually what happens.

  3. So they basically want to do what most teams are already doing? Way to be on it Jones boys!

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