A second team in Dallas isn’t as crazy as it sounds

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On the surface, the notion of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sharing the Dallas market with another team is ludicrous, especially in light of the fact that many believe Jones would not want a team potentially horning in on the Cowboys’ turf in San Antonio. However, it’s one thing to share a market. It’s quite another to share a stadium.

Jones owns the facility in which the Cowboys play. He could take on a tenant. He could host another 10 games there each year, doubling the annual inventory to 20. He’d make a lot more money, and the Cowboys would still be the Cowboys.

It’s a no-brainer, especially as the Dallas market grows. It’s a no-brainer for the NFL to expand, especially as the gambling-driven appetite for more inventory grows. After inevitably nudging the size of the season from 17 regular-season games to 18, the only way to create more games on which to wager (as explained in Playmakers) will be to expand the league.

New York and L.A. already have two teams that share a stadium. Chicago is an obvious candidate for a second team. Dallas is, too.

Beyond market size, stadium construction costs also become relevant. By putting a second team in an existing building, the cost of the second team’s stadium is zero dollars and zero cents.

And with the owner of an existing stadium standing to earn plenty of extra money by staging all of those extra games, why not do it?

Again, the market has to be big enough to justify it. Chicago and Dallas are. And so as the league prepares to eventually balloon from 32 teams to 34 (and maybe 36, 38, and possibly 40), it makes plenty of sense for America’ Team to share its home.

In the early days of the AFL, Dallas did indeed have two teams. The Cowboys and the Dallas Texans competed for hearts, minds, eyeballs, and wallets until the Texans surrendered, moving to Missouri and becoming the Chiefs. That was a much different world, and the game was in a much different place.

Today, football rules and Texas fancies itself as the epicenter of the game. It doesn’t take long to conclude that the possibility of a second team in Dallas should have been on the radar screen a long time ago.

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  1. Hate to admit but a lifelong cowboys fan. That said I’d switch to a new dallas team in a second. I’m tired of the way the Jones run the team.

  2. Will. Not. Happen. Despite the financial angles you point up, any new team knows they will ALWAYS be second fiddle. Too many other untapped markets to get into, anyway, plus the international angle.

  3. It will never happen. The owners would vote it down. Jerry has them in his pockets. The fraternity runs deep.

  4. Jerry needs to be the center of attention, additional revenue be damned. A second Dallas team/owner would distract from that attention, so it’ll never happen.

  5. I don’t think Jerry worries about $$$, he wants another Superbowl to prove it wasn’t Jimmy Johnson. Imagine if the other Dallas team won a Superbowl…

  6. Most fans would agree – it would be good to welcome professional football to Dallas.

  7. The same reason why the Cowboys are an inept team that was last relevant almost 30 years ago will keep this from ever happening, Jerry’s ego.

  8. If Jerry was able to block the Raiders from moving to San Antonio, I don’t see him standing idly by to allow this to happen – unless he welcomes the idea for another tenant for the stadium.

  9. The Cowboys don’t even play in Dallas County. Besides, the D/FW area needs a fourth professional franchise, because the stRangers aren’t holding up their end of the deal.

  10. The Cotton Bowl seats 92,000. During the Texas State fair the place would be packed.

  11. Austin would be a better choice. This city is exploding and there is plenty of wealth to support an NFL team.

  12. Jacksonville should never have been given a team in the first place. Move the Jaguars.

  13. I’m sure he’ll think about it… that’s a lot of extra cash; one thing for sure, he’s a businessman first

  14. Texas has so many football-hungry fans that it can support two teams. I can see putting them both in Dallas if Jerry Jones is willing to have the Cowboys share a stadium. However, he may be like Al Davis and not want his team to share a stadium.

    Oklahoma is as football crazy as Texas. I can picture a team in Oklahoma City selling out games, even though the population is less than 700K. The only question is whether people would support an NFL team or prefer to focus on high school and college.

  15. A second Chicago team needs to play in northwest Indiana with a stadium built off 80/94. That would be perfect.

  16. Texas with its growth can certainly support a 3rd team, but a second in DFW sounds like a bad idea. What percentage of fans would switch? Guessing a real low number. I’d try instead to thread the needle and build a stadium on I-35 between Austin and San Antonio.

  17. Well if the Cowboys cant win a championship maybe a new team will bring better luck.

  18. Here’s a better idea. No expansion! 32 teams is perfect. If they add more teams then the product will be watered down.

  19. NO to Chicago or anywhere else. The league is diluted as is.

    Once the Bears leave Soldier Field that could be a cool place to host F1.

  20. The new team would be the L.A. Clippers (Pre-2015 or so) of the NFL. Always #2.

  21. Adding a couple of random expansion teams makes no sense at all and would ruin the symmetry they have with 32 teams. They’d need to add 8 teams so there’s 5 for each division. There’s not going to be an audience for that many NFL games.

  22. Austin or San Antonio will get a team before lame Dallas – terrible city…Houston also 4th biggest city in US, not Dallas

  23. Austin won’t allow an NFL team because UT owns the entire city.

  24. bearaholic1 says:
    May 9, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Chicago first !!!


    Chicago used to have two teams and couldn’t support them both

  25. Except it doesn’t actually give the NFL a new market. It just cannibalizes an existing one.

    Even if Jerrah was willing to go along with that for the extra rent money (which I doubt…), why on earth would the league pass on the chance to enter a new market?

  26. bearaholic1 says:
    May 9, 2022 at 5:36 pm
    Chicago first !!!
    Last I heard the Bears are looking to relocate to the N.W. suburbs Arlington Heights and build their own stadium, parking, and entertainment district.

  27. There is only 1 team in NY and thats Buffalo!! Those other 2 teams play in Jersey!!

  28. The NFL is getting too powerful and just doesn’t want to share with the upcoming USFL and XFL. 32 teams is enough and I think 16 regular season games is also enough. Too many injuries. I want to support the new leagues, new players, new cities, now that football is family affordable again. There’s plenty of fans and money to go around if the NFL doesn’t corner the market.

  29. The Cotton Bowl seats 92,000. During the Texas State fair the place would be packed. Its a toilet bowl for a stadium. Basically bleacher seats for all the people and is open and either going to be 130 degrees in the late summer heat or ice everywhere staring Thanksgiving time. It is a dump, much like the fair has become.

  30. Just curious as to how the Chargers are doing ticket wise and fan wise as the 2nd banana in the LA area? By the Rams winning the Super Bowl that didn’t make it any easier for them. There real fan base still resides in San Diego.

  31. Its crazy for 3 reasons.
    1 Jerry Jones is the most powerful owner – and he wont want it.
    2 The Cowboys are ridiculously popular. City size doesnt matter when the existing team is that popular.
    3 The Cowboys are the face of the NFL – it makes no sense to dilute that.

  32. If they add 4 more teams to make it 36 teams total, they would have to revert back to 6 divisions in pre-expansion era but now with 6 teams per division. I like it because the NFL has too many divisions.

  33. I’m guessing Jerry told the city that he wanted them to pay for a new headquarters in Frisco this is the mayor shot across the bow saying no we are not paying for it

  34. Atlanta is now the 7th biggest metro area. Why not add a 2nd team to force the Falcons to leave for Germany or Mexico.

  35. JJ’s ego would prevent him from sharing the spotlight. He MUST be the only show in town. His ego means more to him then the added money, which he doesn’t need.

  36. “The Cowboys and the Dallas Texans competed for hearts, minds, eyeballs, and wallets until the Texans surrendered, moving to Missouri and becoming the Chiefs”

    It’s my understanding that the Texans didn’t surrender. They were actually the more successful and more popular team at that time. Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt just thought Kansas City was a better oppurtunity. He was wrong about that.

  37. Yes it is. You’d have Jerry as a landlord. Cue Mark Cuban.

  38. momi says:
    May 9, 2022 at 8:40 pm
    bearaholic1 says:
    May 9, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Chicago first !!!


    Chicago used to have two teams and couldn’t support them both


    Not true! Chicago supported both the Cardinals and Bears. But under the rules of the NFL at the time, TV could not broadcast a game in a city where a team was playing a home game — there was a total TV blackout, even if the home game was sold out. The Cardinals and Bears rotated home games, never both playing at home the same Sunday, with the result that there was ALWAYS a home game in Chicago, and so there was NEVER an NFL TV broadcast in Chicago. As broadcast revenue became more important, the NFL couldn’t stand not being on the air in Chicago (then the second largest TV market), so the NFL pressured the Cardinals to move out of town (the Cardinals being the less successful of the two teams). In the end the Bears paid the Cardinals $500,000 to leave town, and St Louis interests paid the Cardinals $300,000 to make St Louis their landing spot, and they moved. But they didn’t want to move, they were pressured and bribed into it.

  39. Wow, that’s a serious short sighted business sense you have there. There is always a cost. The potential to divide a fandom within his own market would be too great a loss for Jerry to allow a second team. The potential loss of merchandise sales alone would be enough for him to make it a no brainer to say no.

  40. NFL potentially expanding to 40 teams? Can’t find 32 top level QBs now. I’m all for more football but I’m not for a more watered down product.

  41. Hey, just a thought, you have empty stadiums in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland……..

  42. If the fact that they were able to get near/over 30k fans for a dang AAF game tells you anything San Antonio is ripe for the picking for an NFL team. Jerry would never allow it but that has to be a prime city for a potential move or expansion team in the future.

  43. Imagine moving to 40 teams and watching the ~30 teams without QBs instead of just ~20 like it is now.

  44. It seems the NFL is on a mission to destroy itself and in the end the culprit will be greed.
    Seriously the owners are lucky fantasy football was invented as it’s really a reason so many keep paying attention, like that statement or not.

  45. horseshoehead says:
    May 10, 2022 at 7:29 am
    NFL potentially expanding to 40 teams? Can’t find 32 top level QBs now


    They can’t find more than 20 good head coaches either

  46. Sure,… A group of investors can BUY a NFL franchise for a 2nd team in Dallas,…. but can you BUY a new fan base in an area that has been dedicated to 1 team the past 60 years ?? That’s the challenge.

  47. I wish the NFL would support a spring league. Play games in NFL stadiums with reduced ticket costs, stadiums get used another 8-10 days a year. Assistant Coaches fill higher roles, allocate 4 or 5 players, plus practice squad players to the team. Kind of like NFL Europe use to be.

  48. I think expansion is inevitable because the NFL’s mission is to grow and increase revenue as much as possible – that will mostly come from international expansion, however.

    And the quality of play would be less of an issue if the NFL had a developmental league.

    And, yes, the NFL is greedy. Corporations are greedy. The only function of big business is to make money and then make more money than you did last year.

  49. San Antonio deserves an expansion team. Putting a second team in Dallas is crazy. San Antonio and Dallas are 270 miles apart. It would not hurt Jerry Jones if San Antonio got a team. The NFL owners can defeat Jerry Jones by voting for expansion.

  50. The chances for expansion or the relocation of a second franchise to the DFW area are basically nil. You’re essentially cannibalizing an existing market. The New York area has about twice as many TV sets as DFW, and so does SoCal (and the Chargers local support isn’t great). We’re likely to go to 36 teams and 18 games per season by the end of the decade, largely to collect franchise fees and to increase the inventory of TV games. Three prime-time games per week and byes makes for at least one network with a bad schedule on most weekends. The NFL is more likely to put franchises on the margins of the existing markets (like a team in Austin or San Antonio) or go Transatlantic.

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