Mark Davis had no comment on former Raiders president Dan Ventrelle’s allegations

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The Raiders, in a 17-word statement, said goodbye to interim team president Dan Ventrelle on Friday. Ventrelle later said a lot more, claiming that he was fired after sharing concerns raised by employees who had complained about the behavior of owner Mark Davis in the workplace.

The NFL quickly responded, vowing to investigate. Davis, while officially not commenting on Ventrelle’s statement, said plenty about Ventrelle’s former job.

“I’ve heard about [Ventrelle’s statement], but I won’t comment on it,” Davis said, via Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The only thing I want made clear is that Dan Ventrelle was never president of the Raiders. He has always been the interim president. . . . The interim was always a temporary designation to determine whether he would be the [full-time] president or not. . . . He is not the president of the Las Vegas Raiders. Never was.”

The title doesn’t matter. Ventrelle worked for the team for nearly 18 years. He served as General Counsel before replacing Marc Badain as the president. Interim or otherwise, Ventrelle undoubtedly planned to keep working for the team. If his abrupt departure was motivated in whole or in part by communicating concerns raised by employees to Davis and/or the league office, it’s irrelevant that he was the interim team president.

Ventrelle’s statement suggests that litigation is coming. Undoubtedly, Davis would try to shift any such action to the NFL’s in-house secret rigged kangaroo court.

16 responses to “Mark Davis had no comment on former Raiders president Dan Ventrelle’s allegations

  1. Any pending litigation is headed straight for arbitration.

  2. Basic deflection move just like how the bowl he cuts his hair with deflects real barbers from doing their job correctly.

  3. NFL: “We have investigated ourselves and found that we did no harm.” There, I just skipped the next 6-12 months of BS.

  4. He’s such a handsome guy it’s hard to believe he’d need to resort to this sort of thing.

  5. Does anyone think Mark Davis knows his haircut looks like that? Should we tell him?

  6. Nothing screams corruption like an NFL hired investigating NFL matters

  7. Davis got the internal results of the Snyder investigation — he knows exactly what is allowed by the NFL.

    Firing Gruden did the league a solid. He’s got a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card he can use when he needs it.

  8. You can find plenty of reasons to bash Mark Davis but the way he treats people isn’t one of them. His father and now he has always been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. This last year of business side turnover isn’t ideal but Mark Davis seems to know what he doesn’t know and let’s more capable people make those decisions. I would be shocked if he is found to have mistreated women.

  9. The only thing I want to know from Mark Davis,…. who the heck cuts your hair ?

  10. When will the fascination with how Davis looks & wears his hair going to wear out?

  11. I’m confused. On the one hand Davis said Ventrelle was never president of the Raiders, but in the very next sentence said he was interim “president”. If he’s making statements with that logic, I bet Ventrelle’s attorney can’t wait to cross examine him.

  12. Hold on a sec guys… this is an NFL owner we’re talking about. These guys have proven that the high ground is the only road they take. Are you seriously expecting me to believe this?

  13. Has anyone ever considered that Mark Davis has that haircut so that other people will underestimate him. I mean, thus guy got the better of Sheldon Adelson, in getting Nevada taxpayers to build him a stadium, and very few people get the better of Sheldon Adleson.

  14. There’s a big difference between president and interim president. Say what you will about Marks haircut but just realize under that haircut he has what t took to be living large in Vegas !!! And I can’t believe he’d mistreat anybody that didn’t have it coming !!!

  15. It is very dishonest to keep referring to the league as trying to move litigation to arbitration (Kangaroo Court is ridiculous ) when the truth is it’s the other way around and the Plaintiff is the one trying to get the proceeding into the U.S legal system. If Dan Ventrelle’s contract states arbitration is the method for resolving disputes then it is what it is and he is contractually bound to arbitration as he should be.

  16. Is there a reason to be so casually-dismissive of the possibility that those claims were being made in retaliation towards the team that let him go? Or that those claims were an attempt to save professional face by shifting the attention away from any delving into the actual cause/s of his release? As a career lawyer, the ex-interim-president should be well-versed in weaponizing anything available to him for distraction, protection, or even leverage to later be used towards facilitating a nice pricey termination settlement.

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