Jimmy Garoppolo needs to ditch the nice-guy routine, if he hasn’t already

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One of the narratives that has emerged this offseason regarding 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is that he’s a nice guy, so nice that he’ll go along with whatever the team chooses to do with the final year of his current contract. It seems to flow from talking points crafted by the team and repeated by reporters who directly or indirectly on the payroll long enough that it has become accepted as gospel truth.

Never mind the fact that Garopppolo had shoulder surgery on his own, scuttling a trade just as it was about to happen. Or that Garoppolo recently said he wouldn’t wish his experience in 2021 on anyone. The media nevertheless continues to parrot the notion that nice-guy Jimmy will go along to get along, no matter what the team decides to do.

It’s a mistake. The 49ers will always do what’s right for the franchise, invoking “the best interests of the team” as cover for any and all decisions, no matter how ruthless, cold, and dispassionate. For example, it would be in the best interests of the team to squat on Garoppolo through training camp and the preseason, waiting for a trade opportunity to materialize. It then would be in the best interests of the team, if Trey Lance wins the starting job, to approach Garoppolo about taking dramatically less for 2022. If he declines, it would be in the best interests of the team to release him.

That definitely wouldn’t be in the player’s best interests. He’d find himself unemployed as the season approaches, with limited opportunities given that the depth charts will be set in cement by then.

So the player needs to have a strategy, and he needs to be willing to implement it regardless of whether it does or doesn’t seem “nice.” In the NFL, nice guys finish SOL. That’s what Jimmy will be if he just sits back and lets the team make decisions in its best interests without forcing them to consider his along the way.

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  1. Or maybe, since his $24 million salary isn’t guaranteed, he’s playing nice because he would rather not get cut

  2. Is it possible that this has never been a ‘routine’? Maybe Jimmy Garoppolo really IS a nice, humble guy. The athletes who play with him sure seem to think so.

  3. 49ers have been a mess at qb for a while and will stay that way. They replaced Alex Smith with kaepernick after Smith was 6-2, for some reason and then in 2015 kap gets benched for Blaine Gabbert, really! Since then they have been a joke now they are getting rid of Jimmy for trey Lance, really, it’s like groundhog day at qb in sf

  4. Arguably his nice guy attitude has gotten him much farther than his talent alone would have.

  5. Garoppolo is doing just fine. He has millions of dollars in the bank, and a great reputation on and off the field. QB’s who lead their teams to super bowls don’t grow on trees. Nobody wants an injured QB. That’s why the Colts let Peyton Manning go. At the time, it was highly questionable if Peyton would ever be able to throw a football again. The Broncos took a gamble, and it paid off. Once Jimmy is healthy, his phone will be ringing off the hook. We need more good guys and fewer creeps. Don’t change Jimmy.

  6. Jimmy has been a class act from day one. Call me old school, but that goes a long way towards forgiving mediocre performance on the field in my book.

    That said, I’m not exactly sure having elective surgery on his shoulder without disclosing it to the team was exactly a “nice guy” move. It was a calculated business decision that hamstrung the Niners and benefited only Jimmy.

  7. Alex Smith had almost 6 or 7 yrs to show he was the guy in SF and never did it. Kaep got them to the Superbowl in his first year. Stop that nonsense. Also, he didn’t get benched for Blaine gabbert, he hurt his shoulder , Blaine came in , and the rest, well we know what happened. Jimmy is almost identical to Alex Smith, they won inspite of them. The 9er should’ve had atleast 2 Superbowls in the past decade with the insane amount of talent they’ve acquired. Pill Bowman Justin Smith Aldon Smith moss gore whitner etc etc etc. I think trey is the perfect gamble for them at QB

  8. Lynch and Shanahan are doing what’s best for the franchise. That’s exactly how it should be. They would fired if they didn’t do that. Do you think Belichick would do any different?
    Jimmy G is just playing a passive aggressive game. Looking like a nice guy but getting the surgery just when a trade could have happened. He did not get a surgery right after the season in Jan. He waiting till March when a trade could have sent him to a franchise that may have wanted it. How stupid.
    Now, the niners can squat on him till a day before the season and release him. He’d get nothing not team would have space for him.

  9. IT’s not a routine. Jimmy Garoppolo really is a nice guy. Being a good person is rare these days.

    Kudos to Jimmy.

  10. Isn’t it possible that the word is out that they are not liking what they see in regards to Trey L? It serves them to have Jimmy G. as a possible day 1 starter but they have to wait and see how the shoulder is doing and where they are at with the healing process after training camp and make sure Trey isn’t another Sam Darnold.

  11. Anything wrong with being a nice person? Last time I checked its a good thing for people to think highly of you. What have I missed here??

  12. So, he should have let the 9ers trade him to Siberia, and THEN, told his new employer he needed shoulder surgery? That would have poisoned the waters he’d be swimming in for the foreseeable future. It sounds like he just wanted to be 100% good to go come Fall, no matter what team he was on. It also sounds like the 9ers would have howled and tried to prevent the surgery while they were “doing what is in the best interest of the team,” i.e. trading him for maximum value while hiding his shoulder issue. That would be a dirt bag move, and it sounds like Jimmy G didn’t want to have anything to do with that kind of underhandedness. My guess is they hold Jimmy until they know for sure Lance can handle the day in day out activity of QB1, and then dump Jimmy. They might try to hold him until the trade deadline, which essentially sabotages Jimmy’s 2022 season. If Jimmy decides his shoulder isn’t healed enough to participate in team activities, can the 9ers cut him? At that point his shoulder can magically heal, and he could head straight for Seattle. I’d also guess Jimmy was being traded to Carolina, and he did not want to sit behind that o-line, which is why he scuttled the trade. The 9ers should have traded Garapollo back to New England when they had a chance last year before the draft, but they tried to be greedy and it never happened. They also probably should have stood pat at #12 and drafted Mac Jones. It’s quite possible they would have had their pick of the two at #12. Instead they traded away a boatload of draft capital (3 #1 picks and a 3rd rounder) creating their own self inflicted “hot market” to compete in for Lance. I would not call that well played, and it is the specter of how history will record this that is creating all this dysfunction. Sadly for Jimmy, many teams will have their QB position set and there won’t be as many places to catch on as there were this past off season. What a cluster.

    Miami, Detroit, Carolina, Seattle, Atlanta, New Orleans, the NYG, Washington, and maybe even Tampa may be looking for a QB soon. I could see one of these teams pulling a trade before the deadline if their QB is stinking it up.

  13. Belichick will be desperate enough by mid-season that they could probably squeeze a 1st and 4th out of him, maybe even take flop-arm Jones as a qb3

  14. stilladolphinfan says:
    May 7, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    49ers have been a mess at qb for a while and will stay that way. They replaced Alex Smith with kaepernick after Smith was 6-2, for some reason and then in 2015 kap gets benched for Blaine Gabbert, really! Since then they have been a joke now they are getting rid of Jimmy for trey Lance, really, it’s like groundhog day at qb in sf
    This coming from a fan of the team who hasn’t had a reasonable QB since Marino retired lol

  15. At this points he’d probably be best off just as the niners are in being traded to a team with an injured quarterback. He’d have a lot more leverage to keep most of his $24 million then. If he gets cut now he isn’t getting much on the open market.

  16. Robert Kraft might have an opinion about how nice of a guy Jimmy is.

  17. This will go against the grain of most hereon, including M. Florio – but Oh Well! I do believe that sentiments expressed by virtually all in the Niners organization re: Jimmy G being a nice guy are real. And I also feel that, for whatever reasons, nobody wanted Jimmy G – surgery or no. I do not feel there will be people jumping over themselves to make him their starter after he’s healed. Jimmy G is a talented, capable QB. His amazing propensity to get you “there” but then however, blow it, has him painted. Take a cut Jimmy G to a reasonable salary and be Trey’s mentor and backup. Go help win a ring already – and make yourself comfortable with being the best backup in the game – while giving the Niners the best QB room in the NFL.

  18. Jimmy got his surgery just as the season ended, knowing Trey Lance isn’t ready to start. He knows what’s up.

  19. This whole benched for Blaine Gabbert narrative is twisted. That move was Chip Kelly doing the Chip Kelly things that got Chip Kelly on the fast track out of the league.

  20. One: read my article again. Two: see how much it aligns with the Peter King/Florio conversation on the matter and what King believes. And three: Mike, get over it. Jimmy will not get 25 mil from anybody under any circumstances. Being shunned by the NFL told us all something. You said it yourself, Jimmy G can and will get you there – but he will not get you over the hump. That’s real. He’s a class backup. Pay him back up money and lets move on.

  21. Niners do not have to do anything. They are smart by waiting to see if anyone calls them for a trade and he is an insurance policy if Lance gets hurt. And being that JG is under contract, any “strategy” he comes up with will most likely be a violation of his contract.

  22. “ with limited opportunities given that the depth charts will be set in cement by then.”
    ———————Depth charts are never set in cement. Ever.

  23. 49er QBs have been to two Superbowls and a bunch of NFC Championships in the past decade and a DOLPHIN FAN is talking about QBs? BAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂

  24. Quiet is kept, Jimmy’s got a decent chance at ending up as the starter again. Lol.

  25. Would love to see him traded as a starter at the deadline! How wild would that be!

  26. So you are telling Jimmy G. to be the same person you criticize Mayfield for already being. Think about what you write sometime.

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