Mississippi sues Brett Favre over allegedly misspent welfare dollars

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Mississippi’s favorite son is on the verge of becoming persona non grata.

Via the Associated Press, the Mississippi Department of Human Services on Monday sued Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and others in an effort to recover millions in allegedly misspent welfare dollars.

Other defendants include Brett DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Sr., and Ted “Teddy” DiBiase Jr., each of whom are former professional wrestlers.

State auditor Shad White contends that Favre received $1.1 million for speaking engagements for which he didn’t show up. Favre repaid the money, but he still allegedly owes $228,000 in interest.

Said attorney general Lynn Fitch and governor Tate Reeves said in a joint statement issued on Monday: “Our purpose with this suit is to seek justice for the broken trust of the people of Mississippi and recover funds that were misspent.”

The issue first arose two years ago. Favre vehemently denied receiving money for no-show appearances, but he quickly agreed to pay back the money.

“[The allegation that] I took $1.1 million and didn’t show up for speaking engagements is absolutely, 100 percent not true. But yes, we are paying it back,” Favre said in May 2020.

He initially paid back $500,000, eventually paid another $600,000, but did not and apparently has not paid the interest on the money.

63 responses to “Mississippi sues Brett Favre over allegedly misspent welfare dollars

  1. Oh no! Not the million dollar man!!!as he said “everyone has a price!”

  2. When you are rich, you get “sued”. When you are poor, you get locked up.

  3. I don’t blame him if I paid the money back I would not worry about the interest either, I would be like so when will this end.

  4. He’s had like 2 years to repay it and has already returned some of it. He must be broke!

  5. They really shouldn’t sue him.
    Brett Favre & Archie Manning & son of Archie are like British Royalty in Mississippi.
    Those people should be grateful that they get to breathe Brett Favre’s name. They should let him keep money.. It’s not like they would put that money to use for education, or medical care for the residents of that state.

  6. Why did Mississippi decide to give Brett $1.1 million for “speaking engagements” in the first place? Seems pricey.

  7. I think the broken trust is with the state. Why are they giving out millions for speaking engagements?

    Surely these guys would perform their speaking engagements if allowed and if this was actually the case. Something is up with the states claims here.

  8. The million dollar man is about to have less money. Where’s Jake the Snake when you need him?

  9. Feels like Farve has responded to all this in good faith and the shenanigans perhaps originated with the pro wrestlers involved. Who are literally paid for their shenanigans.

  10. Forgive my naïveté, but why would there be interest to be paid? And why would it be 1/4 of the overall debt in a matter of 2-3 years? That seems extreme, whether Favre is stone-guilty or not. And I’m not even a fan of the guy.

  11. Favre and the DiBiase’s. Deadbeat frauds who I’m sure railed against the same system they took advantage of.

  12. I do not want to lose respect for Farve. But… I feel a major disappointment coming on.

  13. They’re all dirtbags. They all made millions over their careers, more in one year than many people make in a lifetime. And they still had the nerve and audacity to go rob money meant for low income people after making their money in their professions. I hope they got locked up for years.

  14. This seems like a cash grab by the state to me. They obviously paid him in advance for speaking engagements that probably could not happen due to the pandemic. He paid them back. Unless there was a prorated interest calculation in his contract for missed engagements there would be no reason for him to pay them any. So they sued him and went public with it to damage his reputation. Seems shady to me.

  15. Not sure which is worse, big government or state run universities who would pay 1.1 million for a lecture and make tuition unaffordable.

  16. I could be wrong but i dont see them winning this. He was essentially paid for speaking at events that were cancelled and then repaid but they want more money back then they paid him? That would be like my employer giving me 2 paychecks by mistake but wanting me to pay them back 3 paychecks for their mistake.

  17. How does Favre not have the money to just write a check? Even the original amount had to be paid off in stages. The man has not managed the millions he made in the NFL well.

    It does look like the DiBiase’s used that money for personal reasons and Favre was part of that.

  18. Mississippi is the POOREST state in America. Why are they entering into million dollar contracts with former athletes for speeches and autographs? I think that is what needs investigated. Not a Farve fan, but the interest rate is ridiculous.

  19. Hey Favre – don’t you have enough nickels saved up? Go shoot another commercial, plug a product, etc.,and grab some cash. The quicker you pay this up, the quicker it goes away.

  20. Why would he receive money from welfare for speaking engagments? Seems as though the Mississippi government should be focused internally. I’m not sure what kind of scam was going on here, but more government waste. Sheesh, you give these guys access to purse strings and they can’t control themselves.

  21. Wow! If the State of Mississippi is paying $228,000 in interest on $1.1 million over a couple of years, in this interest-rate environment – let me know where I can get some of that!

  22. And this is why we hate government. The employees who transferred $1.1MM in error should be fired (but won’t). So instead of ducking their heads in shame for mismanaging state funds, they decide to spend more tax dollars to sue Farve for 20% in interest, for funds already recovered.
    If a bank did this, the same government would fine them for predatory lending practices. The irony!

  23. states will hold your money and never pay back interest, now they are suing him for interest on money that he has already paid? Politicians are a joke.

  24. “This is what happens when privilege and entitlement starts to become normal behavior. Getting caught lying to the public in-general and especially to your devoted fans is not admirable. Getting indignant about it when you’re caught is even worse. Purposeful deception affecting thousands is the worst character trait a normal person can have, much less the leader of a professional football team.”
    -Aaron Rodgers

  25. The issue arose two years ago? Or the issue happened two years ago? If it was only two or three years ago, how the heck did $1m earn interest of $328,000??? For the record, Brett should definitely pay the correct amount 100% back. But i’m just curious how that much interest (or fees/penalties?) accrued that much, that fast

  26. It’s always nice to see one of the poorest states in the country giving a multimillionaire athlete money he doesn’t need instead of using it on things that need it. Like their bottom ranked education system or helping making sure their starving kids have food. Yikes!

  27. 25 percent in interests? That seems a little ridiculous. Instead of dragging this guy through the mud maybe the state of Mississippi should look inward to find out who squandered 1.1 million dollars to begin with.

  28. So, he never took money for no-shows but then quickly paid back the money they said he took, minus the interest of course.
    Favre was an awesome player, but his skills as a decent man don’t seem to be that great.
    Can’t understand why he’d need to get money from anyone anyhow.

  29. Favre seems really sleazy, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise given his history. But it’s always frustrating to see the people who get the money being nailed and the politicians giving it out basically getting wrist slaps (if that). That’s where the real problem… we’ve created a political environment devoid of repercussions for corruption and theft and wonder why it’s so prevalent.

  30. Mississippi is suing Favre and 37 other people and entities for $24 million in connection with a wide-ranging scheme to defraud the state for personal gain. Favre is being sued not just for the interest on the $1.1 million, but for $3.2 million relating to a whole raft of shenanigans he engaged in with nonprofit entities the state had contracted with, including getting grant money diverted to investment in a company that Favre owned stock in, and to built a volleyball stadium at his alma mater, which then credited Favre with the donation. All of the events complained of happened several years ago, well before the pandemic. Presumably the interest being claimed has been accumulating since the $1.1 million was improperly paid to Favre years ago.

    It sure looks like Favre was neck deep in sleazy business activities. I’m surprised he hasn’t (yet?) been criminally indicted.

  31. 20% interest at a time homes being refinanced for historic lows…I would loan him some money for a 20% return anytime.

  32. They probably just got bad advice from their business manager Bobby the Brain Heenan

  33. Ryan Dubose says:
    May 10, 2022 at 9:57 am
    20% interest at a time homes being refinanced for historic lows…I would loan him some money for a 20% return anytime.
    228,000 over two years on 1.1 million is a little more than 10% per year. Also, the article says that the “The issue first arose two years ago” so the money was probably paid to Favre more than two years ago, which would make the interest rate even lower.

  34. Did anyone actually read this? He ALREADY REPAID the 1.1 million. They want interest. Why would he pay interest? They paid him for a job that he claims he completed. There’s a dispute over it he completes the job and he gave them 100% refund. Now they want interest on a refund. I don’t like Farve but come on..

  35. People should do some research before complaining about the amount of interest and speculating about the rate being applied. Mississippi most likely has a statutory interest rate that applies to this situation. Also, unless you know when the debt was incurred you cannot compute the interest rate.

  36. “The Mississippi Department of Human Services on Monday sued retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre and three former pro wrestlers along with several other people and businesses to try to recover millions of misspent welfare dollars that were intended to help some of the poorest people in the U.S.

    The lawsuit says the defendants “squandered” more than $20 million in money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program…”

    If Favre was hired for “speaking engagements” it was part of the grift. None of these people should’ve gotten welfare money. It’s part of a huge corruption scandal.

  37. This needs to go in front of a judge so the judge can tell the state to qui trying to extort the situation. It was a speaking engagement that he couldn’t make. He’s paid you back and you don’t make 300 k for a no show. The state needs to be taught a lesson here !

  38. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can help feed a multimillionaire hall of fame quarterback.

  39. PR nightmare for Favre and he deserves the bad press for taking money for doing nothing. That being said, that’s a huge amount of interest and it’s highly questionable if any court would force him to pay it. It’s a totally arbitrary number they just came up with and without Favre facing any charges what exactly is the basis for demanding any interest? They’d need to charge him to have any claim for penalties.

  40. Lost me at Favre receiving welfare $$$

    Your government at work, ladies and gentleman.

  41. I can hear Madden in my head right know….”ya know if Brett Farve was a swindler, he’d probably but the swindler around. Because that’s just what Brett Farve does”


  42. PR nightmare for Favre and he deserves the bad press for taking money for doing nothing.

    Other than repaying the money?..

  43. josh plum says:
    May 10, 2022 at 8:03 am
    He paid it back. What’s the problem?
    What he did was criminal, that is what the problem is.

  44. Mississippi resident here, answering a few questions:

    (1) The money didn’t come from the state directly. It came from a TANF grant from the federal government that is administered by the state.

    (2) The story behind this is complicated, but it’s resulted in several criminal convictions for misuse of welfare funds, etc. At the center of it is a private company run by several residents who were allegedly using their connections to receive welfare funds, and then enriching themselves with the funds. Allegedly, Favre solicited the company to invest in a biotech company he partly owns.

  45. If it’s not true, as Favre claims, then why did he pay all but the interest back? Once again, an issue involving Favre doesn’t pass the smell test. What else is new?

  46. He’s neck deep in the largest case of welfare fraud in Mississippi state history. There’s so much more to the story than simply “misspent welfare funds”. People are going to go to prison.

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