Deebo Samuel hints on social media that situation with 49ers may be improving

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Throughout this NFL offseason, closely monitoring players’ social media accounts has proved important to figuring out what the players’ plans were. Few players come right out and say they want to be traded or released, but many players hint at it on social media.

All of which makes 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel‘s latest social media activities worth monitoring.

Samuel started following the 49ers on Instagram again, and he also liked an Instagram post about 49ers General Manager John Lynch saying that the issues between the team and Samuel can be worked out.

That’s a reversal for Samuel, who last month unfollowed the 49ers and removed all references to the team from his social media. Samuel’s latest actions are no guarantee that he’ll sign a long-term contract with the 49ers, but they’re a hint that the situation is improving.

With wide receivers like Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs getting big new contracts this offseason, Samuel wants a big pay raise as well.

Samuel is due a $3.986 million base salary this season, the final year of his rookie contract.

21 responses to “Deebo Samuel hints on social media that situation with 49ers may be improving

  1. Looked like tampering to me and they turned around and offered a lowball, easily rejected trade offer ? Jeezo

  2. Ask him: do you want an extension with big money and similar usage or do you want to run less and play with the same contract?

    If he’s gonna run less, you need to figure out if that version is worth big money.

  3. Honestly don’t understand players sending cryptic messages on social media. Maybe just knock on the GM’s door and say hey dude I’ve performed well and I’d like a new contract.

  4. “The more social media, the better.” -no sane person said ever

  5. So Deebo saw all these guys getting paid and decided it was his turn or he was leaving. Typical of today’s player.

  6. I’m a little old school about these cats handling their business professionally. I view this episode as a red flag. I think the FO should try their best to get a deal done, but also to stay strong and not reach. Pay him top 5-10 money, not top 1-5 money. Then they will have done well. Dude is an injury concern. If he had 2 seasons like the last one back-to-back I pay him top 5.

  7. Not a 9ers fan by any means, not anti-9ers either…but Deebo was probably my favorite player in the league to watch (toss up with him or Derek Henry)…such skill and was 100%, 100% of the time…with no jive crap either, didn’t celebrate like he cured cancer every time he caught a ball (his job..can you imagine linemen celebrating after every block they make), Deebo just balled. Is a pleasure to watch and why many of us luv football. But this social media nonsense…big turn off. D. Henry solidly in 1st.

  8. It’s the height of immaturity to express yourself to your employer (or vice versa) via “unfollowing”, “following” their social media accounts or how many “Likes” you do or don’t give.

    Grow up, be a man and tell them directly, face-to-face what you want.

  9. I am stuck in the middle of the fence on this Deebo thing. His running and receiving placed in a world all his own – but can he continue with that – is he even OK with the running AND receiving. I don’t know, and I don’t think/feel that he WILL want to continue the dual role. I wish him the best going forward.

  10. Does not matter. Deebo is over rated and had one good year. The odds are he will regress back to the mean this year. He should end up not rating even a top 10 WR or top 10 in RB stats. Believe what you will but it is highly likely I am right.

  11. He’ll be trucking the Rams and Packers again next season. Sorry haters.

  12. It was all a decoy to take the heat off the QB situation. They ain’t slick

  13. John Lynch had a nightmare that the FO works it out, they pay him tons of money, they don’t get to use him like last season, he goes home to S Carolina each week on his off day and he gets injured again.

  14. My guess is he got his feelings hurt by the 49ers starting offer and now that he has had some time to cool down he understands it’s a negotiation and the Niners don’t have to trade him if they don’t want to.

  15. In other-words the situation isn’t going they way he expected so now it is time to save face.

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