Mayor of Dallas wants an expansion franchise, says area could support two NFL teams

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Dallas is synonymous with the Cowboys, but the mayor of Dallas says another NFL team should play in his city.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tweeted that Dallas is the city most deserving of an NFL expansion team, and in a series of tweets after that explained his reasoning.

“We are about to pass the Chicago metro and become the #3 metro in the US, which would make us the largest US metro WITHOUT 2 teams. Football is king here. Dallas needs an expansion team and we would be able to sustain 2,” Johnson tweeted. “So, if a deal can be made that benefits the NFL, the other owners, the City of Dallas, and possibly the Cowboys, it’s a no brainer. But here’s the rub: if it benefits all of the stakeholders I just mentioned except Jerry Jones, does that mean a deal couldn’t/shouldn’t happen? I’m not so sure and it’s my job as mayor to ask these types of questions when my city and its residents stands to benefit. I’m both a sports fan and a lover of Dallas. If LA and NY can both support a NFC and an AFC team, then Dallas, the capital of football, surely can!”

Johnson’s idea is for this hypothetical expansion team to play in the city of Dallas, not to share AT&T Stadium in Arlington with the Cowboys. Jerry Jones surely wouldn’t want to share the Dallas area with another team, but Johnson thinks it could work.

“Jerry Jones owns the crown jewel of the NFL,” Johnson tweeted. “I don’t think the Lakers or Yankees are bothered one bit by the existence of the Clippers or Mets. Cowboys are a stronger brand with a more global fan base than either of these two. You’re underestimating Jerry Jones AND DALLAS!”

At the moment, this is nothing more than a pipe dream from the mayor. But the NFL always loves hearing from government officials who want NFL teams in their communities, because it provides leverage for negotiations in the communities that currently house NFL teams. Every time an NFL team wants taxpayers to help pay for one of its new stadiums, that NFL team is glad to point out that there’s a mayor of another big city who would love a team to move there.

25 responses to “Mayor of Dallas wants an expansion franchise, says area could support two NFL teams

  1. I agree with the Mayor, Dallas can absolutely support two teams.

    I say that as a Houstonian.

  2. He’s not wrong. New York supports 2 crappy teams right now. I’m still of the belief Chicago needs a 2nd team. But sounds like the mayor of Dallas isn’t so shortsighted. However, places like Austin or San Antonio should probably get a franchise instead.

  3. In LA nobody likes the Rams (just bandwagon favs). Everybody loves the Raiders. They don’t like the Chargers either. Same thing would happen w Dallas 2.0. Dallas is Cowboy country.

  4. Except the entire region seems to be pretty hardcore entrenched diehard cowboy supporters.

  5. If/when the league expands it is going to add teams to either cities that lost a franchise, or new untapped markets. I don’t see Dallas getting another team in an expansion scenario. Besides, Jerruh wouldn’t allow it.

  6. About to become the third largest metro area? Chicago only has one team now. Get to #1 or #2 before you use that reasoning.

  7. I guess Jerry didn’t donate to the mayor last election cycle… that city isn’t big enough for Jerry’s ego let alone 2 teams

  8. while not the stupidest thing said or done in texas politics (too long a list to even begin) this year, it’s up there. sorry mr mayor but the governor has a patent on stupid politician…..

  9. When you think the owner of your cities franchise is incompetent and you want to actually bring a title to your town, beg for a new Jerry Jones free team.

    That’s never worked for any of the other cities with two teams and his argument is more relevant to Chicago and Houston getting a second team but who needs logic and details.

  10. Not going to happen. Every part of Dallas will want it. The south will argue with the north. Southwest will want it and say they aren’t part of the south. Then the northeast will want it which will anger the northwest, etc.. That’s why they lost the Cowboys. While every part of Dallas was arguing, Arlington came in and made a great offer.

  11. Wait…he’s saying that Dallas is a bigger global brand than the Lakers and Yankees?!?!?!

    I’m a Boston Sports fan and think that is the biggest joke in the whole story. Sorry bud….but NYY and LAL are the biggest global brands (US Sports teams) around.

    Such a joke.

  12. Expansion the NFL can’t find 20 QBs deserving of holding the starters job or enough talent to fill 32 teams now what the heII are they going to do with more teams?

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