Peter Carroll is “holding a good thought” about playing in Germany

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
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The NFL has never played a regular-season game in Germany. It will do so in 2022, dragging the Seahawks all the way from Seattle for the game. And the folks in Seattle have to get up at 6:30 a.m. local time to watch it.

Coach Pete Carroll, who sees the glass as half full even when it’s riddled with dust and cobwebs, addressed the short-straw Seahawk assignment during a Friday press conference from rookie minicamp.

“I think it’s great,” Carroll said. “I’ve never been there so I’m looking forward to the trip just like everybody else. I have a really good thought about going overseas because we’ve done it before, and we had a great trip when we went to London. The way our people handled it, you’ve got to get a lot of priorities in order and our guys did a fantastic job the last time so, I’m holding a good thought. It’s the experience of a lifetime for everybody here. As far as [German native and linebacker] Aaron Donkor is concerned, it couldn’t be sweeter. Obviously, he’s going to carry the flag out to open the game. At least he’ll be able to translate for us so, we look forward to it and we’ll try to make the most of it.”

In 2018, the Seahawks beat the Raiders in London, 27-3.

Carroll has a good attitude about a bad assignment because he always has a good attitude. But it really is a bad assignment, traveling that far for a game. And then having to play one of the best teams in the NFL once they get there.

It’s also coming in Week 10. There’s a chance the re-something Seahawks will be struggling by then. But it won’t take much to generate interest and excitement even if the quarterback is Geno Smith or Drew Lock or Baker Mayfield or anyone else. Barring something unexpected, Tom Brady will be playing for the Bucs, so it will be a big deal.

But in the event there’s any need to market the game any more than it will naturally market itself, here’s what we suggested on Friday’s PFT Live: Brady makes a cool-uncle TikTok video in which he says, in Sgt. Schultz’s voice, “Tuck rule? I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!”

7 responses to “Peter Carroll is “holding a good thought” about playing in Germany

  1. BOTH teams fly out to Germany, so there’s no disadvantage to either one.

    And pardon me for not feeling sorry for players flying in a comfy chartered jet with all the luxury pampering services that comes with it. Seriously, they’re not flying coach like us plebs.

  2. Imagine if the Seahawks had signed Kaep how much of a problem he’d have standing for THAT flag?

  3. I’m at a loss as to why it’s a bad deal for the Seahawks & Coach Carroll is just making nice? Nothing pointed out here helps me figure out the premise of the headline, here. It seems that main thesis seems to be that they are playing Tom Brady & the Bucs. I’m going to point out the obvious……that game was going to happen regardless if in Week two or week ten. That’s the normal rotation of scheduled teams.

  4. The only people this is hard on are the owners of the Seattle sports bars who will lose a Sunday of Seahawk fans drinking themselves silly. However, I do have full faith that the fans themselves will be spiking their coffee at home!

  5. Sorry but that game was a joke. Seahawks were a better team than the Steelers and the refs really affected the outcome with so many bad calls going against Seattle. Offensive PI that took away a td, Roethlisbergers helmet crossing the goal line and not the ball givind a td to Pitts, phantom holding call on Seattle Ol negating a big play that would have put them on the 1 yard line. Then the very next play calling an illegal tackle on Hasselbeck after he threw a pick but no such rule exists. Sorry Stealer fans but the XL game always in my mind comes with an asterisk as Seattle was IMO the better team that year and game.

  6. Does anyone really care if the NFL plays in Germany? Do Germans care? It’s just another greedy American company globalizing like McDonalds and KFC. The NFL is the fast food of sports.

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