Should Baker Mayfield offer to reduce his guaranteed salary to secure his release?

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The bridge between Browns and Baker Mayfield has been obliterated. Thursday’s report from Jake Trotter of shows just how bad it has gotten. Even if the Browns need Mayfield due to a lengthy Deshaun Watson suspension, Mayfield seems to be dead set against it.

So what happens next? The Browns hold his rights for 2022. Mayfield holds a ticket to $18.8 million in guaranteed pay. The Browns have nothing to lose by waiting. Mayfield has nothing to gain by delaying the inevitable.

Here’s a simple solution. It’s the same one the Browns and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. reached in November. Mayfield reduces his guaranteed pay, and the Browns let him go.

It’s unclear what it would take to strike a deal, if Mayfield would be willing to reduce his salary — and if the Browns would be willing to release him in exchange for taking less.

But it’s worth exploring. Mayfield could make back the difference with another team this year. If he doesn’t, he’ll nevertheless be in position to set himself up for a strong payday in 2023.

It may be far too late for the Browns and Mayfield to agree on anything. The sooner they’d work out a deal like this, the sooner Mayfield could find a new landing spot, with more than enough time to get ready to have a great season in 2022.

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  1. If I was Mayfield I’d hold out for more $$ n hold them hostage just as they have him.

  2. No. Being a sales professional I know if someone starts dropping their price they do not see value in their product. Baker’s product is Baker. Dropping his price would send a negative message to potential teams.

  3. No! Be a pro. Show up to camp. Let the Browns problem be the Browns problem. Make them honor the contract

  4. Baker should take a page out of Lamar’s playbook and WAIT. Just WAIT. Money is still money, and his is guaranteed. So nobody in their right mind is going to give away GUARANTEED money when they can simply WAIT.

  5. Dear Cleveland: Pound sand. I will not be playing for you this season as I have a lingering soft-tissue injury that your MRI’s can’t detect, either that or a mental health concern; I haven’t yet made up my mind which one I’m going with. You screwed me over so now you’re going to pay every cent the CBA says you owe me. With Regards. Baker.

  6. No he shouldn’t. He will not get a real chance to do much, and being thrown in on a bad situation,” Starting QB injured” would only cause him to struggle and reduce his value even more. Sit tight on the bench, there will be plenty of GM’s ready to give him a test run. Then he has a chance to prove himself in a situation he chooses.

  7. Only the Browns. They had a one-year break from decades of mediocrity when Mayfield led them to their first playoff win in 30 years. We shouldn’t be surprised that they then immediately revert to form. Panicking and giving a quarter-billion dollars to a guy who hasn’t won any more playoff games than has Mayfield.

    Only the Browns.

  8. Baker should absolutely discuss taking a salary reduction to help him to get traded. It’ll show his willing to compromise, be a team player and confident in betting on himself to earn it all back when he proves himself. It’s a win-win.

  9. Walk away with 15 million and don’t play again. Should be good enough, most of us are making it on far less.

  10. Yes he should lower it by 5 million and the Browns should pay 5 million in the trade at 8 million i bet he could be traded for a 4th or 5th rd pick both sides are stubborn just grow up and do it so both sides can finally move on .

  11. NO! Leave them on the hook for hanging him out to dry. Always take the money as early as you can in pro sports, because it might not be there tomorrow.

  12. Why would he help the Browns? The Browns decided to go away from Baker. This is why players have guarantees. He should keep his guarantee and make them eat the money or get less in a trade.
    The browns disfunction is incredible (and this from a lions fan). You sign a QB, but you call the QB you are going to trade a child? How does this help your trade value? I hope Watson gets the same suspension as Trevor Bauer and is made an example by the league that this behavior is not tolerated. Watson and Browns deserve each other. They are both Garbage.

  13. No. Did Watson reduce his salary to get traded? Did the Browns fully guarantee Watson’s pay knowing he’s going to be suspended? Nothing wrong with holding a dysfunctional organization’s feet to the fire.

  14. Absolutely not. Why would he? Take your 18 million holding a clipboard. Don’t give this organization a pass. They bet on you and now want forgiveness? Screw them! Make them pay!

    If they could, they would release you after a certain time frame to save themselves cap space and screw you out of a legit free agency signing period.

    Hold your ground while you still have leverage.

  15. NO – he should not.

    Baker might be annoying on social media and his ceiling might be good not great – but this mess is totally on the Browns. Bakers under contract – and it the Browns who made it unteneable for him to play there.

  16. Absolutely not! It’s too late in the offseason for Baker to land a spot he wants with a true starting opportunity. The Browns ruined it for him by holding him out until they secured Watson late. Collect your $$ and wait until you get cut.

  17. Looks like Mayfield is letting the Browns live with the situation they created. Mayfield either gets cut or paid. Or is that guaranteed even if he’s cut? Seems fair, really. Its not like Mayfield is holding out for a new contract and the Browns signed the one he has.

  18. His ego walks thru the door before he does so I can’t see him do that. That said, he should show up to camp, play great in the 1st half of the season cause Watson will be suspended and set himself up to be traded. This way he keeps the 18mil cause no team will ever pay him that much.

  19. No. Mayfield has $18.8 million coming to him and has no reason to take a penny less. Just be a disgruntled employee for a year and cash the checks and he’s free. The Browns guaranteed Watson $240 million, if anything they should suck it up, cut Mayfield his check, release him and move on.

  20. Nope. Not one penny. He’s gonna need every dollar he can get moving forward.

  21. Mayfield wrecked is own career in Cleveland. He really needs to grow up.

  22. You ask if Baker Mayfield should give back some of his salary to secure his release? Give back, say, $3 million to be a free agent? That would be foolish. And from the NFLPA’s point of view, not a good precedent.

  23. Browns vs Mayfield. I don’t think I care who comes out on top of this one.

  24. Kind of difficult to maneuver when you between a rock and a hard place. Teams are pretty solid now with QB choice and money becomes a huge issue trying to sign undrafteds and your rookies. Mayfields got three big problemos: Injury history is building, hasnt proven he can take you to the playoffs on his arm, his salary is huge and comes with no gaurantee’s. He really is the odd man out if Seattle or Detroit isnt interested.

  25. Mayfield should stand his ground because the browns don’t want to pay any of his salary and if he were to be released there’s no team going to pay him that kind because with the way he’s played most teams view him as a backup.

  26. smartace says:
    May 6, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    Baker should absolutely discuss taking a salary reduction to help him to get traded. It’ll show his willing to compromise, be a team player and confident in betting on himself to earn it all back when he proves himself. It’s a win-win.


    You’re so generous with somebody else’s money.

  27. Honor that contract you signed is the comment people always make when players hold out. So let the Haslams honor the contract they signed with Mayfield.

  28. He shouldn’t reduce his compensation. Not sure why everyone keeps thinking he is set to get a big pay day in 2023. If he goes to Seattle and sucks with a bad team, that won’t encourage them to pay him well in 2023.

  29. He wont make it back until NEXT year at the earliest…..not too many places to go and not enough money left to pay him til next off-season with most of the landing spots. If he keeps his mouth shut and stays away from social media, he ‘may’ get another payday next March (in which case….the Browns end up with a ‘comp’ pick vs getting nothing).

  30. Why? Just sit back and get paid. Or get released and get paid. Some team will be needy at QB after the season starts.

  31. While I might differ with “why” he would ever agree, I ask if the CBA even allows such a move as the salary itself via the guarantee was negotiated as part of the current CBA (I have a hard time believing the players’ union would allow such a reduction)?

  32. Browns are going to have to suck it up and accept a low round trade plus pay a lot of his salary. Either that or they will have to eventually cut him.

  33. Both parties signed the contract for guaranteed money. End of discussion.

  34. is there another team that wants him ??? if so at what price ? plenty of questions for his Agent to find out.. the answer might not be good for 6 !!!

  35. No he shouldn’t do that under any circumstance. Make the Browns cut him they have zero leverage and have treated him like dirt.

  36. There is no way the Browns would let him play for them this season. He trashed his teammates on the way out the door and I’m sure they don’t want to see him again.

  37. Mayfield should absolutely not take a pay cut. Show up, work hard, then the first time he gets the ball, he should throw a pick six. Second drive: same play.

  38. What he should be doing is making more insurance commercials as the owner of the Browns stadium.

  39. No way should Baker give an inch. Go to training camp and be the biggest distraction you can be, and force them to regret the day they drafted you

  40. Well sure, but if he leaves who’s going to take care of the stadium?

  41. A more balanced approach would be to re-sign with offset language and possibly converting the salary to a signing bonus on a two year contract to shed even more of the dead cap load. Mayfield still gets paid his $18 million, and let’s be honest no one is paying him $18 million this year besides the Browns, and his release, and the Browns can recoup some of their losses and save against the cap. It’s the only real win-win.

  42. Interesting scenario posed by rickyfin. Mayfield plays during DW’s suspension and lights it up. Now the Browns have created an even bigger problem. Cleveland, here is a hint, if you find yourself in a hole first thing to do is stop digging.

  43. Clipboard, ear piece, and run the scout team. No wear for $18.8 million. Browns would be pretty stupid to out and out release, due to risk of Watson suspension (or just getting plain hurt). The Browns would cut him only if they found his presence so offputting/disruptive that they felt it better to not even have him “in the building.” Love that well worn cliche.

  44. No. He should get every cent out of that pitiful organization.

  45. He better get every penny of the 18 mil because hes not going to be making that kinda money ever again.

  46. He should be patient, do what is asked and take the full damn salary and then move on. It’s just a few months of his life for ~$18M

  47. The problem is that Mayfield has about as much leverage as the Browns here. No team has agreed to an offer that would even make a contract negotiation worthwhile. Baker is NOT going to take a significant pay cut even if he considered assisting in getting a trade done. We are talking MAYBE $1 or $2 mil max. The Browns would get about that simply due to the obligation of his next team paying him league minimum (subtracted from the overall guarantee money owed).

    At the same time, the Browns are not in a favorable situation in terms of getting what they want in return from a trade. Rumor is, there was an offer on the table from the Panthers during the draft and the Browns immediately rejected it (because it required the Browns to pay a significant portion and receiving a late pick). Browns are also under no obligation to release Baker. As far as they are concerned (and based on both commentary from Berry and reports from inside sources) they are absolutely ok with holding on to Baker if need be. They are not going to sell low (as is clear by them rejecting trade offers).

    If teams truly have no genuine interest, then it should not concern them what the Browns do with Baker, nor should they “assume” they will cut him. Truth is, there is interest. Teams just dont want to pay his salary on the final year of his contract. They are ASSUMING the Browns will cut him. I think they will learn that assumptions (in this case) will not likely pan out.

    My guess. Browns keep him on the final roster and have him inactive for every single game. They will monitor extremely closely for anything that can be construid as “detrimental to the team” and then start garnishing wages.

    Really, the only play Baker has here is to play boyscout and just play along. He can try to ask the NFLPA to get involved but the truth is,…the Browns are not obligated to cut him to help out other teams. They are only obligated to allow him into their facilities to practice and work out. They basically can keep him home during the season while he gets paid (and perhaps rehabs),…all while no team can talk to him or his agent without the Browns permission.

  48. whateverworks77 says:

    May 6, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    He wont make it back until NEXT year at the earliest…..not too many places to go and not enough money left to pay him til next off-season with most of the landing spots. If he keeps his mouth shut and stays away from social media, he ‘may’ get another payday next March (in which case….the Browns end up with a ‘comp’ pick vs getting nothing

    Seems that you dont understand how compensation picks work. A few basics are that if a team signs more free agents than they lost they WOULDNT get a pick, so unlike a trade now theres no guarantee they get a pick. ALSO compensation picks arent awarded for backups, it’s a convoluted formula no one has the exact details for but its based off playing time previous season which means if Baker doesnt play in games then it makes no difference if he signs elsewhere since he wont be part of the formula.

  49. I would be a pro and show up for everything. Every workout, mandatory or not. Every minicamp. Make it as difficult as and expensive as possible for the Browns to unload him. I would be the most expensive clipboard holder in the history of the NFL.

  50. pbdisciple says:

    May 6, 2022 at 2:56 pm

    While I might differ with “why” he would ever agree, I ask if the CBA even allows such a move as the salary itself via the guarantee was negotiated as part of the current CBA (I have a hard time believing the players’ union would allow such a reduction)
    Players renegotiate salaries and guarantees ALL the time, this isnt MLB and the Red Sox/Arod situation. MLB contracts are fully guaranteed and mlbpa wasnt going to start a slippery slope of allowing players to take pay cuts to facilitate a trade without getting something in return.

  51. I will show up everyday on time for $18.8m. You can call me all kinds of names and interview whomever you want to replace me. Thanks

  52. Baker should show up to camp, avoid confrontation, work out alone on the sidelines, and maintain a professional attitude at all times. What the heck, it’s only for about eight months, that takes the Brownies into January 2023 and you know that will be the end of the season for them. Also, Odell Beckham Jr. wanted out of Cleveland, it was his choice; Baker Mayfield didn’t want nor ask to go anywhere, he was bushwhacked by the Brownies front office.

  53. HELL NO ! Why would he leave $$$$ on the table after the Cleveland Browns told him he was “their guy” and then went shopping for Watson. Haslam tried to make nice and when Mayfield REFUSED to meet with Haslam he FORCED his front office to get a deal done and they pulled out all the stops and gave Watson & Houston more then they ever dreamed. Nobody in Cleveland here is complaining as we/they are looking for a savior… but Watson ain’t it.

  54. FRE Baker!

    NO! He should NOT lower his price!
    Not his fault he go drafted by such a septic tank of a team… Not his fault the Browns mascot should be a turd… They got the perfect qb to represent there organization…
    Baker absolutely should NOT risk injury playing for them when they publicly showed he was not their choice… Your choice is a criminal – DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES!

  55. Yes. He should play for league minimum. Addthe rest to incentives. He will get a starting job and prove his top 5 qb rating and then make 45 million next year.

  56. Since they did it with Odell i would think they have already tried this tactic with Baker.

  57. He should do like Watson and ask for an extension and then refuse to play after getting it!

  58. The Cleveland Browns Organization
    Created this mess and has handled it wrong from the beginning. They put Baker Mayfield in this awkward situation. He shouldn’t help them get out of it.sit right and make them force their way out of it.

  59. Mayfield needs to go full Castanza and crawl in through the heating vent. Make them cut you and eat that $ 18 Million, then sign with another team for Vet minimum this year (so there are minimum offsets) and push any money you can get for future years.

  60. I can’t believe how badly the Browns bungled the whole situation. So no, he shouldn’t bail them out.

  61. The Browns haven’t done anything except hurt the feelings of a man-child bust, who’s gonna get a free $18,000,000. Boo hoo.

    Baker should just sit and wait for next offseason when a team MIGHT be interested, and learn how to make his earned money grow.

    The Browns should call him into work when they need him, and if he refuses, fine him until he honors THE CONTRACT HE SIGNED.

  62. If I were Mayfield I would not be inclined to do anything to help the club out

  63. Depends on how much he’d have to agree to give up. It has to be a small enough amount that he could more than recoup it as a free agent. If he’s gives up let’s say $3 million and he gets released, he could easily get more than that from the Seahawks or the Panthers and he comes out ahead, plus he gets the chance to play.

  64. That’s a decision for Baker and his advisors. He’s probably already financially set for life. He’s done a lot of commercials, and he’s made a lot of money. He signed his first contract for over $32 million in guaranteed money, and it’s estimated he pulls in another $10 million a year in endorsements. If he picks the right spot and ends up having a successful career in the NFL, he could earn another $100 million or more. Based on that last statement, he could play for free, as long as it’s the right team and he gets himself in position to eventually earn another $100 million. But he can retire from playing today and be more than set for life.

  65. No? His money is guaranteed. Like why make this suggestion? They have to pay him the full amount. He shouldn’t give them a break because they decided to replace him.

  66. Cleveland should eat the money. They have zero problem handing out 236 million fully guaranteed to a guy that has as many playoff wins as Baker. A guy that has 22 pending sexual assault civil cases going and who couldn’t win with D. Hopkins as his receiver. I like to tell the player to honor the contract. It’s time to tell the teams to honor the contract and Baker should let the Browns be his agent, knowing if they don’t work something out or bite the contract money themselves, that it may be just the tip of the 250 million dollar iceberg. Man I’m glad this is not the team I cheer for. They are a disaster.

  67. If he really wants out and has a realistic idea of his worth he would. Clearly the Browns would be on board. Problem is Baker (and apparently the entire population of Oklahoma looking at this page)) seem to believe he is a bargain at 18 million and the fact that 31 teams have said he’s not has gone over their heads.

  68. At this point there are no teams available to trade him to. Cleveland is banking (hoping?) on a QB on another team getting hurt so they can get a higher trade value for Baker. Not good odds for that though.

  69. NOPE. Baker should stick to his guns and hold firm on his contract. The Browns created this problem. Let them eat the cost.

  70. So let me get this right… team wants to fire me but I have 18.8 million reasons guaranteed to not PAY them for the privilege of them firing me….No thanks….I’ll just hang out and cash the checks….18.8 million large.

  71. No he should not reduce his salary by 1 cent. The only way he is guaranteed 18M next season is if he is on the Browns, or is cut.

    Remember when Cam was a $100M starter in the league… after he was cut he signed a prove it deal with the Pats and is currently out of the league. Given the lack of interest in Mayfield, he should probably play as good as he can this season.

  72. I think he should start thinking about if he wants to play for Giants,Ravens, Seahawks, or Bucs next year!!! suit up for the Browns this season if needed and audible to stat friendly plays. There is my opinion now that the draft has shook out. No way Deshaun plays week 1 through 8 minimum.

  73. Why should baker let the browns off the hook for yet again making a bad business decision. I mean they already cheat the cap with all these dummy years contracts they have out, make them pay for picking up his option. That 19 million may not ever be there again for baker as he’s going to take a much less one year prove it deal next year. He’s in a great spot as the fan base has his back and the team created this mess. The only awkward feelings in that building are in the side of management and stefanski.

  74. He’s got his 18 million locked up. He can just show up an be inactive every week like Watson was last year or he could get to a team, learn the system an try to earn a BIG contract. The Browns owner has the money an it’s an 18M cap hit either way so I doubt he’s getting a flat out release. The Brown’s can hope a QB goes down in camp an the phone starts ringing since they have to pay it anyway. If he were to take say 15 Million to get his release he’d get the 1 Mil right back on the league minimum, be able to pick from the teams interested an if a few are get more than the minimum an move on with his career. If he wants to get a 100 million dollar contract he probably needs to get to a team, learn the system, get familiar with his receivers. The owner can try to claim a small victory by saving a few bucks on the cap.

  75. Take 50% and be done with them. They want to cut bait with you for cause and not pay you 1 red cent. Put it in the rearview mirror. Save yourself the stress.

  76. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I where him…if everybody is pretty set on who they want to roll with at qb by the time pre season is over hes REALLY screwed & even if a team does have a qb go down that doesn’t automatically mean they’d take baker

  77. Considering it could be the last big check of his life, and that the Browns torched him, held on to him so there really isn’t much of a place for him this year in any event – stay ready and make the Browns pay.

  78. Baker is under contract and is due that money. He needs to turn up and collect it.

    Life is short and there is no way to predict future demand for his services or his health. Swallow the pride, take the money.

    Besides, Watson will be suspended for a season, Baker might get to play and use that as a showcase. Be smart Baker, then apply that to the field of play too.

  79. A better question, really, is should Baker Mayfield be working with his financial planner to make sure that $18.8 million he is guaranteed to receive this year, as well as accumulated earnings to date, will be sufficient to support a reasonable lifestyle for the rest of his life.

    There is certainly no reason why it should not.

    Nothing is guaranteed after this deal, so anything further will be in the category of “found money.”

  80. He should absolutely not do anything but do whatever the Browns ask him to and keep the money. There are worse things in the world than collecting 9 million post tax for doing nothing.

  81. 1. Baker wanted Hue Gone. He got that.
    2. Baker wanted Gregg Gone and Freddie as HC – He got that.
    3. Baker pissed down his leg the last drive vs KC in playoffs and went 3 and out.
    4. He is overrated.

  82. If he was gonna lower his price he should have done that prior to the end of free-agency/draft. I can’t think of any teams who will change direction now. Good next best chance is someone breaking a leg in training camp

  83. Mayfield: “Let me think about it…what would happen to the money the team would save if I were to reduce my salary?

    Oh, yeah. It would be applied towards the salary they pay to the guy they brought in to replace me, either this season or after he completes his eventual suspension.

    I’m thinking, Nope.

    The $18M the team owes me is about equal to 8% of the salary they are giving to the new guy. And that is small change compared to the guaranteed money the team will be paying him when he either pouts or plays his way off of the team in a couple or so years.

    They can consider my salary as a part of the cost to run their business.”

  84. First, Mayfield is a bottom third QB. Second, he along with OBJ blew up the season last year. He is done in Ctown. If he wants to play this year, he’s gonna have to negotiate. It’s not all that hard to figure out. The Browns are guilty of trying to win, Baker is not capable of delivering wins. He is the most inconsistent QB I have seen in a longgg while. He does have a lot of groupies, so he could land a gig on NFL network or something. If he is smart he will take the money, every last cent. Because it will be his last pay day!

  85. I think if Baker would’ve just shut it down last year after he tore his labrum and had the surgery he’d still be the Browns QB this year. The worst thing he could’ve done for his career is play through the injury and put up all that bad video. That’s on the Browns as well as him.

  86. Take every dime from this organization, they deserve Evey bit of it

  87. I’m calling it right now… Watson will be a bust here in Cleveland. This where players come to fail. I am a huge Baker Mayfield honk and he got jobbed by Haslam. You can tell the Browns front office did as they were told and NOT what was in the best interest of the club. They gave away the farm and a boatload of cash to get this deal done and it cannot not work or they are toast. Haslam has money to burn but you don’t mortgage your future on one player. Good luck Baker. I have faith in you wherever you end up playing.

  88. He should do what Brett Favre did, show up to camp and see how quickly the Browns spin his butt around the other way and get a deal done with someone else.

  89. Baker needs to take a page from the playbook of one Kirk Cousins.

  90. The CBA agreement that governs Mayfield’s 5th year option is a GARANTEED and NONNEGOTIABLE CONTRACT. End of discussion; pay the man and move on. I wonder how long it will take the Browns to eat the $18.8 million they owe to Baker. Maybe they’ll add fries and a drink while eating it.

  91. No, he should not. The Browns organization will end this, in time. They created the mess by what I would consider a lack of ethics. They ane Watson deserve each other and Mayfield deserves much better. But I suspect in the end, he will play for a team that appreciates him. The Browns do not – but that doesn’t mean they should not be made to pay what they agreed to pay.

  92. The Browns have over $27m left in cap space to try and sign the draft picks, Jarvis and Clowney. They don’t need to release Baker. See if Watson is going to be suspended this season and if so, start Baker. It could be a win/win. Baker balls out, the Browns win and if Watson comes back before the trade deadline, neither team or player will lose. Baker needs to play this right and don’t give the Browns any reason to suspend him w/o pay. Baker could decide to hold out and not report to came, which will lead to him not getting paid or Baker could report but cause problems and be suspended w/o pay for conduct detrimental to the team. Just show up and get paid almost $19m. Because of the OBJ crap, most African-American players fault Baker 100% and Baker may need to mend some fences around the NFL.

  93. One last thing before I put this in the rear view mirror. For all you Baker groupies, the decision to move away from Baker was the blow up in the locker room last year. He started it, or his wife depending how you look at it. She posted the video about the receivers dropping balls, and running wrong routes. OBJ retaliated, and the rest is history. The decision was made to move away from both of them right then. Nothing has happened since then to change their minds. It’s funny, people think that the Browns would welcome him back if Watson is suspended. HA! Ain’t now way he ever steps on the field for the Browns ever again. I wish him well, as long as it is somewhere else. I am done with this!

  94. kevpft says:
    May 6, 2022 at 2:03 pm
    Only the Browns. They had a one-year break from decades of mediocrity when Mayfield led them to their first playoff win in 30 years. We shouldn’t be surprised that they then immediately revert to form. Panicking and giving a quarter-billion dollars to a guy who hasn’t won any more playoff games than has Mayfield.

    Funny how that worked, huh? It’s almost like Jimmy Haslam is a walking disaster who keeps interfering with the team and making matters worse.

    The Browns have completely bungled this situation. They held onto Mayfield for too long in order to punish him (for being a solid starter for 3 years), and now that door has closed. Mayfield should hold his ground and collect his salary. The Browns have looked like inept fools during this whole thing. Baker’s not perfect by any means, but he certainly didn’t create this situation.

    Maybe the children running the Browns should’ve tried to get out of their own way for once.

  95. There are a lot of comments how inept the Browns are but the trade makes them a true super bowl contender for years to come once Deshaun plays. Baker Mayfield’s ceiling is he is a solid starter, that’s it. Mayfield probably doesn’t lead a team to the super bowl & win. Cleveland made the right choice & it’s a choice several teams would’ve made.

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