Browns should just cut Baker Mayfield and be done with it

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The Browns had a bird in the hand. They pursued the proverbial two in the bush. It worked. And yet they’re still clinging to the bird in the hand.

Chris Simms and I spent plenty of time during Monday’s PFT Live fleshing out the argument that it’s wrong for the Browns to squat on quarterback Baker Mayfield, now that they’ve gone all in on quarterback Deshaun Watson. It’s a classic sunk cost. They made a $230 million investment in getting Watson. What’s another $18.8 million (minus whatever he would earn with a new team) if they simply cut the cord on Mayfield?

The Browns think the sunk cost can be partially or maybe even completely recovered, if a trade opportunity that currently doesn’t exist materializes at some point between now and the start of the regular season, or perhaps even the trade deadline. But that hinges on a chain of events that likely won’t happen.

First, a team needs to lose its current starter. Second, that team needs to opt for an approach other than “next man up.” Third, the Browns need to be the ones to get the deal done for Mayfield before the 49ers can for Jimmy Gaoppolo.

There’s another way to recover all or part of the sunk costs. If Mayfield ultimately cries uncle and gives up part of his guaranteed salary or if Mayfield says or does something to justify cutting him for reasons other than skill, injury, or cap, the Browns can emerge with a victory.

Meanwhile, Mayfield’s ongoing presence on the roster creates yet another distraction for the Browns. And it’s definitely a distraction. Even if the Browns win this interaction with a quarterback they can’t wait to officially remove from the roster, none of it will help them win games, especially not in 2022.

Last week’s article regarding the current mood between Baker and the Browns shows that the bridge has been obliterated. There’s no rebuilding it, even if Watson were suspended for a year and the Browns tried to persuade Baker to stick around for one more season. If, as reported, Mayfield and/or those in his camp believe the Browns deliberately tried to make him look bad in a prime-time game at Pittsburgh, Mayfield is done with the Browns.

“Not if he wants his $18.8 million this year,” owner Jimmy Haslam and/or Chief Strategy Officer (who has yet to craft many effective strategies in Cleveland) Paul DePodesta might say. But that’s the kind of short-sighted, misguided thinking that results in the Browns get caught up in factors other than having a winning team.

Even though Mayfield doesn’t seem to be very popular with his teammates, it’s fair for other players to conclude that the Browns have done Baker dirty. They told him after the season that he’d be the guy for 2022. Then, they told his agents at the Scouting Combine that he’ll be the guy, unless they can get someone like Watson, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson. Then, the Browns said the Watson trade was five months in the making — even if it ended with a five-year, fully-guaranteed Hail Mary.

JuJu was right. The Browns is the Browns. Even as the team becomes more competitive, dysfunction lingers in the organization. Their handling of Mayfield proves it. Intent on treating him like property and not like a human being whose career hinges on getting himself in position to find a new home sooner than later, the Browns are sending a very bad message to current and future members of the team.

But, hey, no one should be surprised. With a Chief Strategy Officer on the payroll, there’s always a strategy, for everything. Even when the best strategy would be to ditch the strategizing and just do the right thing.

The right thing to do in this specific case is to cut Mayfield and move on. It’s in his best interests, and it’s in the team’s best interests — even if the Chief Strategy Officer fails to see it.

100 responses to “Browns should just cut Baker Mayfield and be done with it

  1. Baker should be starting for the Titans this year. He’s better and cheaper than Tannehill.

  2. The unseemly, unethical behavior the Browns, or any business organization, portrays starts at the very top. Is there anyone that thinks Haslam has a shred of character, integrity or decency?

  3. He wasn’t good enough. He got replaced. That is life in the NFL. Everyone knows it. Someone is always gunning for your job. Whatever Baker felt he was entitled to, he wasn’t.

  4. I said it before,… and will again.
    Mayfield or his representatives should work out a parting deal. Take 1/2 of the $18 mil due and get your release. That will reduce the personal stress on Mayfield,… and then he’s free to negotiate a deal where ever he wants. Put it in the rearview mirror.

  5. I know a lot of people hate Baker, and they’re entitled to their opinion – he can be abrasive, I get that. But this situation is totally on the Browns.

    They trashed him publicly, they’ve sat on him long beyond when it was prudent. My guess is that they’ve only done this to “prove a point” – much like having him play last season when he should’ve been put on IR. They could’ve just handed him to Houston in the Watson deal. They probably could’ve traded him 10x over before the draft.

    Think about it: they guaranteed $260 million to Watson, but they’re nickel & diming with Mayfield’s salary – a fifth year option they didn’t have to give him, by the way. It’s completely idiotic, and shows how inept they are as an organization.

    And this situation rests entirely at the feet of Haslam, who seems intent on winning the label of “worst NFL owner”, which is a pretty tough contest. I can’t believe any NFL front office professional would’ve handled this entire situation this poorly without owner interference. The whole mess (including Watson) is Haslam’s making, and it makes the team look foolish, petty and incompetent.

    I’ve been a Browns fan since I was a kid, and this whole thing has be completely turned off to the organization. Haslam is a poisonous influence who is responsible for holding the organization back, year after year.

  6. I don’t think having Mayfield at any team functions is good for the team. If cutting Mayfield prevents distractions in getting the team ready for the season, I’m all for cutting him.

  7. There was a time when a player in the NFL had no rights of any kind. That thankfully has changed, it would seem now the worm is continuing to turn and the owners don’t like it. Mayfield deserves a legitimate opportunity outside the Browns.

  8. This situation has gotten progressively worse and it’s not going to get any better. If the league announced Watson’s suspension today, maybe they would move faster. Like say, Watson got suspended for a year. The Browns could trade Baker and his crappy contract to the Lions for Goff and his crappy contract. Or you could swap for Jimmy G straight up. Teams can swap each other’s problems and the Browns can have a QB for 2022. And both guys mentioned can win you a conference championship… because both guys have been NFC champions.

  9. Insert “Jimmy Garappolo” for Baker Mayfield and “49ers” for Browns and you have the exact same story.

  10. It would absolutely make the most sense for them to cut Mayfield, to save money, and to move on. But this is the Browns, trademark holders of the term ‘Factory of Sadness’. Even when these knuckleheads manage to find some success (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), they still find a way to screw it up. This year’s dumpster fire is already well under way.

  11. All Baker has to do is show up to work and be himself, he will be release within a week.

  12. He will never play another down for the Browns. Use his roster spot for another player, let him stay at home, and wait for an offer.

    like a free agent

  13. Im indifferent on Mayfield. But as a Pittsburgh fan Im loving the continuing self inflected wounds by the Browns management.
    -Watson was a PR disaster(for good reason.)
    -The league appears to be ready to stick it to Cleveland with suspensions.
    -And they continue to double down on a looming locker room disaster with Mayfield.

    They would have been better off releasing Mayfield and drafting some random QB – just because all of this negativity is a killer.

  14. If you don’t need the roster spot it is absolutely advantageous to hold on to Mayfield as long as possible. If he wants to play take a pay cut and get released. Or the Browns are well within their right to sit on his contract which they have to pay anyway and take the comp pick at the end of the season.

  15. Why? Why not wait and see what happens? What if Stafford gets hurt? Crazy to just walk away when you could get something.

  16. Come on,fella, lol. No hurry. Wait as long as possible so he doesn’t have time to adjust to a new team’s scheme.

  17. I’m sure they Browns are “nickel and diming” the contract for the cap’s sake, not the actual cash outlay.

    The Browns have no obligation, nor much to gain, by just cutting Mayfield now. I like Mayfield and believe he should be a starter somewhere, but no player is “owed” anything, other than their money in guaranteed contracts.

  18. The reasons of how or why the Browns got here are irrelevant now. What matters now is that Baker will never play another down for the Browns again; even if they force him to training camp (in lieu of fines) Baker will come up with the mysterious soft-tissue or mental health issue come game 1. The Browns will be then forced to cut him or keep him on roster for game 1 which means 100% guarantee of contract. Between now and then the Baker issue will be nothing but a massive distraction for the Browns, nothing good will come of it. The Browns made some mistakes in the pursuit of Watson but also, the timing, how quick things changed made it difficult. But regardless, the Browns are now in a situation where only one thing makes sense…to cut bait. Perhaps it makes sense to wait until the early June deadline passes where his cap hit can be spread, but no longer than that. Browns have enough issues with the Watson litigation, time to lessen the load of other issues.

  19. After all this he should definitely, do his job, and play the good soldier. Let the Browns have their $18 million backup QB.

  20. The trading deadline is in November. If nothing has developed on the trade front by then they’ll cut him (they’re 2nd in the league in available cap space even with BM on the books) … and if Baker wants a nice contract / opportunity next year he’ll be a good boy about it

  21. “First, a team needs to lose its current starter.” You mean like Watson? Baker to the Browns, book it.

  22. The Browns aren’t holding onto Mayfield to “prove a point.” The Texas didn’t want him in the trade. They would rather start Davis Mills. The Seahawks don’t want him. They would rather start Drew Lock. The Colts would rather start an old, old, old Matt Ryan. The Saints would rather start Jameis Winston. Get it? There is no team to send him to.

    The problem is that no one wants Baker Mayfield. He isn’t worth 18+ million a year. He is a third-tier quarterback with emotional issues.

    It costs the Browns 18+ million to cut him. It costs the Browns 18+ million to keep him. Why throw away an asset (albeit one with marginal value) just because his feelings got hurt?

    The Browns don’t have a problem. The Browns have a playoff roster and an elite QB. Baker Mayfield is the one who has the problem.

  23. Baker doesn’t have to do Squat. The browns made a commitment to him for 2022 by picking up his option and being in the hook for 19 million. Then they change course and give Watson the biggest guaranteed deal in history. Why are they grilling over another 19 million? Why should baker have to settle because the browns did another bad business decision (shocker)? The only way out of this is to see it through all the way and just cut Mayfield and pretend like you gave Watson 249 million instead of 230 million because that’s the financial cost to clean up this situation.

  24. Cutting Mayfield would be foolish.

    If Mayfield wants out he can buy himself out.

    If the Browns have to pay him they might as well keep him. Another team might lose a QB and be clutching for straws or, at the very least, the Browns can get a compensatory pick if they keep Mayfield on the roster this year. And they can just isolate Mayfield from from the rest of the team to avoid distractions in the meanwhile.

    There is no point in the Browns paying Mayfield to play for someone else while getting nothing in return. If the Browns want to shed their reputation for incompetence then they shouldn’t just be throwing away draft picks to make the critics happy..

  25. Baker, being a bust, got replaced with – all character concerns you have on a personal level aside – a more talented QB. That’s how being a pro football player works.

    He’s slated to make $18,000,000 for presumably nothing. I don’t even kinda feel bad for him for a single second. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. In the meantime, he’s UNDER LEGAL CONTRACT with the Browns. They can handle him HOWEVER THEY WANT. Sit him for a year, keep him in case Watson gets suspended, keep him in case another franchise becomes in need of a QB… they have many dozens of millions invested in the QB position rn, they can handle the situation however they please. They’re paying for that right, and they don’t owe Baker anything except his paycheck, which they owe him regardless of anything. So probably not much more than that.

  26. The Browns are going to be an incredibly easy team to root against after this offseason.

  27. I think the point is being missed here. The Browns’ are trying to get something for Baker, anything reasonable. They are not worried about the money he is owed. If in the end there are no takers they will cut him. It’s amazing how many advice-givers try to make this complicated; It is not…

  28. Chief Strategy Officer of the Cleveland Browns = Chief Safety Officer of the Titanic

  29. You’re asking a lot from a completely dysfunctional organization to act in the best interest of a player.

  30. The Browns continue their great history of the worst NFL franchise in history. Factory of Sadness will continue for many years to come. #Free Baker

  31. Baker should do everything but move into the facility. Attend every off season work out, mini-camp and training camp, generally just be around all the time. Tell everyone that as far as he’s concerned, he’s a Brown and he is going to come in and compete for his job. Make everyone in the front office as uncomfortable as possible. Take the highest of high roads- don’t take the bait to act out and make the front office look good.

  32. If I’m Baker I could careless & sit back, be smart & do nothing to jeopardize his salary while doing minimal effort ( just don’t be distraction)… chalk this up to a year of rest & relaxation & start afresh next season….& if Watson gets suspended, put in MAXIMUM effort to look good from those watching from the outside to accomplish 3 things:
    1) advertise himself for his next team on the Browns time & money
    2)stick it to the Browns in multiple ways by giving them a lower draft pick location while making the fans angry about bringing in Watson even more upset that they didn’t stick with Baker & not touch Watson
    3)rebuild his perceived image as not being a player teammates respect….
    I just see it as a TOTAL WIN SITUATION for him ( potentially that is) no matter if Watson gets suspended or not…. No matter what he’s free of the Browns after this coming season….

  33. Although the Browns have improved their roster and record, they’re still the Browns.

  34. The Browns are the only team that is paying Baker more than the league minimum this season. They should have traded him before pissing off the rest of the league with Watson’s guaranteed deal. Juju was right.

  35. The Browns are not that smart. They run through general managers, coaches and coordinators practically on a yearly basis, and now guarantee $230 million to a legally challenged player while quibbling over $18.5 million to another. But then again, somebody has to finish last in every division, so they do continue to serve a useful purpose.

  36. Originally at #13 or #44 in 2022 draft, they could’ve picked any young QB in the draft, saved the $260 M on Watson (not to mention some amount of dignity with that trade), and dump Baker right before camp. A new hope and flush the toilet on another bad QB from CLE.

  37. candlestickkid says:
    Insert “Jimmy Garappolo” for Baker Mayfield and “49ers” for Browns and you have the exact same story.

    If you think it is the exact same story, you don’t understand guaranteed money or the personality differences between the QBs.

  38. “Why? Why not wait and see what happens? What if Stafford gets hurt? Crazy to just walk away when you could get something.”

    What do you think they’re going to get? Mayfield market isn’t robust.

    A team’s starting QB goes down, they’ll go with their backup QB. Someone who has been there the whole time and already familiar with their offense.

    Trading for another team’s QB after the season starts hardly ever happens.

  39. Baker should just show up, keep his mouth shut, work hard and be a good teammate. In other words, earn his 18 million. It is the best way to increase his value for his next contract. No way I would give money back to the Browns. No way.

  40. The Browns completely botched the handling of this situation and added fuel to the fire with the quote provided to Chris Mortenson.

    I get where Florio is coming from and what Baker’s agent is saying in the background.

    Let this play out because someone is not going to like what they see in minicamp or ticket sales are off and they need a boost by trading for a QB.

    Maybe the Browns will or maybe a team can’t play chicken any longer and offers up a conditional 2nd rounder while the Browns trade back a conditional 3rd rounder in ’23, a 4th rounder, and pay 75% of his salary. Sound rich, but we will see.

  41. He’ll be a hot commodity if cut, so why should the Browns just give up a valuable player just because teams are playing chicken with them?
    Baker clearly doesn’t have any sway on the locker room, so any fuss he makes won’t impact the players and will just reflect poorly on him. Someone will eventually get desperate and offer a trade, and if they don’t then the Browns would still be in line to get a compensatory pick for Baker.

  42. The browns have succeeded in making the least likable person in the NFL seem human

  43. I’m glad I won’t see any more of his commercials. He apparently studied his lines instead of immersing himself in the playbook. SMH!

  44. There are two separate issues with Baker that will cause him not to be signed as a starter elsewhere. First is the fact he acts like a petulant child and blames everyone else for his failings and is always talking. None of his teammates have said a good word about him as a player or as a person. No one has defended him in the least which is a huge red flag.

    Second he misses open receivers and has about four balls a game blocked. The only chance of any success with him is a great run game, which Cleveland has and yet it is still constant losing with Baker. So this means he’s a cancer that can’t play. Be who you can afford to be.

  45. I Agree. The Browns have made their decision and should allow Baker to move on a find a new team.

  46. pioniere says:
    May 9, 2022 at 10:27 am
    It would absolutely make the most sense for them to cut Mayfield, to save money, and to move on. But this is the Browns, trademark holders of the term ‘Factory of Sadness’. Even when these knuckleheads manage to find some success (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), they still find a way to screw it up. This year’s dumpster fire is already well under way.
    Really? You do know that Mayfield’s 5th year option is guaranteed. The only off set would be what a new team pays. Why would a team sign Mayfield to a multi year contract without seeing how he performs post surgery? Why would any team pay him anything other than the league minimum, since the rest would have to be paid by the Browns. Yeah, save money. The league minimum for a fifth year veteran is $990,000. Subtract that the $18.8 million and the Browns are still on the hook for $17.8 Wow! Big savings!

  47. Because it’s a terrible business decision. If a QB1 goes down the day after Baker Mayfield is cut, there will be many staff members needing boxes to clear out their office space.

  48. “The Browns don’t have a problem. The Browns have a playoff roster and an elite QB.”

    The “elite QB” of the Browns went 4-12 in his last stint and won’t be seeing an NFL game in September 2023 at the very earliest.

    Counterpoint: The Browns have a problem.

  49. I’m starting to think Paul DePodesta should go back to MLB Baseball. His time in Cleveland doesn’t make him look like the wonder boy he was for Billy Beane.

  50. It is going to take a Brock Osweiler type deal to get him to another team of the Browns choice. Any money another team wants to sign him for will come off of the $18M that the Browns owe him. No matter what, unless Baker somehow does something against the rules of his contract, is owed $18M this year. Period.

  51. This is personal for Jimmy Haslam. After Baker REFUSED to meet with him in Austin Jimmy told the Cleveland powers that be “get me Watson or else”! Now he’s going to sit on Mayfield until he gets what he wants or may just sit him out the whole year out of spite. Hell hath no fury like an owner scorned. This is what is really happening.

  52. It’s all about business. Is it the right thing to do to a player? Probably not, and future free agents and draft picks will remember this situation. But the fact of the matter is, Watson will probably be suspended a handful of games, Baker is owed 18mil, and he’s most likely not gna take a penny less. So might as well look out for the franchise and sit on Baker, and hopefully he embraces some competition, plays well, and eventually gets his wish and sticks it to the browns

  53. I think Baker could have a nice career in the USFL, that’s is if it doesn’t fold in the next few weeks.

  54. If the Browns have to pay him anyway they should just keep Mayfield. Even if Watson is not suspended you might as well have two above average quarterbacks on your roster in case of injury or whatever. Mayfield can prove that he is an “adult” by coming in and being a professional and doing everything he can to help the team win.

  55. People are saying the Browns are within their rights to hold him until agrees to take a pay cut for a release.

    Thats true. But that also means Mayfield has the right to attend all practices – which would turn practice into a circus no matter what Mayfield says or does at practice.

    If they decide to keep him once OTAs start then the Browns are sacrificing the season to save some money. But even now they are probably hurting their chances.

  56. There’s the legal way to treat a player and the right way to treat a human being. The Browns are legally well within their rights in how they are treating their contractual obligations related to Baker. However, they have done hike wrong at every stage of the last 8 months, from letting him play injured (not hurt), to sneaking around to Watson, to leaking critical stories to the media, to holding him hostage now. They have treated him horribly.

  57. The Browns should pay him to sit this season. Why pay his salary and allow him to play elsewhere?

  58. “Boy… the Jags were a dysfunctional dumpster fire last year!”

  59. If I was Mayfield, I would sign for vet min with another team just to further stick it to CLE. Mayfield stinks in many ways, but CLE owners stink even worse.

  60. Baker, I know you’re reading this. Don’t give in. Don’t let them off the hook. Make them eat the money.

  61. Right now no team seems to want him at any price. If he wants a career moving forward, he has to play, and play well, while Watson is suspended. Browns will be 0-6 with whoever is #3 on their roster, so they need him too.

  62. Why should they cut him? Only a few short years ago, a desperate team traded a 1st and conditional 4th for Sam Bradford when their QB went down in camp.

  63. So, technically they don’t yet have Watson in the fold. It’s hard to imagine he will get off with no nfl punishment even if he does settle the civil suits. I’d hang on to Baker until the trade deadline and someone will need a Qb by then. Total idiots for giving him the fully guaranteed contract. One good year on a crappy team didn’t justify the $$$

  64. As a result of their own hopelessly inept handling of the situation, the Browns have poisoned the Baker Mayfield well.

  65. Even in the comments here it’s clear how many people don’t recognize that the Browns don’t save any money by cutting Baker. His salary this year is fully guaranteed. If they can even get a team to eventually agree to pay half of that, it’s a savings. And if they cut him, they have no chance at all to save any of that money.

  66. Unless the Browns need a USFL draft pick or player might as well
    just cut him. That’s the only offer they’d get.


    the perfect example of when winners are held hostage by loser organizations!
    Just because you go 1st over all is a curse because you are going to play for losers…

  68. You mean the Panthers or Seahawks aren’t putting together a package of picks to trade for him and the right to take over his salary this season??

  69. It must have been a tough conversation telling Baker he does not own First Energy Stadium

  70. I remember that haslam picked baker from advice from someone on the street
    Neither guy very impressive

  71. The Browns aren’t even sure Watson can play this year. Cutting Mayfield without certainty at QB would be the most Browns thing they could do.

  72. I kinda feel bad for Baker at this point. He’s def a starting qb in the league. The rest of the NFL just doesn’t wanna let the Browns off the hook for that 18 mil bc of that 230 mil guaranteed Watson deal that every owner hated. Browns gotta pay up for their mismanagement

  73. The Browns have to pay him whether they cut him or hold onto him, so they may as well hold onto him and try to get something for him. The only people who are worried about him being a distraction are the media, because they don’t have an Aaron Rodgers story to talk about all summer. Baker won’t show up for anything, and the Browns won’t care.

    If Watson isn’t criminally charged with anything, he shouldn’t be suspended at all and the Browns won’t have to worry about a replacement – which would be Jacoby Brissett anyway, even if Baker is still on the roster.

  74. Why cut the man when he’s under contract. Makes no sense. If they need him to play Baker needs to man up and play. Earn your next contract. It’s never given.

  75. Someone actually said Baker should take half? Are you kidding? There clearly aren’t many people that believe in him as a starter in the league and he’s got $18M more in the bag, that’s the Browns problem- not the Baker’s.

  76. It’s really easy to bash the Browns right now. Let’s just imagine that instead of going after Watson, they committed to Baker at $40M/year. Lot’s of the same folks would be bashing them for that.

  77. The reason so many NFL teams struggle is because owners think there are only two contracts you can give a QB: A 2 year prove it deal or a record setting/near record setting extension.

    Kyler Murray should not be getting anywhere near Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes money. Lamar Jackson should not get the biggest contract of all time. Deshaun Watson didn’t even play last year and he got a massive contrac.

    Now what happens with Miami and Tua next year? The options are either $35M a year or you have to go to someone else. How does that make any sense?

    There’s no reason Cleveland has to trade Mayfield, and for Baker, it could be in his best interest to stay. He may end up starting some games next year.

  78. All the talk about his relationships with teammates being strained doesn’t mean a whole lot Losing locker rooms blame each other. Losing organizations blame players, which encourages players to blame others too. Everyone is out to save their seat at the table. It’s no different than any other workplace.
    Baker Mayfield would be perceived differently in a winning culture. And that’s not in Cleveland, as evidenced by their lack of success under Haslam’s ownership.

  79. You are all wrong. There is no urgency to cut Mayfield and there is no potential rift among the players if this goes on. He sunk his own ship with his public remarks. The Browns don’t owe him anything and they can handle his cap hit for 2022 given that the hits for Cooper and Watson will be very low. The Browns is acting in the best interest of the Browns.

  80. sorry, people Backer has already made more money from the browns, than I’ll make in my lifetime. Mayfield just didn’t live up to expectations, and was replaced. That is life in this world. So please don’t give me poor Mayfield. If we cut him he can run to Pitts-burg and the Browns would have to face him twice a year, for one season, until he’s cut. So what do the browns have to lose if we have to pay him if he is on the team or not. Maybe the Browns will get lucky and he wont show for practice, and void his contract. That would be the last win he gave the browns

  81. Satan says:
    May 9, 2022 at 10:15 am
    Can’t this franchise do anything right?

    The answer is :”No.”
    Once again the Browns have re-claimed the title of “Most Inept Franchise. As I’ve posted they take one step forward and two hundred steps back. The light they thought they saw at the end of the tunnel was the express train barreling towards them.

    Baker, my advise is keep cool do everything asked of you. If Watson is suspended take the chance to showcase your skills. As the old sports cliche goes: “You’re in the cat bird’s seat.”

  82. Mayfield was done the minute he pumped that melted cheese into that kid’s bag on national TV last Halloween.

  83. golions1 says:
    May 9, 2022 at 11:34 am
    Baker should just show up, keep his mouth shut, work hard and be a good teammate. In other words, earn his 18 million. It is the best way to increase his value for his next contract. No way I would give money back to the Browns. No way.

    Or he could do what the bozo who replaced him did last year in Houston and say he’s not playing and put in minimum effort in practice and only show up when you have to. It would be so ironic to see that after how the browns stabbed baker in the back.

  84. i get the feeling that teams are putting feelers out and having their strategically placed media folks leak opinionated columns in a way to force the browns to make a hasty decision that will benefit a rival.

    it is the nature of the situation; the browns right now don’t have to do ANYTHING. PERIOD. $18.8 mil already figured into the cap and it’s icing on the cake if another team takes some of it to get mayfield. funny thing…if this was happening to any other team you wouldn’t see nowhere near the amount of constant coverage.

    browns will be fine. mayfield played his way out of cleveland. and if a team REALLY wanted him they would have already made the move.

  85. jeremycrowhurst says:
    May 9, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    Right now no team seems to want him at any price. If he wants a career moving forward, he has to play, and play well, while Watson is suspended. Browns will be 0-6 with whoever is #3 on their roster, so they need him too.


    Not being the Browns means other teams are smart enough to know they can just wait and sign him without trading anything. Because the Browns have screwed it up so badly they have no choice. It must be miserable to be a Browns fan and then have to come on here and support not only the ignorant Watson signing but throw Baker under the bus for doing nothing but giving you your only playoff appearance in years. This is not Bakers fault. This is 100% the Browns self created problem.

  86. Southpaw says:
    May 9, 2022 at 11:00 am
    Baker, being a bust, got replaced with – all character concerns you have on a personal level aside – a more talented QB. That’s how being a pro football player works.


    Folks who think Watson is all that need to look at his actual record and play. The man had good receivers and a pretty good team around him. He still won nothing. Baker played as well with less around him and a constant changing of systems and coaching staff. The Browns got what they deserved… an over hyped, over rated QB who will be on a losing team called the Browns. At least he is an adult and won’t sit out and be a distraction hurting his team about not getting his way in decision making… Oh wait, he already did that.

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