Ryan Poles: We’re all in on Justin Fields

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The Bears hired a new head coach and General Manager this offseason and, as is usually the case with such changes, those moves have been followed by significant changes to the roster.

Wide receiver Allen Robinson left as a free agent, pass rusher Khalil Mack was traded to the Chargers, and several veterans were released as new coach Matt Eberflus and General Manager Ryan Poles began to put their stamp on the team. There haven’t been as many notable additions to the roster, due in large part to the cap situation and the lack of draft assets after last year’s trade up in the draft for quarterback Justin Fields.

The moves they have made haven’t followed the blueprint of other teams trying to build up the offense around young quarterbacks, but Poles said on ESPN 1000 Friday that their absence isn’t because the team is not fully committed to a future with Fields running the offense.

“We’re all in on Justin. I believe in Justin. Our coaches believe in Justin. Like I said from the beginning, we’re going to set him up to succeed,” Poles said, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN.com.

No matter the circumstances of the offseason or comments from the team, any lack of progress from Fields in his second season will lead to questions about both the team’s roster decisions and their ongoing commitment to a quarterback who predated the current regime.

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  1. Well you have no choice, the previous GM blew all their draft capital on him. Enjoy drafting a new QB next year.

  2. “We’re all in on Justin. I believe in Justin. Our coaches believe in Justin. Like I said from the beginning, we’re going to set him up to succeed,”
    Just wow! Anytime your GM talks you up that much, you’d better be watching your back.

  3. Bears fan who’s seen a lot of bad quarterbacking and coaching. Buy Justin Fields stock now while you can. He’s going to be a star.

    Nagy was 100% the problem. Trubisky, Foles, Dalton, etc all looked terrible in his “offense” outside of 2018 when the surrounding talent was good. I honestly expect Trubisky to surprise people this year if he gets a chance in a real NFL offense.

    Rookie QBs need to be protected whether it’s the gameplan (Lamar, Mac Jones) or supporting cast (Mahomes, Herbert). Fields had neither as a rookie. The Shanahan play action offense help tremendously and plays to his strengths. Not expecting playoffs yet but it’s year 1 of the rebuild.

  4. Not a Bears fan but I like Fields. I think with better coaching than Nagy he will have a chance to shine.

  5. Translation: We believe he will help us land a top pick in next year’s draft.

  6. I like Justin Fields, but it’s hard for me to overlook the fact that he couldn’t beat out Jake Fromm at Georgia which runs a pro style offense and ended up transferring to Ohio State. Fields has all the measurables, good size, great arm, great mobility but there is more to play a QB than just physical tools.

  7. Drafting a QB in the first round and then surrounding him with as little talent as possible on offense is quite a bold strategy.

  8. Ryan Willis, who is currently 3rd string, has a better chance of becoming the next Kurt Warner than Justin Fields has at becoming a great QB. Fields release is too long, he can’t read a defense and he runs when his first read is covered. He only bothers to check down in garbage time when the other team is playing a prevent defense. The kid is a great athlete, but he is not a franchise QB.

  9. After seeing how the draft went for the Bears this year,I would not be so confident in this regime either.Packer fan here,but the NFL is better when the Bears are relevant.Do not see that anytime soon.Too early to tell on Fields.May turn into a great player yet but first impressions were not good.And he will be playing another year behind a terrible OL and have average WRs.Defense is weaker as well.Not a great recipe for him to develop.Packers are still at top of division with AR and improved D.Lions are getting better,might actually have the right leadership in place to sustain improvement.Vikings are anyone’s guess,have talent but coaching is an unknown.I know this is unfair because GB does not really have an “owner”but the difference over the last 30 years in this division is the ineptness of Bears,Lions,and Viking ownership.GB,Pittsburgh,NE have been the class of the NFL because of the way the organization is structured.Kraft and the Rooneys are amazing owners and GB chose the correct structure in the early 90s to keep the team successful.If fans could only fire owners……

  10. I’d love to see that parallel world where the Bears traded Fields for DK Metcalf, then traded Whitehair for Mayfield and a 3rd round pick. It would be interesting to see both sides…

  11. And yet Fields was disillusioned when his name was called draft night. Judging by another poor off season of acquiring help on the offensive side of the ball it’s easy to see why.

  12. ghost says:
    May 6, 2022 at 11:22 am
    Actions not words will tell the truth here…..


    They better hope the 25 year old WR/Special Teams guy they drafted develops fast because they didn’t do anything else to address targets for Fields. Just by looking at the draft you can tell the Bears head coach was from the defense/special teams side.

    That said, it would be hard not to improve on Nagy’s playcalling.

  13. The Chicago Bears haven’t had a true franchise QB since Sid Luckman retired after the 1950 season. And Jim McMahon’s mouth far exceeded anything he accomplished on the football field. It’s gotten to the point where 1st round drafted QBs have maybe 2 seasons(3 tops) to prove they’re “the guy”. With a new head coach and GM…Jusiin Feilds is already facing a make or break season for his future in Chicago.

  14. “We’re going to set him up to succeed.”
    “We’re going to take the North and never give it back.”

    Poles’ grasp of reality leaves a lot to be desired.

    I get that he doesn’t want to come out and say we’re in a multi-year rebuild and we don’t have enough draft capital or salary cap to do everything this year, but why make statements that set him up for failure?

  15. Great way to have a short run as a GM. Bears know nothing about drafting and developing a QB.

  16. In his young tenure, Ryan Poles has shown a willingness to swim against the tide of public opinion. He’s also shown a surprising degree of transparency and actually following through on what he says he plans to do, both of which were non-existent in prior regimes. So I do think he plans to help Fields succeed, he’s just going about it a different way:

    1) Top 2 draft picks going to the secondary. This helps shore up a D that couldn’t get off the field and gave up way too many points more last year. A better D helps keep Fields from playing behind and if the D can force more turnovers and reduce 3rd down conversions against, he’ll also get more possessions.

    2) Velus Jones, 3rd round WR pick in the Deebo Samuel mode. Fields is not good at dropping back and hitting long passes that require accuracy, nor does he throw with good anticipation — at least not yet. I see a lot of bubble screens, pop sweeps and quick slants featuring Jones where all Fields has to do is make an easy read and throw and the production comes after the catch. Velus will also get them yards in the return game.

    3) A whole lot of OL bodies in the later rounds. The Bears OL had been below average to godawful for several years. New coaching, better players and a huge increase in toughness are all needed. Poles will not accept the level of play we saw from that unit last year and is bringing in plenty of new faces to challenge for starting positions or at least, push the veterans to the next level.

    If Fields needs to be a game manager this year to succeed, I believe Poles is OK with that. There is enough of a running game that with better defense, it can work. After this year Poles will know where the ceiling really is with Fields and if it’s too low, he’ll make a splash move there next offseason.

    The Bears have a strong enough

  17. They can’t say anything else at this stage, but it would be refreshing if they actually were honest one time, eg ‘Fields looked terrible last year and we don’t have much confidence he’ll be much better this year. We’ll probably give up on him in a year or two and blame the previous management to save our skins.’

  18. The Bears will be “All- in” on a losing record then for years to come.

  19. The fact that Poles and Eberflus are repeatedly getting asked this tells you everything about how little the GM has done to set him up for success. They still don’t have 5 starting caliber offensive linemen or another starting caliber WR to pair with Mooney. So they’re talking about how they expect him to make a huge jump forward while surrounding him with players that will likely have him running for his life and looking for ANYONE to throw to once teams decide to just double Mooney and dare anyone else to beat them. It’s setting him up to fail, while pointing to next offseason like free agency this year is terrible but somehow free agency next year is the savior. Poles seems to be playing a dangerous game with the kid’s career in one of the two statistically most important years in a QB growth. As a GM, you shouldn’t be getting repeatedly asked if you support your own QB bc you’ve noticeably so done little to help him.

  20. i dont know what these teams think anymore. fields wasnt really a starter in college and did not look ready mentally for the nfl lasy year, but they benched dalton after he was healthy for fields and we all know what happened, fields not nfl starter this yr will prove it and the bears will looking for another qb. they should look at mayfield.

    trey lance is the same as fields with less film and starts, again another team getting rid of a known commodity that is nfl starter material and took you deep into the playoffs basically evrey year for an unknown commodity that didnt look that good when he played.

    everyone is looking for the next big thing like a mahomes(but even mahomes was only mahomes for 1 yr). theyve been looking for it for a while just look at rg3, these 2 guys will be with him trying to sell a tell all book to stay relevent. even look in philly at hurts, lets ee what he does with the team being all in on him.

    I would take mayfield, garropolo, even minschew over hurts, lance, and fields. look at who has won super bowls, traditional prototype qb’s not 1 man shows

  21. As has already been mentioned, time will tell. It sure looks to me like wait and see to me – if he can show improvement in a year where it appears they didn’t do much to help the offense in the personnel area then he may have a chance beyond this year. If he struggles then just let him move on. Supposedly a strong QB class next year and they should have most of their own draft picks again now that Pace is gone, I think Poles actually acquired a couple extra by trading down. Offense is automatically better with Nagy gone.

  22. While the jury is still out on Fields, what is certain is that the Bears are wasting his affordable starting QB cap years during this rebuild, meaning if they get good down the road (and good luck with that given the lost draft capital), they can’t take advantage of his cap hit.

  23. What a joke were all in…lol..these incompetents got Fields no help .

  24. Lofty praise coming from the same organization that pumped up Big Mitch. Only time will tell.

  25. Hopefully for Fields sake the Bears trade him to Seattle Chicago’s front office / HC can’t even spell the word offense let alone coach it .
    Same old same old no dynamic offense talent to help Fields (NONE) who’ll be running for his life looking for a non existent open wr .

  26. They sure haven’t shown to get him much for help yet. Just admit it, you’re riding out his cheap contract while the Bears rebuild..again and always.

  27. The Bears are a few good years in the 80’s away from being the Browns.

  28. In every business, it all start with Ownership. The Bears Ownership lead by the McCaskey’s needs to go!

    I’ve been a Bears fan for over 30 plus years. I’ve seen many talented Bears QB’s come and go. I’ve seen the Organization hire many coaches and GM’s. The only thing that remains constant is Ownership.

    Fields will have little success as a Bear. Not because lack of talent or character. Not because lack of a GM or Coach. But because of Ownership.

  29. As the Bears should be. Fields showed in his small sample size of snaps that he can play in the NFL. It’s the Bears job to coach him up. Besrs fans should be relived that they are not in the same position as the Niners, who reportedly are not impressed with Trey Lance and aren’t sure if he’ll ever live up to being the #3 pick.

  30. There’s a reason General Managers have a short lifespan. A lot of it has to do with their ability or inability to evaluate QB’s. Drafting great athletes is quite different than drafting great QB’s. A great QB can also be a great athlete but trying to convert a great athlete into an NFL QB has never successfully been done. Yet, many continue to try. Meanwhile, non-athletic types like Tom Brady, Matt Stafford, Nick Foles, and Peyton Manning continue to win all the super bowls. Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and a few others are all great QB’s who also happen to be great athletes. But they’re QB’s first. Justin Fields has all the physical tools that Russell Wilson has. It’s not for me to say that he’ll never turn into a great QB, but he has a long way to go. I’ve been a Buckeye fan all my life, so nobody wants him to succeed more than me. He’s actually not as far away as some of the athletes we’ve seen drafted early the last few years, so there’s some hope.

  31. Bears fan who’s seen a lot of bad quarterbacking and coaching. Buy Justin Fields stock now while you can. He’s going to be a star.

    Nagy was 100% the problem. Trubisky, Foles, Dalton, etc all looked terrible in his “offense” outside of 2018 when the surrounding talent was good. I honestly expect Trubisky to surprise people this year if he gets a chance in a real NFL offense.

    Rookie QBs need to be protected whether it’s the gameplan (Lamar, Mac Jones) or supporting cast (Mahomes, Herbert). Fields had neither as a rookie. The Shanahan play action offense help tremendously and plays to his strengths. Not expecting playoffs yet but it’s year 1 of the rebuild.

    Lol Bears will be fighting from the NFC North basement for years to come

  32. The Bears drafted four offensive linemen and their GM was an offensive lineman…….whoathereCORKY certainly didn’t think about his comment very well.

  33. I like Fields potential but he needs to develop some pocket presence or he will be constantly injured. 12 fumbles in a year is beyond horrible but 12 in half a year? Pocket awareness will help some but that is an alarming stat.

  34. Yeah they hope he works out, but they arent going operate from day 1 as if their success depends on Fields success. They didnt pick him, so while hes still a talented young prospect they want to see more of they arent going to hitch the wagon to him as if he controls their destiny. If he improves they will proceed accordingly just like they will if he doesnt.

  35. I can’t wait till Justin Fields shuts all you haters up and makes you eat those words! Justin Fields is the real deal and the haters will find out soon enough!

  36. If the WR and tackles on the board when you pick are rated in the 70’s and the CB and S are borderline 1st rounders, you pick the best player(s). Do you want Alex Pierce who IS a fast WR, but probably won’t be able to help you immediately?

  37. A good competent qb can make it work with the worst of talent. Run the play and get the ball where it needs to be. If you have all pro wrs but cant read a defense or recognize a blitz, none of it matters.

  38. I never quite understand why fans and the media lay everything at the feet of the player, as though an NFL rookie QB becomes a fully-formed talent once the season starts.

    Fields was started way too soon, and the blame for his performance lies with the team. The team did not prepare him well, or give him nearly enough time to develop and learn. I know a lot of people like to oversimplify things with a “you either have it or you don’t” attitude, but the truth is that the team lays the ground for a player’s success.

    Would Jackson have been successful in Baltimore if the team forced him to play like Flacco? That’s just one example, but there are a host of factors that can lead to a QB’s success or failure.

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