Titans-Bills, Vikings-Eagles will be Week Two Monday night doubleheader

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
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The NFL is announcing a handful of games ahead of Thursday night’s release of the full schedule and Monday morning brought word of a Monday night doubleheader in September.

It will take place on September 19 in Week Two and will feature intra-conference games from the AFC and NFC. The Titans will be visiting the Bills in a matchup of 2021 division winners and the Vikings will travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles.

The Titans-Bills game will get underway at 7:15 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN. The game in Philadelphia will be on ABC at 8:30 p.m. ET.

There will be announcements of games the next few mornings ahead of the full unveiling.

9 responses to “Titans-Bills, Vikings-Eagles will be Week Two Monday night doubleheader

  1. Eagles? So we can watch Hurts throw for 75 yards again on national TV.

  2. I’m shocked that the NFL is having 2 primetime games overlap. That is no way to maximize revenue and exposure – which, I’m pretty sure, is how the NFL makes every single other decision.

  3. Everytime Buffalo plays in Nashville the crowd is like 70% Bills fans it’s hilarious

  4. The most recent contract allows for three of these overlapping games. I suspect this year’s games are test cases to see how to set these up and what kind of overlaps maximize overall ratings over the entire night. East coasters have wanted 7pm games for years, but the games start at 8:30 to accommodate the west coast, so having two games that are offset, but not back-to-back, may actually bring in more total viewers.

  5. I bet Bills get 6 PT games this year, they want to maximize the championship run!

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