Robert Griffin III: Marquise Brown wanted out of Baltimore because of Greg Roman

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Robert Griffin III, who played his final two seasons in Baltimore with Greg Roman as his offensive coordinator and Marquise Brown as a teammate, says that Brown wanted out because of Roman.

Griffin wrote today on Twitter that Brown, who was traded to the Cardinals during the first round of the NFL draft, didn’t think he could make the most of his talents — and therefore make the most of his earning potential — while playing in Roman’s offense.

“Marquise Brown wanted out of Baltimore because of Greg Roman NOT Lamar Jackson,” Griffin wrote. “Marquise knows G-Ro’s system runs through the backs and tight ends, so it’s unlikely a WR1 will get big money. The best way to get paid was to be in a pass first offense in @AZCardinals.

“Throwing the ball more is not the proven recipe for success for the Ravens. In the last 3 years, the Ravens have only thrown the ball more than running it once. That was last year and it was the only year the Ravens had a losing record. Lamar being out didn’t help either. Despite throwing the ball more last year the Ravens still averaged 90 MORE RUNS than passes over the last 3 years. The Cardinals averaged 116 more passes than runs the last 3 years.

“For reference, the chiefs haven’t run the ball more than they have thrown it in 10 YEARS. Marquise Brown had 146 targets last year but they weren’t all catchable targets. With Lamar being out down the stretch, Hollywood’s longest reception was 15 yards in the last 5 games. Arizona gives him an opportunity to be a star in a system he knows from college.”

It’s not the least bit surprising that Brown would rather play in an offense that will throw him the ball more, although pinning the blame on Roman may be unfair. After all, Roman is calling the plays that best fit Jackson’s skill set. So while Brown may not have any problem with Jackson, a team whose quarterback can run like Jackson is always going to run the ball a lot — and that may not be attractive to many wide receivers.

16 responses to “Robert Griffin III: Marquise Brown wanted out of Baltimore because of Greg Roman

  1. Not news….as long as LJ is the QB, they’ll be run first and damn fun to watch!

  2. That’s interesting because Arizona is nearly as run-heavy as Baltimore.

  3. I always thought the way to make money as a WR you shouldn’t drop the ball that much……always a Me first player, spells team with an I,

  4. Hollywood Brown is a deep threat, he did a great job in the mid-range passing attack the past two seasons, but it hurt the offense without their star left tackle the pass two-season. Hollywood Brown will have a prove-it season with the Cardinals next season for the first six games he will be his QB’s #1 WR1 with Hopkins out.

  5. I mean, it’s not like he has a family member, say oh I dont know, a certain cousin maybe, who may be “advising” him.

  6. Hollywood dropped three touchdowns in the Lions game last season for even more reference.

  7. Empty barrels make the most noise, and RGMe is the emptiest barrel in the shed

  8. I don’t think it took too much pushing from Brown for the Ravens to trade him. Hollywood believes he is a WR1 and eventually will want WR1 money. The Ravens simply are not prepared to pay that kind of money to any WR. With the philosophy/design the Ravens offense has there is no WR worth the kind of money to them that top WRs are getting today.

  9. Roman sure has lasted a long time for a genuine lack of knowing what to do in crunch time. I’m convinced he has dirt on House Harbaugh, it doesn’t make sense why he’s still in the league. Very predictable.

  10. Lol I know Romans offense has issue but Brown had 91 catches last year which was 15th in the league and he was twenty something in yards and he would have had even more even he didnt have drop issues. Mark Andrews was 6th in catches. He may get more catches in Arizona in the short term, but that will change as soon as Hopkins comes back. Also the Cards have other fast small receivers that cud take targets away. Brown isnt likely to get a great deal either since the cap hit from Hopkins is going up and Murray is about to get a new deal. I don’t think Baltimore was going to pay him like he wanted but this was all about money cuz he was getting the ball in Baltimore.

  11. If a squeaky wheel wants out of town, and the Ravens got a first rounder for him, then the Ravens got the best of the deal. At least Brown made this known when he did so that the team could get something for him.

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