Luke Getsy on Bears WRs: I think we have enough guys, it’s about chemistry

NFL: MAY 08 Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
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Luke Getsy is in his first season as the Bears offensive coordinator and most people watching the team will be judging his work on the growth that quarterback Justin Fields shows in his second NFL season.

Many of those observers have already opined that the Bears haven’t done enough to help Fields progress and they point to a receiving corps with Darnell Mooney, Byron Pringle,  Equanimeous St. Brown, Nsimba Webster, David Moore, and third-round pick Velus Jones as an example of that belief. On Sunday, Getsy said that the amount of talent was less of a concern than the chemistry that the group has with Fields in a new offense.

“I think we have enough guys on this team that have played a lot of ball in the league,” Getsy said, via Josh Schrock of “I think it’s just that experience of playing with the quarterback and teaching him the body language, the signals you want to send to him when you’re ready to make a break. You can see that happening every single day, how much more comfortable these guys are getting. Justin is getting with those guys. So, I’m excited. It’s been getting better every single day. I’m excited to see where these guys can go.”

Getsy said he thinks Fields is “ahead of pace” learning the offense, which should help on the chemistry front as the team moves toward the season. Whether that’s enough for the team to surpass the outside expectations of their ability will remain an open question well into the fall.

14 responses to “Luke Getsy on Bears WRs: I think we have enough guys, it’s about chemistry

  1. I can’t to see Justin Fields in a new offense. I think Getsy and whole staff will be a total improvement. I love what Poles is doing dumping the dead weight and building with youth. It’s time to build , not necessarily Re-Build. Every team must evolve and improve with every off-season. So lets go Bears. With all the guys being brought in. I sure hope they can find a group of tough S.O.B.s to fill out the O-Line.

  2. Love you Luke, but I’m afraid this isn’t Green Bay anymore.

  3. Not enough quality weapons. Everyone is mediocre. I feel bad for Justin.

  4. I’m excited to see what Getsy will do with this offence. Bears fans need to realise that with little room to manoeuvre and the mess left by the last coaching & GM team, they’re trying their best to make chicken salad. Wait until after next year to start moaning!

  5. I would be HAPPY to just see the O-line avoid bonehead pre-snap procedure penalties that have KILLED THEM year after year! Watch for one on the very first snap of the new season (how’s that for optimism!) Remember where you heard it first!

  6. Then again, it’s not like he’s gonna say “geez these WRs suck”.

  7. The still suck. I will say there is a chance this could be a positive change. We didn’t know Nagy and Pace were another typical Bears GM/HC combo until 2019-2020.

    The draft positions were as good as they could be. If the coaching is there and Fields has time, the Bears will compete. The Bears secondary is going to be tough, but is the front 7 going to retain it’s top 5-10 in the league…..

  8. Chemistry is much easier to create when you have a big bodied, fast, athletic receiver. Sure Luke, the Bears might have enough guys, but none of them are really good.

  9. The worst wide receiver room in the NFL. Historic wide receiver draft and you don’t take one high? Talk all you want about the QB but no one can succeed with that O-line and WR corps. The last GM should be banned from ever being in that position again. Literally not one young stand out on offense or defense.

  10. I think Fields is gonna have a great career, and very soon. It’s obviously not gonna be on a NFL field, but will be great as a color commentator during college football broadcasts.

  11. Just because you have a “a big bodied, fast, athletic receiver” doesn’t mean you automatically have chemistry. The Raiders are a perfect example, they wasted all their draft capital on a top WR that will get them NO WHERE with Derek Carr the 3rd stringer…lol.

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