Pete Carroll: Drew Lock would have been the first quarterback picked in this year’s draft

NFL: APR 26 2019 NFL Draft
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll thinks Drew Lock is better than any quarterback who was selected in the 2022 NFL draft.

Carroll said on Sports Radio KJR that Lock — who went to the Broncos with the 42nd pick in the 2019 draft — would have been chosen ahead of first-round pick Kenny Pickett or any other quarterback in the 2022 draft.

“I think he’d have been the first guy picked, of quarterbacks anyway. He’d have been the first guy in this draft. I don’t have any hesitation saying that,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he’s been extremely impressed with the work Lock has done since arriving in Seattle as part of the Russell Wilson trade.

“The first look at Drew, he’s really athletic, he’s really a confident athlete, you can see he’s got a lot of body control, he’s got quick feet, he’s got a quick arm, he’s got various ways he can release the football as his body’s in different positions,” Carroll said. “He’s got a real knack there. He’s got a strong arm, he can throw the ball a mile down the field. He compares to Geno, and Geno Smith has a great arm. He has a world-class arm, and all that. To match up with that, that’s saying a lot.”

Carroll said he likes what he sees from Lock, Smith and Jacob Eason.

“All three of our guys have great arms,” Carroll said. “They can rip the ball around the field. We’ve had a full week of seeing these guys out there. They’re really talented, arm talent-wise, so that’s there. They’re big, they’re sharp, they move well.”

Despite talk that the Seahawks will add another quarterback, Carroll sounds like he’s content to head into 2022 with the quarterbacks he has.

98 responses to “Pete Carroll: Drew Lock would have been the first quarterback picked in this year’s draft

  1. Good move by Carroll and the Seahawks. Why pick someone worse than you already have, when you can build for that guy the guy that you’re going to get next year?

  2. Translation: we’d still like Mayfield, but we’re not trading anything for him

  3. Pete seems rather delusional here. First, this QB draft was one of the worst in the past 30 years for QB talent so saying Lock would have been first is not saying much. Second, if Lock was special, the Broncos aren’t trading him along with all of that draft capital for an older Russell Wilson. The Seahawks blew it by not grabbing Baker when the market was low. This feels like a tank job.

  4. Didn’t the Packers say the same thing about Jordan Love a couple years back?

  5. Do NFL coaches get tested by the league? Pete is definitely smoking or inhaling something.

  6. And would have said the same thing I did when the donkeys took him, dude disappears in big games. Great athletics, missing it between the ears and in the chest.

  7. Its official the Seahawks are tanking this year trying to get the 2023 #1 draft pick. That or Pete has dementia if he thinks Lock would have been 1st off the board this year and Geno Smith has a cannon for an arm.

  8. He would be the 1st qb in this draft may NOT be a vote of confidence. Translation = ‘can somebody get Andrew Berry on the phone ?’

  9. Pete is trying so hard to convince himself Lock is an upgrade over Wilson when EVERYONE else knows he isnt.

  10. Cool story, Pete. But can any of them read a defense? Not so much. Sounds like they are positioning for a QB in next years draft.

  11. That’s saying something without saying anything. Being the best of the worst doesn’t really mean anything.

  12. He has nice size and he is athletic. He threw 100 TDs in college (99). He has the physical tools to be a solid starter if he works hard and learns to read a defense he can be successful but he is a system QB which many QBs are. If Flacco, Johnson and Dilfer can win a ring, why can’t lock?

  13. I don’t know how Seahawks fans feel about it…but,I find myself not believing a word Pete Carroll says these days.

  14. Sounds like they are tanking with that QB room. The 2023 draft class has plenty of good QB prospects. Keep it sunny Pete

  15. I hope Seattle Seahawks fans can believe Carroll. He has a little Pinocchio syndrome this offseason. 1st by saying they were not trading Russell Wilson and 2nd anointing Drew Lock as the possible starter entering his 4th season with no contract extension. The out on cutting Geno Smith before the final roster cuts is only $500k. It may not be Baker coming there in a trade, but be prepared for them to make a move for someone soon. Foles? Goff? X?

  16. Who does Pete think he is fooling? We have all seen Lock play and no one is impressed.

  17. I actually think he’s right and also think the Seahawks will be better than most people think. They just drafted tackle bookends and a stud rb to go along with DK, Lockett, Fant, etc. D will be ok, not great but trading Wilson when they did and for what they got was the right move.

  18. I’m not sure he’s wrong. On paper this was an underwhelming QB class. And yeah, I think you should expect a veteran QB would be above rookies if he were thrown into that pool.

    The bigger question is – what is Drew Lock’s upside? Or is he is what he is, and a guy in the draft pick Pickett, could be actually have a high ceiling and end up being the truth once he gets seasoned?

  19. Can you say “tank”? The Seahawks will be picking their QB early in the 2023 draft. Until then we’ll at least be entertained by Lock’s blooper highlights this year.

  20. i guess Pete forgot that Bridgewater beat Lock for starting QB at Denver and without much of a fight….with the rams,cardinals, and 49’s in his division,I see more losing than winning for the seahawks this season

  21. I think Pete Carrol is blowing some smoke. I’ll take Kenny Pickett.

  22. What a joke. All this hyping up of Drew Lock is just SEA trying to sell tickets as they absolutely NO ONE is excited to have Drew Lock & Geno Smith battling it out to start at QB. With Lock at QB SEA has the worst starting QB situation in the NFCW by a mile & worst in the NFC for that matter.
    Despite this last QB class being the worst we’ve seen in a decade there still is no way Lock goes over Pickett, as Pickett doesn’t have the issues Lock with inaccuracy or the issues reading defenses Lock has constantly throwing picks to the other team like it’s part of his job description. Drew Lock has a very real concerning lack of accuracy and consistency that’s only gotten worse n the NFL. Inside of each game, Lock makes reads and throws that are worthy of an early pick. There will also be plays in the same game that highlight his random inaccuracy and issues defeating pocket pressure, as Lock starts falling apart when under pressure esp when u can hit him. People like Carroll always want to talk about Locks “potential” but the fact is he not only has never reached it but has gotten worse in the NFL and at this point 4YRs into his NFL career Lock is what he is having never improved Lock is a backup quality QB never able to reach his “potential” as he’s never improved his accuracy or learned to play with better in-game presence. He’s only gotten worse in both areas.
    I mean in Denver Lock had a better OL than SEA has had in years and he had a ton of weapons and the man still failed. If Lock had shown any promise then Denver, a team who BADLY NEEDED a starting QB wouldn’t of mortgaged their future giving up what they did in the form of several premium draft picks to land Russell Wilson. Denver would of much preferred keeping all those picks, Fant , Shelby Harris etc if Lock had proven to be even average n didn’t turn the ball over so much. Denver knew Lock was terrible though as his play on the field tells u that and now 4YRs into his career that isn’t going to change, Lock is what he is at this point which is a bad QB.
    I’d bet money Lock gets benched by mid season giving way to Geno Smith to start, though he’s not any better and will be just as bad. The Hawks are going to be giving away picks like Oprah giving away cars this year.

  23. That’s not saying much. Pretty low bar this year.

  24. What the hell is Pete smoking? Has he watched any Bronco games lately? Geno Smith? They must really like the QBs in next years draft.

  25. The same line of reasoning can be applied for the 2018 NFL draft. Lock would have been taken before Mayfield and Darnold.

  26. Hes not that different from Matt Corral. And Corral wasn’t the top QB in this draft.

  27. I admire his devotion to positivity. We all know he’s full of it. He knows we know he’s full of it. But he’s not gonna put his guys down. I respect that.

  28. Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell would have been the first pick in their respective drafts, how did that go? What a silly point he is trying to make.

  29. Do NFL coaches get tested by the league? Pete is definitely smoking or inhaling something.

    Would be great if he was. Tired of the beer head football fans condeming pot. Do you want to see drug-induced? How about the numerous players who fuyel up and beat their spouses?

  30. Not exactly a ringing endorsement there, Pete. A change of scenery may be what Drew Unlock needs. Would Peyton Manning or Elway have even made in today’s NFL? Offenses are more complex, yet these new QBs are alloted no time to grow and improve. People are amazed Seattle is sticking with Lock. Well, elite QBs don’t grow on trees and the Rams just proved you don’t need elite to win it all.

  31. And the question was: Give an example of “faint praise.”

  32. “Pete Carroll: Drew Lock would have been the first quarterback picked in this year’s draft”

    Joe Montana would have been the first QB drafted in this years draft too,… eh Pete ?

  33. Baker Mayfield would have been the much better choice. All Mayfield is lacking is some continuity in his career. The guy can play and he’s tough, I’m not saying he is an Aaron Rogers, but Baker is head and shoulders above Drew Lock. But now because he has an supposed attitude, the NFL wants to blackball him. What QB doesn’t have an attitude? Aaron Rogers is a premadonna and no one will cut him. Seems the league doesn’t like that players are taking control of their careers and forcing their way out of bad situations.

  34. Seems like it was a good year to forego a first round pick in favor of a legit franchise QB!

    This puts other draft classes who “totally owned this draft” in perspective. It was a weak year all-around.

  35. JaMarcus Russell and Jeff George were the first guys picked in their drafts, too. Drew Lock is the 3rd best QB on the Seahawks. The Seahawks are not looking like they’re heading in a good direction. Hopefully Pete is just talking, and he’s not sharing the teams’ real evaluation. I think big changes are coming to Seattle. It’s been a good run, but it looks like it’s over.

  36. I like it. None of the QBs in this draft are franchise QBs. He just confirmed that for me. Lock being picked before them still doesn’t make him good, though, especially since you’re comparing his talent to Geno Smith. Lol

    And you’ve only seen him throwing while everyone is in shorts. Darnold probably looks 10 times better than Lock throwing in shorts, but we Panthers fans saw what happened when the real games started. Throwing the ball all over the field includes throwing to the other team, over throws, under throws, and straight panicking.

  37. Ok,start him for the whole season and see how that turns out. Good luck with that.

  38. Drew Lock is a fine example of what is wrong with the NFL draft and the current system for rookies.

    There was a good deal of hype concerning Lock by the draft information industry. The best QB’s often end up with the worst teams via the selection process. So they get blasted by opponents and often find little success. They are stuck with that team for up to five years. Sometimes they’re freed from being tethered to a lousy organization but often the damage is unfixable.

    Lock might find success with the Seahawks, we don’t know. I think there should be an ‘opt out’ clause for players/organizations after three years. The player can start over and if the team doesn’t like the player they can bail without salary cap issues.

  39. Not every qb is ready day 1. Wanna go back and visit Florios day one grades on QB1s? No. Because he sucks at it.

  40. Been around long enough to know that it is foolish to give up on an obviously talented QB after just 700 pass attempts in the NFL. Lock could end up being pretty good. I’ll take Pete’s assessment over anyone posting here.

  41. Pete can be a bit off the wall at times, but hes probably right on this one

  42. Pete ignores the fact that Lock has alreaady shown us what he has…..asub 60% completion rate…25Td/20Int…with an 8-13 record.

    Uncle Pete apparently is tanking the Seahawks this year to get a top draft pick next year.

  43. Pete is just sending a message to the Browns: Seahawks will take him if you eat the money owed to him.

  44. See Pete, the difference is we have seen Drew Lock play in the NFL. The same has also been said about Kellen Mond, who the Vikings took past year…that may or may not be true, Zimmer never game him the time of day.

  45. Drew Lock has a career 79 passer rating in the NFL. He has a 9 and 15 record. It took a Teddy Bridgewater injury to give him his last starts. So Pete is saying this is who he would select above anyone else in this year’s draft. Not a compliment to Drew Lock, it’s actually an insult to Pete’s scouting. The team along with Atlanta are looking like the worst in the league this season. In Seattle’s case it’s entirely because of the head coach. The game has passed him up. Quite sad really.

  46. He’s right to stick with Lock as opposed to renting Mayfield for a year or signing him to a giant deal or drafting one of the trash QB’s in this class.

  47. This seems like a smart move. Lock doesn’t have to replace Wilson, he just has to work in this current offensive system. He had to deal with a number of different Offensive Coordinators and different offensive schemes in his first few years in the NFL. He had to do this while dealing with all of the Covid Protocols and temporary rules that made things challenging even for the Vets.

    Why not let Lock show the Seahawks what he can do this coming season? The worst case scenario would be that Lock totally tanks early. If so, sit him down and let Geno finish out the season. Then draft a new Quarterback in next years draft using both first round draft picks if necessary, to draft one of the many Quarterbacks that will be available.

    But, if Lock does happen to play well within this system, the Seahawks could then use all of next years draft picks to continue retooling the team for the long haul…

    Go Hawks!

  48. So many QBs have “tools”. So few know how to be successful NFL QBs. Maybe coaching will do something different for him in Seattle. I doubt it.

  49. You people are ridiculous if you think you know the current draft of quarterbacks won’t be any good. After all in 2018 the “experts” were slobbering over Mayfield, Darnold, and Rosen.
    So yea, obviously believe everything you read about qb evaluations!

  50. Yes Pete (I’m on a first name basis with him), Drew Lock is better than the QBs in 2022 draft class. Currently. I’ll give you that.

    But lets be honest here, he isnt a franchise QB. He is in Seattle to play through the rebuilding phase. Once that bears completion and you draft/sign what you consider to be a better QB, Drew Lock will be tossed aside and these platitudes forgotten.

    In the meantime Pete, can I have my slippers and pipe back?

  51. Does that statement by Pete even mean anything? What’s he saying, that Lock is a 3rd round talent?

  52. IDK why they need any quarterback because Pete Carroll is going to run the ball anyway. Lock may have a decent arm, but he has terrible accuracy issues and is prone to turning the ball over in pressure situations. This is why Bridgewater beat him out in Denver. DK is going to very sad this season when Lock consistently sails balls over his head.

  53. Pete Carrol is replacing Bruce Arians as the most annoying coach in the league. Of course he would cause the QBs sucked thus year! Follow his example and quit!

  54. Pete must know something we all don’t, like Arch Manning coming out after one year of college. If nobody else will say it I will, they are rebuilding.

  55. I can’t wait for the Hawks to finish with a better record than the Broncos. Wilson was overrated and this year will prove it.

  56. You know hes not far off with that remark. Id take Pickett over Lock but Im not sold on Pickett by any stretch but Ive seen enough of Lock to know Id take a chance with Pickett over him. I do think Mayfield is better than Lock, probably 2-3 wins better.

  57. Either they are tanking intentionally or they lose 14 games while trying. Outcome will be the same. Might as well make some ludicrous statements along the way. You know, for fun.

  58. It is becoming harder and harder for Pete to maintain any credibility.

  59. Since they are the exact same age, I’d lean toward Joe Burrow going before Drew Lock…

  60. I think that’s more of an indictment of this year’s QB draft class than a ringing endorsement of Lock.

  61. 50+ year Broncos fane here. Drew Lock had the tools (cannon arm, good athlete) but never consistent coaching. In college, 4 different OC’s. Rookie Sangarello, who actually seemed to be building a playbook and Drew using his very high rating in play action. But Sangarello was abruptly dismissed (rumors float about bizarre behavior). Schumer came in and turned the offense back to biblical times, avoided play action, and increased time for route development. Basically, pushing weaknesses above strengths. In the end, Drew’s mental confidence has been shattered.

    Carroll needs to create a run heavy, play action, quick-read offense for Drew to have any chance at success.

  62. This means nothing, at all. Unless you are offended that Carroll is insulting your intelligence as a football fan. Saying a multi year veteran(even a middling to below middling one) would be first pick in the current draft is just spin. And frankly makes it look like his young QB needs to be coddled IMO, needs an attaboy or he’s going to be down.
    This statement means nothing. If he thought he NEEDED to say this about Lock? That, that would’ve more significant because we would get a window into Carrolls estimation of the man and the talent. This is not a compliment. All it can be a sign of is that he thinks Drew Lock needs a sippy cup to drink from so he doesn’t make a mess. SEA fans may know more about the dynamic, but to me this isn’t a great thing to hear if you’re a fan of the Seahawks IMO

  63. stereofan says:
    May 8, 2022 at 2:14 pm
    50+ year Broncos fane here. Drew Lock had the tools (cannon arm, good athlete) but never consistent coaching. In college, 4 different OC’s. Rookie Sangarello, who actually seemed to be building a playbook and Drew using his very high rating in play action. But Sangarello was abruptly dismissed (rumors float about bizarre behavior). Schumer came in and turned the offense back to biblical times, avoided play action, and increased time for route development. Basically, pushing weaknesses above strengths. In the end, Drew’s mental confidence has been shattered.

    Carroll needs to create a run heavy, play action, quick-read offense for Drew to have any chance at success.

    50Rate This
    run-heavy: check
    lots of play action: check
    quick reads: not a check but hopefully more with waldron y2

  64. It is becoming harder and harder for Pete to maintain any credibility.

    2nd best organization in the League the last decade.

  65. I would hope that a QB that’s been in the league for 3 or 4 years is more NFL ready than most rookies. Pete knows what he has with Drew Lock and it’s not an NFL caliber QB. If they were all set in front of me for free, I’d take a chance on at least a half dozen of those rookie QB’s over Lock.

  66. Hey Slippery Pete, have you noticed none of those guys are going to be starters this year?(With the possible exception of Pickett)

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