Raiders abruptly announce departure of President Dan Ventrelle, without explanation

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Raiders President Dan Ventrelle has left the team, and the team isn’t saying why.

The departure was announced via a brief statement from Raiders owner Mark Davis.

“Dan Ventrelle is no longer with the Raiders organization. We will have no further comment at this time,” Davis said in the statement.

That’s a highly unusual way to announce the departure of a team president, and raises questions about whether something is going on behind the scenes. Yesterday another Raiders executive, Chief Operations and Analytics Officer Jeremy Aguero, resigned after only seven months on the job. No explanation was given for Aguero’s departure, either.

Last year several Raiders executives, including Ventrelle’s predecessor as President, Marc Badain, left the team. Ventrelle was first introduced as interim President to replace Badain in July, then given the job on a permanent basis.

The Raiders have also fired head coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Mike Mayock within the last year. Other than Davis, there’s been almost complete turnover with all the key decision makers within the franchise.

22 responses to “Raiders abruptly announce departure of President Dan Ventrelle, without explanation

  1. That’s an awful lotta smoke for there not to be a fire somewhere. . . .

  2. You guys said the same thing last year when Badain left, acting like he left because the franchise is horrible, when in reality, he made an accounting error, overpaying something by a large amount, assuming millions. The Raiders didn’t drag his name through the mud and say he was fired.

  3. It’s pretty obvious. Josh and Ziggy have finally succeeded in convincing BB to retire from the Patriots and join them on dark side!

  4. moving to vegas didn’t make the little dutch boy any less goofy. any millionaire who looks in the mirror and thinks that haircut looks anything but ridiculous is definitely goofy.

    the way the organization has been run since al lost his marbles some years before his passing doesn’t do justice to the standard of excellence that al davis achieved over the majority of his career.

  5. it appears something weird is going on there, and it’s not just Mark Davis’ haircut.

  6. Sounds like Gruden may be ready to fire the first salvo in his lawsuit against the NFL.

  7. Makes me think another Bruce Allen email is about to surface.

  8. I was kind of surprised the Feds haven’t show up and carted out bankers boxes by the dozens by now after last year’s house cleaning.

  9. There is no need to explain to the public any reason anyone has been terminated or left a company.

  10. Whoa, I didn’t realize logicalvoicesays was still around. Good to see see an old school troller still in action around here.

  11. cardiovascularendurance says:
    May 6, 2022 at 5:31 pm

    Whoa, I didn’t realize logicalvoicesays was still around. Good to see see an old school troller still in action around here.

    That’s what I was thinking… good to know Touchback is not running a Troll Monopoly!

  12. This is a furtherance of a disturbing pattern of behind the scenes axing by the Roamers in recent years. People leave with no explanation, not even the “spend time with my family” canard.

  13. My guess is that something is funny with the books again…Lets give folks the benefit of the doubt, they did well in the face of adversity last year. Ask the Lions about their last Super Bowl appearance or the Browns…

    And Las Vegas is hot and we are in the middle of a decades long drought in the West…

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