Magic Johnson reportedly joins group bidding for Denver Broncos

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One of the best basketball players of all time if hoping to own a piece of one of the NFL’s flagship franchises.

Magic Johnson has joined one of the groups bidding for the Denver Broncos, according to He has partnered with 76ers co-owner Josh Harris.

The NFL has made a recent push to increase minority representation in ownership groups, issuing a league-wide statement in late March: “The NFL member clubs support the important goal of increasing diversity among ownership. Accordingly, when evaluating a prospective ownership group of a member club pursuant to League policies, the membership will regard it as a positive and meaningful factor if the group includes diverse individuals who would have a significant equity stake in and involvement with the club, including serving as the controlling owner of the club.”

Via, it’s expected that every group pursuing the Broncos will have minority representation.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to money. As in which group offers the most of it. No NFL owner will want to take less than the best price available for a franchise. As to the Broncos, the trustees operating the team have a fiduciary duty to maximize the revenue generated by the sale.

23 responses to “Magic Johnson reportedly joins group bidding for Denver Broncos

  1. this country is getting out of control, now trying to dictate who owns stuff. the golden rule, he with the gold makes the rules. he/she with the money can buy the team and shouldnt be told what to do or how to spend their money.

  2. Well, since half the league already acts like NBA divas, you may as well start adding actual NBA divas to ownership to give them a fighting chance. It seems Mark Cuban was right after all.

  3. Kobe, Larry, MJ, LeBron >>>> Magic Johnson

    Just sayin’

  4. Naturally we want everybody to have a fair chance at life, but this kind of patronizing reminds me of report cards with no grades, or field day in which everybody gets participation ribbons. It discredits those who really excell.

  5. Magic and the NFL would be a great pairing.

    It appears that as the NBA’s overall mentality is getting too soft for grinders like Magic so he would only bring more strength to an already strong group.

  6. You’re aren’t going to outbid the Waltons, but maybe with the league angry at Kroenke over St. Louis fees they don’t want to put a relative of his in a voting position.

  7. I still say it’s time for CORPORATIONS to start owning teams. Cost of franchises will over 6 or 7 BILLION shortly.

  8. Hopefully he wins the bid and then fires Elway. The organization needs new blood.

  9. How is Magic net worth estimated at 600 million? Am I missing something?

  10. I wonder how MLK would feel about how much the color of ones skin still matters in such a huge way after all these years. S’sad.

  11. I think there’s so much interest in the Broncos right now because people know that they will be very expensive, but the next team that comes up for sale will be even more so. They want to get in on a $4-6 billion purchase now, instead of a $10-12 billion purchase next time.

  12. Lebron would be like 17th or 18th best in the 80’s-early 90’s around guys like Clyde Drexler and Shawn Kemp.

  13. minime says:
    May 5, 2022 at 12:13 pm
    Broncos a flagship franchise??

    Yep, 8 AFC Championships and 3 Super Bowl Championships says flagship franchise. I’d guess at least 25 or so other teams are envious of this.

  14. I hope Magic gets the team. I hope so for Broncos fans. They’re great fans. They deserve a winner. Magic Johnson is among the greatest sportsmen of all time. And a great businessman. I love the NFL and Magic will make the league better.

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