Pete Carroll reiterates that Geno Smith “automatically is ahead” in quarterback competition

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawk coach Pete Carroll is trying hard to convince everyone (perhaps specifically the Browns) that he doesn’t want a veteran quarterback. Along the way, Carroll is pushing the guys he has.

Late last week, Carroll declared that Drew Lock would have been the first quarterback drafted in 2022. On Sunday, Carroll reiterated that, for now, Lock would be second string to Geno Smith.

“They are really focused to show well,” Carroll told reporters when asked about his veteran quarterbacks. “These guys understand what’s at stake, and the [competition] of it all. And so they were really tuned in. They’re giving everything they’ve got, everything they were doing, from the communication part of it, they’re studying extra, they’re getting in early they’re trying to make sure that they put them themselves in the best position. It’s really obvious. Geno has come back. Like we said, he has so much command of what we’re doing, that he just automatically is ahead. He’s trying to ride that and build on that. I’m proud of the way he’s taking to it.”

Smith played well last year after Russell Wilson suffered a finger injury. Smith helped the Seahawks nearly take down the Rams, a game during which the crowd in Seattle was chanting his name. Then came three-point losses to the Steelers and Saints, followed by a blowout of the Jaguars. Smith completed 20 of 24 passes in that win, and Wilson (coincidentally or not) was back the next week.

So maybe it will be Smith or Lock. Maybe Carroll believes it. Maybe it’s not about selling to the Browns the idea that the Seahawks will give up nothing for Mayfield.

10 responses to “Pete Carroll reiterates that Geno Smith “automatically is ahead” in quarterback competition

  1. Geno Smith, Drew Lock, Jacob Eason. This has to be one of, if not the worst QB room in NFL history.

  2. With Geno Smith and Drew Lock as your QBs, it’s obvious the tank is on.

  3. How in the world did Pete get through that interview without busting out laughing.

  4. When I read Carroll’s words I just hear Charlie Brown’s teacher for some reason?

  5. Last year Lock couldn’t beat out Teddy 2 Gloves and now he’s behind Geno Smith??? Dude better show out in camp and preseason or he will be a career backup. Tons of potential but he needs to wake up because if it doesn’t click this year with this opportunity then it never will.

  6. The level of disrespect for any vet with Geno’s experience is pretty low. Not many take the time to review his career. ( too much work) The small window in which he played last year was not terrible and his body of work thru the years was mixed. The excuse of who surrounded him, doesn’t get mentioned, because “we’re supposed to hate Geno.”

    He got his face smashed by a teammate & oddly ‘we’ cheered the teammate. Sick when ya think about it. Anyway, to prematurely write off Smith, wouldn’t make sense. He’s the heir apparent & should be, based on seniority. It’s bolstered by who he is competing against. The job is his to lose, as it should be.

  7. And with the draft, the Seahawks quarterback plan is FINALLY revealed: TANK for next year’s draft…

  8. Carroll really believes that both Smith and Lock are superior QBs to Mayfield? I’m not buying that for a second.
    Maybe he does not believe the $18+M for Mayfield is worth the extra 2-3 wins the Seahawks would get, as that likely won’t get them into the playoffs. I get it: what is the real difference between 4-13 and 6-11?

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