Undrafted QB D’Eriq King says Patriots plan to try him at multiple positions

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The Patriots have Mac Jones installed as their starting quarterback heading into his second season and they drafted Bailey Zappe in the fourth round this year, so they would not seem to be a promising spot for an undrafted rookie quarterback to make it in the NFL.

None of that deterred former University of Miami quarterback D’Eriq King from signing with New England after going undrafted last week, although the Patriots’ plans for him likely explain why he was willing to take his shot with the team. King was productive as a runner at Miami and he said the Patriots pitched him on a hybrid role that could open up the door for him.

“I’m excited, it’s good,” King said, via Aaron Wilson of ProFootballNetwork.com. “I was a little nervous because of the unknown, but I was blessed enough to sign with a team like the Patriots. I’m thankful for the opportunity. It was an exciting time. I talked to [director of player personnel] Matt Groh, and he was excited. I’m thankful for the opportunity. He told me I’ll do a little bit of everything — receiver, quarterback, running back — whatever I can do to stick. Absolutely, definitely motivated to prove my worth. I’m just excited to play football, period. I’m definitely motivated, and you have a chip on your shoulder, whether you get drafted or not. I’ve played quarterback my whole life, but I think I can be a pretty good receiver as well.”

The Patriots have had success transitioning players from other positions and other sports over the course of Bill Belichick’s run as their head coach. It looks like King will be one of their next projects.

21 responses to “Undrafted QB D’Eriq King says Patriots plan to try him at multiple positions

  1. Sounds like they are trying to create another Julian Edlemann. He was an option quarterback at Kent State back in the day.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Julian Edelman 5.0 (1.0, Troy Brown, 2.0 Wes Welker, 3.0 Danny Amendola, 4.0 Julian Edelman)

  3. And what a great potential he could have for the scout team while he’s in the process of developing and working to carve out a permanent role on the team. Having a player that can play like some of the elusive and talented running QBs in the league could be great.

  4. Let’s not forget…Julian Edelman was a 3 yr starter at QB at Kent State before being drafted in the 7th round by the Patriots in 2009 and ultimately converted to wide receiver. We all know how that turned out for Julian.

  5. Like Edelman and the very good and underrated Jakobi Meyers who is only now just blossoming into a decade-long Patriot, we shall see if they can do it again with this kid out of the slot.

    Meyers dominates in the slot, but he’s not a prototypical slot guy. I would imagine they’re looking to get Meyers more on the outside and use the kid from Navy (Perry) they like to compete in the middle with a guy like this.

    The knowledge of the QB spot helps the player convert to WR. Tebow should have done this to have a career in NE if he wanted to, where he could have been an H Back.

  6. Do whatever they ask and do it well. BB loves players like this

  7. Without Brady, there will be no more Troy Brown, no more Deion Branch, no more Wes Welker, no more Julian Edelman, no more James White.

    Has it ever occurred to you that the reason they were often wide open was because of the TIME Brady threw the balls?

    Stop dreaming.

  8. BB loves players like this.


    He has no clue how such players became top play makers, otherwise he wouldn’t have signed Cam.

    Just read “Patriots QB coach open up on Cam Newton’s recent struggles”.

    Belichick believers think just like Belichick, like all Patriots needs was a QB who can throw 5 yards. Ya, trying to throw dozens of 2 yards or 5 yards. You can have completion rate of 80%, you still won’t be able to SCORE ENOUGH unless you can throw a little bit quicker that allows your receivers to gain YAC.

  9. I miss Edelman. Fine to try and recreate that kind of player but nobody will duplicate this guy.

  10. george1859 says:
    May 5, 2022 at 10:07 am
    Not so sure Mac will be the QB next year…

    Yes he will.
    If he shows regression though then his seat starts to warm up in 2023.

  11. Patriots QB coach open up on Cam Newton’s recent struggles

    “It (hold the balls a little bit longer) can cause a negative play,a sack,an interception,…”


    Dislike it, Belichick believers, like it will prove Belichick has a magic system.

  12. If anyone can put D’Eriq into the right situation and get the best out of him, it is Belichick. Remember it was Belichick who developed and got the most out of Brady who in turn got the most out of his receivers. Brady couldn’t even beat out Brian Griese at Michigan but under Belichick, he becomes the best QB of all time.

  13. Interesting approach with this guy and it makes a lot of sense – after all, they still have Jarrett Stidham waiting in the wings ☺

  14. New england has Andy Dalton 2.0 and is an irrelevant team. They’ll be drafting QBs for a long time.

  15. Andy Dalton 2.0


    Patriots fans are of different breed. While fans of other teams try their best to give credit to their QB, Patriots fans rather believe that a coach of defensive mind had done so much on offense, though they can’t even come up with a video that Belichick worked with offense during off season, or talked to his QB on the bench.

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