Video captured car crash involving Jerry Jones

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A dashboard camera attached to a nearby vehicle captured the moment when a car containing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones slammed into another vehicle.

It was, based on the video obtained and posted by, a significant impact.

The story at implies Jones was driving the car. It appears at one point in the aftermath of the accident that he’s checking his left leg for an injury.

The collision happened at the intersection of Wolf St. and Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas. At one point on Thursday, “Harry Hines” was trending. (I didn’t understand why “Harry Hines” was trending until I clicked on it.)

Jones was treated and released at a local hospital with minor injuries.

18 responses to “Video captured car crash involving Jerry Jones

  1. Looks like the other driver was at fault. Turning left from the right lane of a one way street while Jerry’s car was traveling straight in the left lane.

  2. Silver car can’t turn left from far right lane across multiple lanes of traffic like that. Not Jones’s fault.

  3. Well glad no one appeared seroulsy hurt. Doesn’t appear to be his fault. Making a left turn like that is really stupid. I think Jones can afford a better car.

  4. Glad nobody looks to be seriously hurt…. Guy turning fault, not smart turning left from right lane on a double lane street…

  5. See what happens, Jerry, when people don’t stay in their lane? Hire a G.M.

  6. No turn signal from the silver car, but it appears Jones was driving too fast as well.

  7. Dang, he slammed that other car right on the driver’s side door. I hope the driver of that car is okay.

  8. As much as I like to blame Jerry Jones for things, this one’s not on him. You can’t turn left across 3 lanes like that, I’d say that driver was lost and didn’t expect his turn to come up that quickly.

  9. Everyone involved is lucky it wasn’t more serious. That street is a 35 MPH zone where cars routinely travel 60.

  10. Good drivers sometimes miss their turn or exit, bad drivers never do. The other driver needs to try driving school.

  11. Why do people constantly make these stupid driving decisions? If you miss your turn, drive past, turn around and make your turn. We see this all the time. People risking their and others life and health because they are lazy.

  12. Not at all Jerruh’s fault, although he did seem to be going pretty fast.

  13. This is the most excitement related to the Cowboys in years. Glad everyone appears to be OK.

  14. Clearly all the fault of the driver crossing lanes to turn left. A good reminder – if you are going to miss your turn, just keep going and turn around at the next intersection. It’s not an emergency.

    It’s hard to gauge speed from the video. Most of us don’t think about how “violent” any speed of 30mph or more is, because vehicles we’re in hide so much of the sensation of moving fast.

  15. Jerry needs to ask Robert Kraft where to get a decent Massage (wink, wink) for the Rehab on that injured leg. You know you can’t get a Settlement unless you play the Physical Therapy game for many weeks.

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