Nick Kelly abruptly exits Tepper Sports & Entertainment

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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Last week, Panthers owner David Tepper praised Tepper Sports & Entertainment CEO Nick Kelly. This week, Kelly is out.

Kelly’s departure comes only three months after he took the job, which gave him oversight of the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte FC soccer club of the MLS.

The move comes in the aftermath of the abandonment of the team’s new headquarters and practice facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a move that happened after public funding failed to come through.

Kelly technically isn’t gone, at least not yet. Via Sports Business Journal, a statement from Tepper Sports & Entertainment explained that Kelly would “assist with facilitating an orderly transition for the organization.”

For moves of this profile, there’s aways a story behind the story. Whether that story ever comes out remains to be seen.

Regardless, the Tepper Sports empire is currently navigating choppy waters. Tepper has the cash to spend his way through it, but he needs to spend the right way. Or he’ll only end up spending even more.

6 responses to “Nick Kelly abruptly exits Tepper Sports & Entertainment

  1. Wasn’t that long ago that the media guys were constantly touting Tepper as the perfect new NFL breed of owner. Now it’s looking like Snyder 2.0 down there in Carolina.

  2. At least the Haslams eventually admitted they didn’t know what they were doing …

  3. What a disaster. Has Tepper done anything right in his tenure as Panthers owner?

  4. 3 Months for a CEO?? Either a horrible vetting job or that organization has the culture of a powder keg. Neither are good.

  5. calculon7x says:
    May 5, 2022 at 1:53 pm
    At least the Haslams eventually admitted they didn’t know what they were doing …

    Unfortunately Jimmy thinks the Watson deal has changed that, but it hasn’t.

  6. NFL needs a rule that new owner can’t purchase or get involved with another sports team for which ever happens first…a period of 10 years or until they win a super bowl.

    I swear he’s put more effort into his soccer team.

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