Pete Carroll on Ken Walker III: “He’s a rocket”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Maryland at Michigan State
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The Seahawks have been looking for consistency in the running game ever since Marshawn Lynch left the team. Most recently, they invested a second-round pick in Ken Walker III in an effort to make that happen.

Coach Pete Carroll had a glowing assessment of Walker after Friday’s rookie minicamp practice, held a week to the day after the team selected him.

“He took off now, he’s a rocket,” Carroll said. “He caught the ball really well today, too, which we are really excited about. Our offense, the terminology, and the concepts that we have run, he’s run before, and he was well prepared at Michigan State coming to us. He understood the terminology to some extent too, so it’s really going to facilitate him being comfortable with the transition. We will expect no issues there at all, he will be able to go. He was very bursty, very quick.”

So if can catch the ball well, will he be the third-down back?

“Let me wait and see on that one, as far as making him a third-down guy,” Carroll said. “He has a ways to go pass-protection wise, that’s a real challenge for him, so we will see. I know that his attitude will be in it, he’s a terrific competitive kid. That really needs to be a priority, which it is, and we’ve already talked to him about it. [Running backs coach] Chad [Morton] will take him through it, so we will see how it goes. He looked really good today catching the ball and running routes, so I was really pleased to see that.”

The Seahawks re-signed running back Rashaad Penny, a 2018 first-rounder who didn’t do much for Seattle until late in the final year of his rookie deal. Appearing in only 10 games, he nevertheless had the best year of his career.

Carroll said in late March that he’s “really pumped up” about the team’s running back depth. He presumably is even more than really pumped now, given the drafting of Walker.

12 responses to “Pete Carroll on Ken Walker III: “He’s a rocket”

  1. If healthy and used often, Walker could be reach the echelons of D. Henry. He’s got elite power, speed and vision.

  2. Smart pick for a run first offense with RB1 probably going into forced retirement due to spinal injury and RB2/China doll that’s played in less than half the games since he was drafted.

  3. And Pete also gets “really pumped up” about the peanut butter banana sandwich he had for lunch yesterday,too.

  4. I hope I’m as pumped up about everything in life at 70 like Pete is.

  5. Literally no one calls him “Ken”. Ever. Also did you guys happen to to see how he put up 200 yards and 5 (FIVE!) touchdowns on Michigan’s sorry defense?

  6. Idk man Walker and Penny is a nice sleeper 1 2 punch I kinda like it

  7. I hope Chris Carson comes back healthy, as well. If that happens, the team will be well set at RB. If Drew Lock has any talent, this might just work.

  8. did you guys happen to to see how he put up 200 yards and 5 (FIVE!) touchdowns on Michigan

    Yup. Then lost to Purdue the week after then got obliterated by Ohio State where he did nothing. That’s what happens w Spartan players. Get way up for those MI games then disappear forever.

  9. He will be in the HOF soon according to Pete….right beside Drew Locke

  10. Walker seems to be one of those guys that can cut without losing speed, see a hole when no one else can, make himself small to sneak through the tiniest of holes and then shift to another gear when he gets to the second level. It’s going to be fun watching him.

  11. Seahawks played It smart. Not gonna compete with Rams, 49ers, AZ this year. Got our RB to replace Chris Carson and Rashard Penny long term. Use the 2 #1s & #2s to figure out our QB long term next year.

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