Deshaun Watson’s pre-trial depositions will continue on Friday

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
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One of the very real consequences by being sued by 22 different people is that the defendant will have to give 22 different pre-trial depositions. For Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, that process will continue during the Cleveland offseason program.

Via Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, Watson will be deposed again on Friday, which is the weekly off day in the team’s offseason program.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, had tried to stop any Watson depositions from occurring during the series of offseason practices that will run through the middle of June. Given that teams are only actually in the building four days each week, a fifth business day is always available.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the 22 plaintiffs, has questioned Watson in seven of the lawsuits. Watson needs to be questioned in 15 more cases.

Harris County Judge Rabeea Collier suggested that the parties consider conducting depositions on a Saturday, and that Watson consider waiving the agreed limit of deposition time to two hours per day.

Saturday depositions are not uncommon in the legal profession. If that’s when a witness is available or if the broader needs of the case compel it, depositions happen any day of the week, morning, noon, or night.

And it’s no burden to be questioned more than two hours in a given day. Witnesses often spend seven hours or more testifying in a given day. Watson should want to get these over and done with.

Judge Collier also extended the pre-trial discovery period in the 22 cases from June 23 to July 1. That gives plenty of extra time to complete the questioning at a time when Watson won’t be working in Cleveland.

And if you thought getting the depositions scheduled had become an ordeal, wait until the time comes to try the cases. It’s incredibly optimistic to believe all 22 cases will be tried in the 2023 offseason. Barring one or more settlements (18 of these cases could have been settled last October, but Watson declined to settle fewer than all of them), this series of distractions could linger for the player, the team, and its fans well into 2024.

22 responses to “Deshaun Watson’s pre-trial depositions will continue on Friday

  1. Thanks for the draft picks, Cleveland! The mistake by the lake continues for the worst franchise is the NFL!

  2. Now, if Houston knew how to build a team with all those draft picks they may actually contend in 5 years. But…we all know how that will go.

  3. And Baker Mayfield is quietly smiling as he counts his $18.8 million.

  4. Thanks for an MVP caliber QB Houston! Good organizations don’t trade pro
    Bowl level QBS for a measly 3 first rounders!!

  5. I have no interest either way, but it seems Watson has already served a 17 game suspension.

  6. If anything this helps Cleveland.
    It is more likely that Watson plays the entire season.
    The NFL can’t impose punishment without any criminal charges or resolution of civil cases.
    The NFL can’t reasonably conduct an investigation while these cases are ongoing and can’t impose penalty without investigation.
    I think Watson plays in 2022.

  7. Theres going to be a lot of smirking around the league when Watson spends all of 2022 in the except list and part of 2023 suspended.

  8. Many here in Cleveland didn’t want Watson and checking the pulse still don’t. We predicted he would be more problems then he’s worth and so far the spotlight on him has brought a lot of negative media to the Browns. All I can say is if he wants this to go away he better light it up like Christmas when/if he ever gets on the field this year. If not this sordid saga will just keep churning. Many many people here in Cleveland still wish Baker Mayfield all the best. We also still there there is much more to this story then we are being told.

  9. Well… when the Browns hit the toilet, Watson will hold them hostage like he did the Texans.Watson is 26, so I give it 3 years until Cleveland is back to being the dysfunctional dumpster fire…Watson (if personal behavior permits) will be going into his “prime”, looking for the next contract and another team to fleece. Mark it down.

  10. “Thanks for an MVP caliber QB Houston! Good organizations don’t trade pro
    Bowl level QBS for a measly 3 first rounders!!”

    Browns fan talking trash…thought I’d seen it all….apparently not. LOL.

  11. hodawg says:
    May 9, 2022 at 11:40 pm
    Browns will be laughing all the way to the Super Bowl


    Said no one ever.

  12. So what does this mean in terms of when, if ever, Watson will be available to play?

  13. Watson was never suspended last year and is not suspended now.
    Houston just decided not to play him.
    Cleveland has already determined that is willing to deal with the PR issue and will play him if the NFL doesn’t suspend him.
    So unless the NFL suspends him before the resolution of these cases (which won’t be until summer 2023 at the earliest), Watson will play this season.

  14. Miami was smart in not giving up a king’s ransom for Watson prior to his legal issues being resolved. Haslam saw that Cleveland was out of the race and decided to offer a ridiculous deal for a player that will likely alienate a large portion of female fans, and fans in general. This doesn’t automatically equate to people abandoning the team, but it doesn’t help anything.

    Watson may play in 2022, and he may also receive a 2 year suspension once this all plays out. Just foolish of Haslam to give up so much with such a shaky situation still pending for Watson.

  15. Houston is probably relieved to see him referred to as “Cleveland Browns quarterback” in all these articles.

  16. Watson. mvp caliber. elevated his team to an incredible 4-12 record the last season he actually played. Well worth the $230 mil

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