Dennis Allen: It’s “certainly the plan” for Jameis Winston to start Week One

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks
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After Deshaun Watson chose to be traded to the Browns, the Saints quickly pivoted to bring back quarterback Jameis Winston on a two-year deal.

Winston’s coming off a torn ACL. But the fact that New Orleans did not pick a quarterback during the draft leaves Winston as the team’s clear QB1 entering 2022.

In an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show this week, Saints head coach Dennis Allen said Winston is doing well in his rehab. Allen added that it’s “certainly the plan” for Winston to be behind center when the season starts.

“There’s a lot of days between now and Week One, but we certainly like where he’s at right now,” Allen said. “We like the progress that he’s making. Man, I really loved a lot of the things that he did last year for us — 14 touchdowns, three interceptions. There was just some really good stuff that you see. and my vision and my hope is that he continues to progress on the same level as he gets another year in the system.”

Winston completed 59 percent of his passes for 1,170 yards with those 14 touchdowns and three interceptions. With another year in the system and receiver Michael Thomas expected back, Winston could be even better in 2022.

5 responses to “Dennis Allen: It’s “certainly the plan” for Jameis Winston to start Week One

  1. But we all know that plans can change, right coach?
    JW is obviously NOT the long term answer… Likely not the short either but Payton did not leave you with much at QB…

  2. who dat… who dat… who dat say they gonna beat them saints…

  3. It will be interesting to see how Winston plays this season with an improved receivers group and no Sean Peyton holding the reins tight on keeping passing restricted. Will he revert to the old Winston or keep up with the much more controlled management shown last season?

  4. Winston is a BUM, dude can’t play under pressure and isn’t a good QB. This is another QB disaster in the making for the Aints.

  5. It’s amazing how people are still holding on to Taysom Hill as a QB. I do think that the usage of Hill set back Books development as a NFL QB. Hill went out the way he came in … the first preseason game he started he had 4 turnovers with the starters. He finished the season with 5 turnovers. When you take out a proven HOFer QB like Brees a unproven UDFA like Hill as a QB you have given up on the team. I’m glad Payton is gone.

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