NFL “will promptly look into” the claims made by former Raiders president Dan Ventrelle

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The stunning allegations made Friday by former Raiders president Dan Ventrelle cry out for a response from the league office. The league office has indeed responded.

“We recently became aware of these allegations and take them very seriously,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement issued on Friday night. “We will promptly look into the matter.”

Ventrelle issued a statement contending that he was fired after communicating to the league complaints made about team owner Mark Davis. Ventrelle alleges that there were “multiple written complaints” regarding a hostile work environment. Ventrelle said he informed the NFL of the complaints “to protect the organization and its female employees.”

The league has retained Mary Jo White on numerous occasions in recent months to conducted supposedly “independent” investigations. To the extent that she hopes to continue to get such assignments, her true independence necessarily is undermined. It’s easier to get more of this work if/when the person doing that work gives the client what it wants on a consistent basis.

For now, the NFL should want to get to the bottom of Ventrelle’s claims.

33 responses to “NFL “will promptly look into” the claims made by former Raiders president Dan Ventrelle

  1. Hue Jackson should be chiming in any second to claim he was fired by Raiders after notifying the league of this environment years ago.

  2. Let’s see what Roger can pull out of his hat now. Seems awfully suspicious it took 18 years for this employee to make this observation.

  3. “promptly look into”

    a month later….

    it couldn’t be “substantiated”..

  4. Yep, this is their grand opportunity to finally eliminate the Davis family from the league. Expect swift and expedient ”Justice.”

  5. They should just create a new soap-opera called, “As the League Turns”.

  6. Cool. Cause that guy doesn’t look creepy or anything with those awesome bangs…

  7. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving, and sometimes they aren’t. I always expected to see Mark Davis driving a white van around that said “Free Candy”.

  8. Hold on, someone in the NFL press office needs a slap. They said “We recently became aware of these allegations and take them very seriously,” instead of “These claims are without merit”.

    In order to get back on track, after this blundering start, the following needs to happen:

    – smear campaign against the whistleblower
    – start a sham investigation
    – sweep the story under the rug
    – never learn / change anything and hope it doesn’t happen again

    Has Mary Jo White ever been so busy?

  9. Forget the NFL investigating. How about the EEOC, equal employment opportunity commission, who normally handle sexual harassment complaints investigating? If this happens at my business or yours that’s the entity you now have to deal with. Why should it be different for the NFL?

  10. You have to look at claims like these made by someone who worked there for 18 years who is on the way out of the door with great skepticism. He may be trying to burn the place down after being shown the door. He puts up with a hostile work environment for 18 years and only speaks out after he’s fired? He’s either complicit or lying.

  11. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Mr Davis hasn’t learned times have changed yet…

  12. Nfl needs to move it’s headquarters to Salem Massachusetts for all the witch hunts it seems to have embraced as of late.

  13. I can’t wait for the league’s statement that their independent investigation was unable to substantiate any of the claims. #ProtectTheShield

  14. Back in 2017, Mary Jo White re-joined law firm Debevoise & Plimpton after doing nothing as the chair of the SEC. Most of her clients have been major financial institutions under federal investigation. In other words, this woman has never been about doing the right thing. She’s an experienced lawyer whom powerful organizations hire to sweep their stuff under a rug.

  15. Colleges are going to start offering NFL Investigation majors. Booming career field!

  16. Imagine if Josh McDaniels had found out about this just as he was accepting the head coach job . . .

  17. I am close to a family that has known Mark since he was boy. This news is very surprising. I have always heard that he is a gentleman with a good heart.

  18. If history is to repeat itself, here is my prediction.

    After a thorough investigation, one email will be leaked, that results in a coach of another team getting fired.

  19. This has been going on for years even when Mr. Davis was alive. The NFL hates the Raiders and always will. After 1-2 months this will blow over nothing to see here.

  20. nytro says:
    May 6, 2022 at 10:27 pm
    Yep, this is their grand opportunity to finally eliminate the Davis family from the league. Expect swift and expedient ”Justice.”
    Tell us all again how Carol Davis would be eliminated by the league.

  21. Ihis public persona is that of a nice guy with a strange haircut. This is surprising to me, and I will need to see proof.

  22. -Desean Watson: still waiting to hear from the league (and lawyers)
    -Mark Davis: hired their in-house “independent” investigation specialist
    -Tom Brady: raked over the coals due to cold temperatures and air pressure

    Seems legit

  23. How did we all come to live in a world where so many people jump in to decide the truth of a complex issue even before any evidence or argument is presented?
    So many comments passing a verdict based on a haircut… seriously?
    It may seem like this is just to generate a few thumbs up for comments you have posted but it’s all part of the undermining of the process of justice based on what the “accused” looks like or how they are perceived.
    As a Raider fan for four decades I am immensely proud of the record of Al Davis in hiring regardless of race, gender etc. I’d hate to see that proud team legacy damaged but while I accept that things can change – I want to see the proof first.
    A stupid haircut is proof of nothing apart from a lack of judgment about your appearance.
    It’s time for the NFL and the team/owner in the spotlight to address this openly, in a court of law so we can all see what has happened and make an informed decision . Should have happened with Snyder in Washington but better late than never…

  24. Honestly I dont think Mark Davis is guilty of anything other than being a dork and being an owner some of the other owners and Goodell would love to get rid of. Its beens noted he gave some not so great testimony for the league in the St Louis VS Rams/NFL lawsuit. Its been suggested that was the reason for the Gruden email leak. It will be interesting to see how the league decides to proceed on this one. Funny how the Snyder “investigation” ended up hurting Davis more than it did Snyder and Davis wasnt even being investigated.

  25. The Raiders have been on a consistent decline since trading Mack. They got zero return in value from that trade and had little to no picks this draft. Since they moved to Vegas the entire franchise – top to bottom has been going down the drain.

    Their fluke playoff was fools gold last year.

  26. Dude, the Raiders have been in decline since John Madden left the organization. The Raiders are the armpit of the NFL….and that’s being generous.

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