Lions, Aidan Hutchinson agree to terms

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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The contract for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft is a done deal.

New Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson has agreed to terms on his rookie contract, agent Mike McCartney announced.

Hutchinson grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and played his college football at Michigan, so he’s a local kid who is expected to make good in Detroit.

Hutchinson’s deal will be a four-year, $35.7 million fully guaranteed contract, with a $23.2 million signing bonus and a cap hit of $6.5 million in his rookie year. The Lions will also have a fifth-year option that they can choose to pick up after Hutchinson’s third year.

21 responses to “Lions, Aidan Hutchinson agree to terms

  1. The media paints the Hutchinson as this great thing for the Lions because he is local and went to college in Ann Arbor. The ENTIRE state does not root for his college.

    Some of us think Thibs was the better player @2 and Thibs and Ojabo will be better pros than Hutchinson.

    Hutchinson = Jared DeVries, better than avg at times, not worthy of #2 pick. Check back in 2034 and tell me I’m right.

  2. supercharger says:
    Lions had the best draft in the NFC North two years straight.

    When you’re drafting among the top three teams in nearly every round you had darned well BETTER be having the best draft in the NFC North. The fact the Lions perpetually pick that high suggests they’re not really drafting all that well.

  3. We’re going to have to wait 12 years into Hutchinson’s career for you to be proven right? I loathe the Wolverines (Spartans too), but if Hutchinson gives the Lions 12 years, it’ll be worth the #2 pick.

  4. Vikings and Bears will be battle for the NFC North basement for the next decade. Two soft franchises with Mickey Mouse front offices.

  5. He’s set to bust. Joey Bosa part 2. There’s a reason why players like that play on crappy defenses.

  6. Perpetually implies many years in a repeating fashion, not last year and the draft that just happened last month. And Sparty fans rooting against MI players aren’t real Lions fans.

  7. look I am not a UM fan for the record..

    but guess I don’t understand what all these people arguing against Hutchinson being good are basing their argument on.

    AH has the tape, the stats, the measureables, the workout, and has impeccable character. that is before you get into the local ties. he was a Heisman finalist. I’m not exactly sure what else you can expect a player to do in regards to justifying a high pick.

    the ONLY possible knocks are he had the over the top stats for one season and didn’t play overly well against Georgia who went on to win the natty. but he also took over the biggest game of his career to lead UM to the biggest win in over a decade.

    could KT or TW be better players- sure it’s possible, but that is any player at any position in any draft.

    is it a 100% lock that AH is going to be a super star? of course not, but no player is a 100% lock.

    I’m by no means saying he’s gonma be an all pro- but I know that if I had to bet everything I own on AH being either an all pro or being a totall bust I’m betting on all pro.

  8. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:
    May 9, 2022 at 10:37 am
    We’re going to have to wait 12 years into Hutchinson’s career for you to be proven right? I loathe the Wolverines (Spartans too), but if Hutchinson gives the Lions 12 years, it’ll be worth the #2 pick.


    You have to consider the audience, as I was attempting to do. Remember, we are dealing with people that love their coach who is something like 4-9 vs rivals. Its been 8 years and they cannot be convinced otherwise.

  9. Colossal bust in the making. The guy will be injured more than he plays.

  10. He’s an absolute stud. I wish my team could learn how to draft like the Lions did the past two years.

  11. I don’t get all of you that say he’s going to be a bust. He hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL and he’s immediately a “colossal bust” in the making?

  12. This kids a total beast!! Great pick by the Lions looks pretty good for next year. i hope they can win some more games

  13. “I will believe it when I see it”, should be the mantra for every single Lions fan.

  14. If you remove Travon Walker because one of them was going to be gone, the pick was between Kayvon Thibodeaux and Hutchinson. If Hutchinson went first, it had to be either Walker or Thibodeaux. I don’t care if Thibodeaux ends up being a better player, I think the bar for Hutchinson should be around 12 games played (because he’s going to get hurt) and 10 sacks. That’s not even pro bowl level, but I’d take that. He’s not Aaron Donald. 10 sacks a year on average from a DE would help our defense a lot.

  15. I can see a few Little Brothers getting mad, but that’s okay. We are still family at the end of the day.

  16. The Lions are the Raiders (new Browns) of the NFC. Just a miserable franchise with old money leadership that is among the worst, if not the worst in the league.

  17. supercharger says:
    May 9, 2022 at 10:08 am

    Lions had the best draft in the NFC North two years straight.


    Do they make a trophy for that?

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